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Technical Science

Justification and calculation of the fire extinguishing system for the premises of a fast service company

A.V. Alexandrova, A. A. Levchuk, S. P. Shurai, I. A. Ilyin

The purpose of the study is to form recommendations for the selection and calculation of individual technical means of fire safety system for the projected object of protection of a fast food service company, located in the shopping and entertainment center. The statistical data on quantity of fires in the Russian Federation and Southern federal district explaining an urgency of working out of measures of maintenance of fire safety at the enterprises is resulted. Description of the actual state of fire safety in relation to the premises of the rapid service enterprise “Viva-Pizza” is given. Stages and final results of calculation of automatic fire extinguishing system on the basis of water-filled sprinklers are given. In view of actual requirements of fire safety the general recommendations on a choice of fire alarm systems of system of the notification and management of evacuation of people at a fire for object of protection are given.

Keywords: fire, fire safety, quick service company, room category, sprinklers, fire-fighting event.
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Assessment of the state of fire safety of a public catering facility as a basis for developing fire prevention measures

A.V. Alexandrova, A. A. Levchuk, I. A. Ilyin

The purpose of the study is to assess the state of fire safety and develop a set of fire prevention measures at the facility of the rapid service enterprise (FSE). Statistical data on the number of fires and their causes in the Russian Federation are given, the importance and urgency of developing fire safety measures are justified. The analysis of requirements and assessment of implementation of fire safety measures is performed in relation to the designed Rapid Fire Service Unit at the shopping and entertainment center. The complex of organizational and technical measures aimed at ensuring fire safety of the object was developed. Categories of premises and classes of zones on explosion and fire danger for all premises of the enterprise are defined by calculation, results of calculation for a USSSS warehouse are resulted. Categories of premises are determined based on the type of combustible substances and materials in the premises, their quantity and fire hazardous properties, taking into account the volumetric and planning solutions of the premises and the characteristics of the ongoing technological processes.

Keywords: fire, fire safety, quick service company, room category, fire event.
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Test processing using neural networks

E.A. Shumkov, E.A. Pozdnykov

The article deals with the application of artificial neural networks for the task of processing psychodiagnostic tests. Several options for the implementation of this task have been proposed: using a multilayer perceptron, a conglomerate of neural networks and a Kohonen network. The use of neural networks for this task reduces the load on the psychological service of the organization.

Keywords: neural networks, psychological tests, test processing, psychodiagnostics, multilayer perceptron.
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Socio-economic, Social and Humanitarian Sciences

The achievement of comfortable conditions of labour on the example jobs cash office, financial institutions

S.V. Avetisova, A.V. Alexandrova, A.A. Levchuk

In the article, the authors consider the approach and experience to achieve comfortable working conditions and the formation of prerequisites for high productivity in the workplace (for example, a cashier of a financial organization). A checklist was developed for interviewing employees and identifying shortcomings in the organization of workplaces equipped with a personal computer. To present the results of the discussion of the problem, the methods of “brainstorming” and causal analysis with the construction of a fish skeleton diagram were used. The main factors that determine the working conditions and affect the cashier’s productivity are identified and systematized: physical, biological, psychophysiological and ergonomic. The most significant factors that determine the effective performance of the cashier’s duties and achievement of comfortable working conditions are psycho-emotional stress, irrational organization of the workplace and space, inefficient ventilation system. Proposals have been developed to solve the identified problems and improve working conditions at the cash node’s workplaces.

Keywords: comfortable working conditions, factor, productivity, ergonomics, workplace.
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Recommended material in business English for technical students

O.N. Likhacheva

Nowadays the question of studying business English is actual on different stages of high school education. Technical universities are no exception and they have this subject for getting a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. The importance of this subject consists in spreading economic ties, globalization, growing importance of the English language as the language of business and commerce, growing society demands in specialists who master the skills of business communication. This article will cover some recommendations and materials on the English language of business communication which is taught in Mastership course of any direction in a technical university.

Keywords: efficiency, education, business communication, vocabulary, speaking, foreign language communicative competence.
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Pragmatic aspect of a foreign language in modern educational conditions

O.N. Likhacheva, D.E. Bedenko

The importance of the English language is growing nowadays due to society demands and penetrating the foreign language component into all the spheres of life and activity of a modern person. Realties are such that a literate and competitive specialist in a company or an organization should master the foreign language at the intermediate level at least, and as the best variant he should have complete communication in the sphere of business or professional English. This article covers the university contribution into the development of students’ foreign language communicative competence in accordance with the pragmatic aspect and gives a number of recommendations on perfecting the above – mentioned process.

Keywords: pragmatic aspect, publishing activity, foreign companies sites, volunteer’s movement .
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To the question about some specialties of interaction in a team

O.N. Likhacheva

Interaction between the members in a group demand studying and correcting in some cases nowadays. Depending upon the qualities of a person the employee can either lose or force the work motivation and reach definite success in a professional sphere. This article covers negative interactions which transfer into mobbing either vertical or horizontal. Some examples of mobbing and the employee’s behavior under such conditions are dealt with in this work.

Keywords: interaction, mobbing, horizontal mobbing, vertical mobbing, victim, effective manager, motivation, demotivator.
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Teaching a foreign language in modern conditions in the context of a technical university

O.N. Likhacheva, D.E. Bedenko

Today in Russia as a result of the widening international contacts much attention is paid to a foreign language, its effective studying in high school, different methods and training high quality competitive specialists with big perspectives of career development and promotion accordingly. Mastering a foreign language communicative competence not only facilitates the development of professional qualities of a specialist, but raising his general cultural level, view point and intellectual potential. In this context it is relevant to say about the meaning of translating for the better English language competence, thought logics and stating the material. This article covers specialties in translating techniques while teaching a foreign language to non-linguistic students.

Keywords: translation, translation methods, the English language, competences, skills, teaching.
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Analysis of statistics on suspension of cadastral registration and (or) registration of rights

A.V. Osennyaya , M.A. Pastukhov, U.K. Polunochkina

In this article, the authors analyzed statistics on the number of decisions on suspension (refusal) of cadastral registration and registration of rights to real estate. Based on the results of statistics, the main reasons for suspensions were identified: errors made by cadastral engineers, as well as poor-quality reception of documents by MFC employees. In the article, the authors take into account that on 1.01.2017 there were changes in the Federal Law “on state registration of real estate”. These changes have simplified operations with real estate, as well as accounting and registration procedures have become more efficient, which contributes to reducing the number of decisions to suspend (refuse) cadastral registration and state registration of rights.

Keywords: analysis, cadastral registration, state registration of rights, cadastral engineer, real estate, investment climate, economic growth.
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Modern global economic trends under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic

I.I. Romanets

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought dramatic changes in all spheres of human activity. The virus outbreak has become a trigger for the changes that have led to movement along new unexpected and unplanned ways of development. Under the current conditions, awareness of new development trends is required. The article highlights modern economic trends and makes a conclusion about the need for their constructive organic integration in socio-economic and technological transformation.

Keywords: development trends, digital economy, digitalization, distance interaction.
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Motivation component and its formation while teaching Economic theory to technical students

O.B. Shilovich

The problem of motivation in the academic process arises more and more interest on the part of scientists, investigators, Methodists, and practicing teachers. It is especially actual in a modern high school in the case of non-profile subjects that is such which are not technical and are not related to their future profession, according to the student’s opinion. As a result we have prepared a number of recommendations on formation and development of the motivation component with one of such non-profile subjects – Economic theory. This work comprises promotion of economic knowledge for everybody, special methods, additional education, underlining personal characteristics of students.

Keywords: economic knowledge, motivation, teaching, excursion, business game, presentation, projects, academic process, personality, development, success in studying, modern realties .
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The use of the scientific component while teaching Economic theory to technical students

O.B. Shilovich

Nowadays much attention is paid to technical education that is directed by the modern society demands as a result of technique and technology development. A high quality engineer must have a number of profile competences as well as definite economic skills that is the essential part of modern time. As a result of these aspects we offer students some scientific tasks in the sphere of economic theory which can develop their economic intuition, teach them to analyze and synthesize the material, make economic forecasts in their engineering sphere.

Keywords: engineer, technical direction, academic activity, development, business plan, economic tasks, forecasting, economic efficiency, staff management system.
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