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Construction and Architecture

On assessing the accuracy of determining the area of a construction site using the Heron formula

V.A. Gordeev, G.G. Shevchenko

Determining the area of a construction site is often performed by dividing its contour into simple geometric shapes (triangles), while it is necessary to take into account that the areas of adjacent triangles will be correlated with each other if there are common sides. Neither in the regulatory documents, nor in geodetic practice, the correlation of areas is not taken into account. The article examines the relationship between the accuracy of determining the area of a triangle and its shape. A graph of this dependence is plotted. The accuracy of a pentagonal site divided into triangles with measured sides was estimated, and the areas of the triangles were determined using the Heron formula with and without taking into account the correlation between them. It is concluded that it is necessary to take into account the correlation between the areas of triangles.

Keywords: accuracy estimation, triangle, area, correlation, Heron's formula.
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Determination of substrate of the foundation on the microstructural model of the soil

P.A. Lyashenko, V.V. Denisenko, A.V. Osennyaya, A.P. Pinchuk, A.A. Kolomytsev

The calculation of the settlement of the foundation was made on the basis of a microstructural model of soil deformation. The model includes morphological and force characteristics, it uses well-known observations and ideas about the resistance and deformation of the soil, as well as the effect of the stepwise deformation rate established by the authors. The calculation obtained the dependence of the settlement on the pressure at the bottom of the foundations of various sizes.

Keywords: subsoil, basement base, axial deformation, loading rate, deformation rate, soil deformation model.
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Determination of deformation characteristics soil in the base of the fill

V.V. Denisenko, A.V. Osennyaya, A.P. Pinchuk, A.A. Kolomytsev

The application of the method of compression compression by a constantly increasing load to determine the modulus of total deformation is considered. The calculation of the values of the modulus is substantiated as for the volumetric deformation on the basis of the cyclicity caused by the destruction of the elements of the microstructure. The latter made it possible to unambiguously determine the values of the structural strength of soils, the characteristics of which are given in comparison with the values obtained by the traditional technology of tests and calculations.

Keywords: deformation characteristics, embankment base, compressive load, compressive compression, soil settlement, modulus of total deformation.
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Features of the development of frame-panel construction. Advantages, disadvantages, prospects

N.A. Shipilova, D.O. Karasev, E.P. Filonenko

Every year, the share of low-rise housing stock in the Russian Federation is growing. The growth in the last few years has been particularly noticeable. This is due to many factors. Among them, we can note the introduction of preferential “rural” mortgages, the announcement of a lockdown during the first wave of a new coronavirus infection, and the deterioration of the environment in cities. Among all the technologies for the construction of low-rise buildings, frame-panel construction stands out. The article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this technology in comparison with the most popular technologies for the construction of low-rise buildings. The authors analyzed the prospects for the development of this technology.

Keywords: low-rise construction, frame-panel house, thermal conductivity, energy efficiency, modular construction.
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Features of insulation of frame-shield house in southern region of Russia. Comparison of options

N.A. Shipilova, D.O. Karasev, E.P. Filonenko

There is prompt development of low-rise construction in Russia. Private low-rise buildings account for about half of the whole civil buildings in Russia. This growth is especially palpable due to many factors in the last few years. Among such factors are the introduction of a preferential “rural” mortgage, the announcement of a lockdown during the first wave of new coronavirus infection, and environmental degradation in cities.
The article contains manual calculation of the required thickness of mineral wool insulation in the wall of the frame-panel house according to the method of Set of Rules 50.13330.2012 “Thermal protection of buildings.” The comparison of pies of walls made of aerated concrete, brick and frame house finished in the software complex SmartCalc.

Keywords: low-rise construction, frame-panel house, reduced heat transfer resistance, GSOP, energy efficiency, aerated concrete , brick.
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Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Management

Research of mechanisms of social engineering and analysis of methods of counteraction

V.Yu. Evglevsky, M.M. Putyato, A.S. Makaryan, I.V. Volodin

This article provides an overview of the various methods used in social engineering, examines the various threats, their relevance and the harm that may follow after applying a particular method. The relevance of the chosen topic is due to the wide development of science and technology in conjunction with financial, economic and socio-political instability, which is a catalyst for the use of social engineering methods for personal gain.

Keywords: information security, cybersecurity, social engineering, pre-texting, phishing, vulnerability, human factor.
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Digital-based educational content management

E.I. Kashirina

The problems associated with the use of digital technologies in the field of distance education and the understanding of new opportunities for managing information resources in the transition to a new educational model are analyzed. The experience of creating an integrated information environment of a higher educational institution based on modern computer technologies is summarized. The educational content created on the basis of the unified corporate information system “Digital University” has wide opportunities in the use of formats and technologies of remote work, including the special organization of the educational process. It is concluded that the digital transformation of education is a new service for online learning, the use of various information technologies in the organization of the educational process remotely.

Keywords: educational environment, remote information technologies, online learning, educational content, information resources.
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Performance of studded and friction winter tires

D.Yu. Lotnikova, V.V. Nagorny

In this article the authors reviewed the statistics of road traffic accidents (RTA) in the winter. Causes of road accidents in winter. Proposed solutions for the example of using different modifications of winter tires. And also by making amendments at the legislative level.

Keywords: road accident, safety, winter tires, friction tires, spike tires.
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On the question of methods for generating, classifying, and recognizing three-dimensional images

D.A. Gura, R.A. Dyachenko, N.I. Khusht, I.G. Markovsky

Issues related to the generation, classification, clustering and processing of three-dimensional images in the modern era of the transition of technological and economic systems to the digital space are very relevant and attractive from a scientific point of view, the vector of research. This article discusses some aspects of working with three-dimensional images related to two large groups, namely, research in the field of graphic image modeling and research in the field of processing and analysis of three-dimensional images represented as a set of three-dimensional data, with a shift in the focus of detail to the last group of studies.

Keywords: three-dimensional images, classification, segmentation, clustering, recognition, generation of three-dimensional images, graphical modeling, plan and altitude coordinates, machine learning methods, deep learning methods, SDGs.
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Analysis of the effectiveness of the metaheuristic method of the emperor penguins colony

V.A. Chastikova, E.V. Shonichev

The article presents an analysis of the effectiveness of a new metaheuristic swarm intelligence algorithm based on the behavior of emperor penguins in the wild. The method simulates the movement of penguins in clusters that individuals form in order to preserve and maintain the necessary amount of heat for survival. In the process of forming such clusters, the penguins make a spiral movement to the center. In the course of research, a software package was developed that simulates the operation of the algorithm to solve the problem of global optimization of multiparameter functions. The influence of the dimension of the function, the number of agents and the number of iterations on the efficiency of the method is revealed. The algorithm showed fairly stable results on a number of test functions, but with a significant increase in the number of parameters of some multi-extreme functions with a complex landscape, a significant increase in time costs is required.

Keywords: emperor penguin colony algorithm, metaheuristic algorithm, swarm intelligence, global optimization.
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Adaptive web resource management system

E.A. Shumkov

Currently, much attention is paid to web resource management systems. This is primarily due to increased competition between web resources and the complexity of web technologies. One of the main tasks is personalized marketing, in the broad sense, in addition to providing advertising content, it is to improve the interaction between the visitor and the web resource. The article presents a neural network system for adaptive web resource management. This system allows you to automatically collect data about users, classify them and adjust the behavior of the web resource to a specific type of user. The system is implemented on the basis of a counterpropagation network (Kohonen network + a set of Grossberg output stars) and reinforced learning principles.

Keywords: web site management system, personalized marketing, CMS system, reinforcement training, neural networks, neural network analysis, data collection, Grossberg network, Kohonen network, collaborative filtering, recommendation systems.
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An approach to identification of the process of implementation of distributed attack of the “Denial of service” type based on a probable graph model

D.A. Bachmanov, A.R. Ocheredko, M.M. Putyato, A.S. Makaryan

Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are one of the key threats to modern cyberspace. The main difficulty of protecting against attacks of this type is that they are made with the help of legitimate requests. Using a network filter, you can filter out suspicious legitimate requests. The purpose of this article is to create and apply a graph probability model. This article discusses the approaches derived from mathematical modeling and probabilistic estimation. Mathematical and graph models are formed to calculate the probability of an attack.

Keywords: DDoS, cyber threats, denial of service, botnet, neural networks, Bayes theorem, probability theory, probabilistic analysis, information security, network attacks.
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Assessment of the impact of changes of membership functions of terms of the input variables of fuzzy inference system for the risk indicators of information security of object of informatization

D.A. Gorokhov, N.V. Kushnir, A.V. Kushnir, Yu.S. Nosova

There are various methods and tools for assessing the information security of informatization objects. The processes occurring in information security systems are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty, randomness, instability, the influence of various disturbances in time, etc. These factors become a significant obstacle to the construction of accurate models that are based on classical mathematical theories and methods. To overcome these obstacles, information security systems with fuzzy logic are successfully used. In systems with fuzzy logic, membership fictions play an important role. A very urgent task can be considered to assess the impact of these functions on the assessment of information security risks of informatization objects. The article deals with the problem of the influence of changes in the membership functions of the terms of input variables of the fuzzy inference system on the indicators of information security risks of the informatization object. In the course of modeling, the results obtained allow us to conclude that a significant change in the parameters of these membership functions leads to minor changes in risk indicators.

Keywords: information protection, information security risks, fuzzy inference system, terms, membership function.
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Method for determining the credibility of intrusion detection based on a probabilistic graph model in the proactive protection subsystem of the operational cybersecurity center

A.R. Ocheredko, D.A. Bachmanov, M.M. Putyato, A.S. Makaryan

The expanding threat landscape has a number of implications for most organizations and individuals. This is evidenced by the large number of cyber attacks that are common in cyberspace. Although several approaches have been proposed and implemented recently, most of them are only theoretical, while others remain computationally impracticable due to the computational requirements for their implementation. Where implementation is possible, the issue of computational complexity becomes significant, in which case a large amount of computational resources is consumed. Similarly, most of these methods are mostly reactive and as such can only be initiated when an incident has already occurred. The transition from responsiveness to proactivity is currently a challenging task in cybersecurity research.

Keywords: cybersecurity, machine learning, cyber threats, neural networks, Bayes ' theorem, probability theory, probabilistic analysis, information security, network attacks.
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Evaluation of the functional survivability of the electronic signature verification key certificate management system based on various architectures

A.S. Toroev, A.B. Sizonenko

The article provides a comparative assessment of the functional survivability of the electronic signature verification key certificate management system based on two-pole and multi-pole architectures. A threat model is constructed in the form of a tree of events that cause a system based on various architectures to fail. The integral survival rate of the system was chosen as the main indicator. In view of the complexity of the system under consideration, the mathematical apparatus used in the logical-probabilistic method was chosen to evaluate this indicator. The results obtained, taking into account the selected assumptions and limitations of the comparative assessment, are reflected both in numerical terms and in the form of graphs.

Keywords: evaluation, functional survivability, certificate, electronic signature, certification center, distributed registry.
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System approach in modeling control and forecasting the preservation of objects with defects.
Construction of the distribution function for the poisson process

N.V. Kushnir

A quantitative concept of damageability and fracture of solids under the existing static and steady-state load is proposed. Probabilistic estimates are obtained for the transitions of defects from one level to another, taking into account the restoration of defects at one level. The function of material preservation is built depending on the resource of the number of defects on each scale. An algorithm has been developed for determining the parameters of the preservation function for various materials depending on the number of scales at a given intensity μi of the change in the number of defects. A classification is given and the general structure of large-scale defects – cracks – is revealed, on the basis of which a synergistic structure of hierarchical connected defect flows is developed.

Keywords: persistence, defect generation rate, defect recovery rate, nanolevel, mesolevel, microlevel.
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