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Table of contents for # 2, 2020/March

Technical Science

Interaction of artificial intelligence and human in a modern world

N.V. Kushnir, A.V. Kushnir, A.M. Gridnyova

The purpose of research is to study the impact of artificial intelligence on modern society, taking into account the active implementation of these technologies nowadays. Today artificial intelligence plays a significant role in the life of modern person. It is actively used by people for everyday tasks. Also, artificial intelligence allows us to make scientific discoveries and find solutions to many global problems. Authors analyzed the influence of artificial intelligence on the life of modern person and made recommendations to eliminate the negative aspects of the influence. Research methods: analysis of scientific literature, network information sources about various aspects of the impact of artificial intelligence on the life of every person and the whole modern society.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, modern society, intelligent technologies, technologies and human.
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Basic software development of computer video games. Game engines

N.V. Kushnir, K.A. Budnikov, S.E. Irkhin, V.A. Nikitin, I.O. Mayorov

The entertainment sector is rapidly developing, it constantly needs to surprise humans all the time. And so with coming of video games, we have such a thing as interactivity. Such an opportunity to get your unique experience from the product, manage history, immerse yourself in the virtual world is sometimes stronger than when watching a movie. But what is behind all this? What parts of the game consists of and how are they implemented at the production stage from the technical side?

Keywords: game engine, rendering, physics, sound decor, geometry, poligons, game levels, models, assets, programming languages, games, developers.
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Methodology of animation of virtual objects for movies and computer games by capture of movement of objects of the real world. Motion capture

N.V. Kushnir, K.A. Budnikov, V.I. Lukyanov

The entertainment industry is developing rapidly, it needs to constantly surprise the consumer, but the most important thing is to satisfy his basic subconscious concepts about the naturalness of what is happening. In other words, the human eye and mind are very sensitive to the realism of the picture. This applies to both appearance and movement. And just for the latter, there is an extremely convenient technology that at the same time simplifies the production process and raises the bar for its quality. This technology is a motion capture system.

Keywords: motion capture, cinema, games, animation, actors, cameras, shooting, sensors, artists, animators.
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Robots-androids – a new milestone of human development

N.V. Kushnir, A.V. Kushnir, V.A. Mukhoed, T.A. Kurdyukova

Technologies are rapidly breaking into our lives. Now it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without a computer, a smartphone or the Internet. New technologies have stepped even further, in order to simplify everyday life and, as a consequence, the rapid development of robotics and the creation of robots androids. To begin with, it is necessary to understand the terminology and find out what the “robot” and “android” are.

Keywords: robot, android, avatar, exoskeleton, blockchain, digitalization, human substitution.
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Choosing the optimal search encryption system for improving the security of SQL databases

M.P. Malykhina, K.S. Zlatina, I.V. Shustova

With the development of cloud services, one of the main problems is to ensure the security of databases from possible threats, as well as the probability of information leakage. One of the possible ways to ensure the proper level of protection is to encrypt data. At the same time, it is necessary to organize the minimum loss of data privacy with the maximum search functionality. Such tasks can be solved by a searchable encryption system. This article is devoted to the analysis of existing search encryption systems with the ability to support relational algebra and integration with SQL databases, as well as the choice of the optimal system. When choosing a search encryption system, you must take into account such characteristics as query functionality, security, performance loss, integration with the application, and open source code.

Keywords: search encryption, database, SQL, security level, confidential information, information leakage, cloud data storage.
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Construction of kinetic curves of some chemical reactions in Simulink

A.V. Nesterov, S.V. Nesterov, M.S. Movchan

The work is didactic in nature. The computational aspect of constructing kinetic curves of a sequential chemical reaction in Simulink is studied. Three solutions to this problem are proposed, which differ in the complexity and complexity of creating a computer model (S-model). The example shows the principal possibility of constructing kinetic curves and gives a comparative assessment of the effectiveness of the proposed models. It is assumed that the introduction of Simulink in a laboratory workshop on chemical kinetics will have a positive effect in the form of the possibility of conducting a virtual experiment.

Keywords: kinetic curves, numerical solution of the Cauchy problem, chemical reaction mechanism, structural scheme method, virtual experiment.
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The influence of bread improver Amilox-6-3 the quality and degree of freshness of bakery products from wheat baking flour

M.V. Nosova, G.F. Dremucheva

Currently, the baking industry of the Russian Federation, foreign and domestic manufacturers offer a wide range of baking improvers for various functional purposes. Moreover, not only foreign companies, but also domestic manufacturers of baking improvers use enzyme preparations of foreign production. The objective of this work is to determine the influence of a baking improver based on domestic enzyme preparations (FP) on the quality indicators and the degree of callousness of sliced bread sticks made from premium wheat flour. The work was carried out at the Research Institute of NIIHP within the framework of research work No. 0593-2019-0005 “Improving and developing the methodological base and technological solutions to improve the quality and safety of bakery products, environmental friendliness and competitiveness of production.” Studies have shown the high technological efficiency of the baking improver Amilox-6-3, created on the basis of domestic FPs, in the production of bakery products from wheat flour.

Keywords: bakery improver, enzyme preparations, the quality of the sliced loaves, the loading force of the indenter, the degree of callousness.
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Socio-economic, Social and Humanitarian Sciences

GIS application for purposes of improvement of management system in education

I.S. Gribkova, N.A. Kislitsa

This article presents the possibilities of applying GIS technologies for the functional improvement of the management system in the field of education. The main stages of creating an electronic digital map of an urban area for spatial analysis using the QGIS information and reference geographic information system are examined in detail. To create such a map, aerial photographs of the Google Maps service were used. The site of the territory of the city of Krasnodar acted as an object. As part of the research, the ball created a GIS pilot project with an indication of the location of the main educational and children’s preschool institutions. For each object, information was entered into the attribution database with the main characteristics of each institution. Also, possible examples of solving the set applied problems for the purpose of improving the management system in the field of education are described.

Keywords: geographic information system, Google Maps, attribute data, layers, QGIS, education, management system.
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Analysis of the factors of implementation of the state cadastral account of land sites as conditions of optimization of regional land use (on the example of the republic of Mordovia)

A.A. Agapkina, O. A. Zarubin

At the present stage of development of land and property relations, state cadastral registration is one of the key procedures that ensure the effectiveness of land management. The intensity of introducing new and changing existing information in the Unified State Register of Real Estate is influenced by a significant number of factors, some of which are analyzed by the authors on the example of the Republic of Mordovia in the context of administrative regions. The article presents the results of statistical correlation analysis, which allowed to identify the relationship between the quantitative parameters of the state cadastral registration of land and some socio-economic factors that potentially affect the implementation of accounting actions. The results can be used to solve the problems of intensifying cadastral work in relation to land plots, improving the regional system of land management, their effective use and protection.

Keywords: state cadastral registration, land plots, factors, Unified State Register of Real Estate, correlation analysis.
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Analysis of the results of the state cadastral accounting by the results of 2019 (by the example of the cadastral district «Mordovsky»)

V.P. Mandrik, O.A. Zarubin

The paper compares the results of state cadastral registration in the Republic of Mordovia (cadastral district «Mordovia») in relation to other subjects of the Volga Federal District. The authors analyze the dynamics of registration with the state cadastral registration of real estate in the region. In the course of the study, based on statistical and cartographic-geographic information methods, an analysis was made of the key indicators of cadastral registration in the Republic of Mordovia, their comparative analysis was performed with the results obtained in other entities of the Volga Federal District. The calculated data allowed us to conclude about the effectiveness of accounting and registration actions with real estate. The authors revealed the dynamics of the development of the cadastral registration procedure in the Republic of Mordovia, and also calculated the region’s rating according to the intensity of this procedure relative to other subjects of the Volga Federal District.

Keywords: state cadastral registration, real estate object, land plot, capital construction object, Unified state real estate register, cadastral district «Mordovian».
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Specialties of teaching humanitarian subjects in the context of distant studying

O.B. Shilovich

Nowadays the problem of distant studying is rather actual as a result of the situation not only in our country but in the whole world as well. Educational activity must be done in any case and distant studying is the only way out in this temporal situation. This article will cover advantages and disadvantages of distant studying in the context of humanitarian sciences in general, as well as methods and ways of working with students in the conditions of distant teaching.

Keywords: distant studying, aims of education, result of education, methods of teaching, pedagogical interaction, distant context .
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Specialties of pedagogical interraction in the frame of a modern technical university

O.B. Shilovich

This article covers pedagogical interaction between the sides of the academic process and their future development is projected as a model in the frame of a technical university. The actuality of the article is proved by the necessity of new approaches to the process of teaching and learning as a result of substantial changes in the society and the educational area.

Keywords: pedagogical interaction, academic process, student, teacher, academic information, motivation, promotion, career, competences.
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Modeling a foreign language education in a non-linguistic technical university – aims, contents, participants of a pedagogical process

O.N. Likhacheva

Modeling in Pedagogics is acquiring more and more importance. With its assistance complicated educational problems are solved, effective methods and ways of mastering one or another subject are defined, potential difficulties and ways of their solving are foreseen. Building a model of a foreign language education in a non-linguistic university is an actual question, because this system needs revision, correcting, perfection and a foreign language communicative competence demands a high quality mastering. This article deals with key elements of the model – universities, aims, contents, pedagogical interaction, some drawbacks and ways of their correction are defined.

Keywords: a foreign language education, technical university, pedagogical interaction, motivation, a foreign language communicative competence .
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Stages of modeling on the example of extra-curricular activity of non-linguistic students

O.N. Likhacheva

This article covers stages of pedagogical process modeling on the example of extra-curricular activity in the English language for non-linguistic students. Mastering a foreign language is a complicated process, especially in case when it is a non-profile subject. As a result, non-linguistic universities are the most vulnerable and demand a special approach in the context of the effective studying a foreign language. Model components are analyzed. These are characteristics of the phenomenon, aims, validity and this model application for the academic process improvement.

Keywords: modeling, model, validity, extra-curricular activity, independent work, additional education, forecast, constructing, aims .
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To the question of distant learning in a modern non-linguistic university

O.N. Likhacheva, D.E. Bedenko

Distant education is a rather controversial phenomenon which caused different reaction of scientists, Methodists, teachers and students before. At the present moment when it is impossible to have a direct contact of a teacher and a student this form seems to be the only one possible, but it demands special approaches, decisions and perfection. In this article we will try to answer the following questions – how effective the distant form of learning is, whether it can replace the direct pedagogical interaction while communicating directly, in what cases it is proper to use the distant form in the context of mastering a foreign language communicative competence.

Keywords: distant learning, education, distance, efficiency, quality, technical equipment, academic process .
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To the question of modelling the English language class in a non-linguistic technical university

O.N. Likhacheva, D.E. Bedenko

Modeling is an interesting and effective instrument which allows forecasting the development of one or another phenomenon or situation, doing necessary things for the positive event development and achieving the highest result. This article deals with the problems of making up and projecting the effective English class in terms of a modern technical university. Special attention is paid to full plunging into the foreign language – in this way students can communicate in a foreign language more actively and master a foreign language communicative competence.

Keywords: model, modeling, lesson, communication, preparation, main content, motivation, plunging, foreign language communicative competence.
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Legal bases of language policy Russian state

T.N. Chunikhina

An attempt has been made to analyze the state’s modern language policy, its impact on intercultural communication. State regulation of this sphere determines the essence of relations between the authorities and the national issue and represents a focused and logically verified activity related to the provision, interaction and development of existing languages, and the improvement of new language means of communication. The author defines the modern language policy of the Russian state as centralized, but at the same time constructive, the main tool of which is the creation of a clear regulatory framework.

Keywords: language policy, national policy, Russian language, language issue.
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