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По материалам XV межвузовской научно-практической конференции “Коммуникационные процессы: теория и практика”, 25 октября 2019 г., г. Краснодар

Based on the materials of the XV interuniversity scientific and practical conference "Communication processes: theory and practice", October 25, 2019, Krasnodar

Enterprise communication tools for bringing a new product to market (for example confectionery factory «Metropolis»)

A.I. Biryukov

The article presents the results of a comprehensive study of commercial policy of the confectionery factory “metropolis” of various marketing methods (calculation of key indicators range of products, the construction of BCG matrix, questionnaires) on the basis of which developed the concept of a new product of a company and offers tools for its removal on the market. Proposals for the use of various communication tools in relation to different target audiences, taking into account their characteristics (demographic, psychographic, behavioral), have been developed.

Keywords: confectionery factory, product policy, research, marketing communications tools, influenza marketing, children's merchandising, competitive advantages.
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Features of firm style PJSC “NK Rosneft”

P.V. Buzinova, G.N. Nemets

The author describes the features of the firm style of a state corporation. It shows its importance as a tool for the formation of corporate identity. He believes that the corporate identity of Rosneft PJSC has a deeply developed base and is an effective corporate advertising tool.

Keywords: firm style, corporate identity, image as an indicator of competitiveness.
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Features of marketing communications of pharmacy chains

E.V. Chekmeneva, A.A. Gorshkova

The article discusses the marketing communications used in Russian pharmacy chains, as well as a specific example of communication interactions and recommendations for improving their effectiveness.

Keywords: marketing, communications, market, tool, sales, advertising, public relations.
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Features of modern network etiquette

F.A. Egorchev, O.V. Rybalchenko

The aim of the study is to analyze the features of modern network etiquette. To achieve this goal, the features of Internet communication are identified, as well as certain norms of communicative interaction are generalized and characterized, compliance with which guarantees users effective communication in a network environment. In particular, it is indicated that in Internet communication interlocutors should not flood, offtop, Troll, flame, etc. At the same time, participants of network communication should be reasonable about the use of emoticons, be sure to comply with the norms of literary language and General rules of business electronic communication. In conclusion, it is noted that compliance with the rules of etiquette in the network environment is a guarantee of effective communication in different spheres of communication.

Keywords: Internet communication, network etiquette, etiquette norms, social responsibility, effective communication.
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Use of firm style as a PR tool in promoting coffee

R.A. Zastela

The article discusses the key PR tools in promoting a new coffee shop. The market of coffee houses is analyzed, the main consumer groups are identified, their relationship to various advertising and PR tools is investigated.

Keywords: coffee, corporate identity advertising campaign, promotion, PR tools, consumers, marketing research, preferences, consumer relations, advertising on social networks.
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Market research of the coffee market of the Black sea coast of the Republic of Crimea

R.A. Zastela, M.S. Fitsurina

The article discusses the results of a marketing study of the coffee market of the Black Sea coast of the Crimean peninsula. A SWOT analysis was carried out, the main types of enterprises operating in this market were identified, consumer preferences were identified when choosing a coffee drink.

Keywords: coffee market, consumers, marketing research, types of enterprises, SWOT analysis, survey, preferences, consumer relations.
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In-store tools of communication with the consumer (on the example of health food stores)

A.R. Kuznetsova

The article deals with in-store tools of communication with the consumer, used in the practice of health food stores. The most important merchandising tools for this sphere of business are investigated, the influence of sensory merchandising on the consumer is determined. Practical examples of the use of merchandising tools by foreign, Russian and regional companies are considered. The role of merchandising as an important component of the communication policy of health food stores is outlined.

Keywords: health food store, communication tools, touch merchandising, color, lighting, music, smell, tactile marketing techniques.
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Trolling in advertising as a tool of communication interaction

D.G. Kurenova, D.I. Birko

The article discusses the features of advertising trolling as one of the tools of communication interaction between companies and brands with different target audiences. The author’s classification of advertising trolling is presented: by target orientation (consumer, competitive, social), types (“clumsy”, “developed”, “intellectual”), forms (Billboard, posters, videos, flash mobs, rap battles, online games), types (semiotic, linguistic). The prospects for the use of advertising trolling in the practical activities of companies are determined.

Keywords: advertising trolling, consumer trolling, competitive trolling, social trolling, "clumsy" trolling, "developed" trolling, "intellectual" trolling, semiotic trolling, linguistic trolling.
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SMM technologies as a tool for popularizing the volunteer movement

S.A. Mikitas, D.A. Kruzhkov

This article discusses the process of promoting volunteerism, using the new SMM promotion technologies, considering volunteering as a product.

Keywords: volunteering, SMM, PR, innovation, society, promotion, media.
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Technologies for the development and promotion of the image as a PR product

I.V. Perepechayev, G.N. Nemets

The author presents technologies for developing and promoting the image as a PR product. He shows the importance of the image of people / organizations in modern society. He believes that with proper promotion, the image is able to function as a PR-product.

Keywords: image, product development, product promotion, PR-technology.
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Provocative advertising as a tool marketing communication

G.S. Petrichenko, E.D. Goncharova

The article discusses the use of provocative advertising as a marketing communication tool. This article analyzes the use of provocative advertising. The results of use are summarized. The conclusion of using this tool is formulated.

Keywords: advertising, communications, marketing, marketing communications, provocative advertising.
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Research of advertising and PR-tools, used in promoting fitness services on the market

V.M. Mikhailova, O.V. Seliverstova

The article considers the market of fitness services, since the industry for Russia is profitable and socially significant. To enhance the competitiveness of this market, it is necessary to use different means of promotion. The article presents the results of assessing the number and frequency of use of advertising and PR tools, the average level of the advertising budget, and evaluating the most effective advertising tools for the fitness services market. The most effective advertising and PR-tools were revealed from the point of view of consumers. The information received will allow managers to competently develop a communication strategy and thereby increase their competitiveness.

Keywords: Fitness services market, portrait of consumers, quantity, frequency, budget level, efficiency, advertising tools, PR tools.
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Linguistic manipulation in the texts of social advertising

K.S. Sivtsova, G.N. Nemets

The author considers the technology of linguistic manipulation in texts of social advertising. Shows the importance of language structures in the formation of advertising images. He believes that the effectiveness of linguistic manipulation methods in texts of social advertising is confirmed by the appeal to knowledge and stereotypes stored in the minds of people.

Keywords: social advertising, texts of social advertising, linguistic manipulation.
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Cameroon and Russia: prospects business communication

Tabopda Tchuinte Boris Kevin, O.V. Rybalchenko

The aim of the study is to analyze the prospects of business communication between Cameroon and Russia. To achieve this goal as the main strategic resource is the information, knowledge of which allows the business to obtain the optimal solution efficiently and economically produce goods or services, the historical perspective explores the experience of business cooperation between Cameroon and Russia, and outlines the most promising directions of business cooperation. In conclusion, it is concluded that such cooperation contains many promising sectors for business communication, which could become profitable for both Russian and Cameroonian businessmen.

Keywords: Business communication, Republic of Cameroon, information, investment, small business, tourism, technology.
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Specificity of forming and promoting a brand of area

S.A. Shekhovtsova, G.N. Nemets

The author presents the specifics of the formation and brand of the territory. She shows the importance of the city brand in the modern socio-cultural space. She believes that the development of territorial brands is possible taking into account their internal culture.

Keywords: territory branding, territory brand promotion strategy, territory brand architecture, territory image, territory marketing.
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Research of non-standard means eastern universal market promotions

V.M. Mikhailova, G.R. Kasymov

The main strategic objective of promotion tools is to increase sales of products of companies operating in various industries and fields of activity. One of the important industries in Russia is the market for sports services, since it is precisely this that contributes to the physical recovery of the population. Companies in this market use many means of promotion and there is no doubt that the consumer knows about them. There are traditional means of pro-movement, and there are also non-traditional ones. It is known that traditional means of promotion every year lose their effectiveness and marketers are developing alternative ways of influencing the consumer. In this aspect, the article considers the portrait of a consumer of the sports services market, namely the martial arts market. A study of standard and non-standard means of promotion. Effective means of promotion from the point of view of consumers for the martial arts market were identified. The information obtained during the study will allow you to efficiently and competently build a communication strategy and promotion policy, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the company.

Keywords: martial arts market, consumer portrait, standard means of promotion, non-standard means, efficiency.
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Application of communication technologies to support socially significant projects (on the example of KubSTU)

M.A. Lavrentevа, V.V. Zavgorodnyaya

The article discusses the use of communication technologies to support socially significant projects. Of particular interest in this perspective is a number of PR tools that are used to attract public attention to the activities of organizations engaged in the development and implementation of social projects.

Keywords: communication technologies, PR, tools, social projects, society, organizations.
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Types of innovative advertising technologies

V.M. Mikhailova, D.A. Seleznev

Currently, innovative advertising technologies are increasingly being introduced into the economic activities of enterprises. They are effective ways to divide the market among competitors, attract a large number of consumers and thereby increase the sales of companies. The article discusses innovative advertising technologies and advertising media. The problems of their implementation in the economic activities of the enterprise and the prospects for their development in Russia are shown.

Keywords: Innovation, advertising technology, advertising media, development prospects, implementation problems.
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Improving functioning efficiency bakery enterprises based on the use of advertising and PR communications

V.M. Mikhailova, D.A. Seleznev

The current state of the market is characterized by increasing the importance and value of information. The growth rate of informatization of society is increasing, and an increasing amount of information is becoming available to consumers. Organizations, however, cannot increase the volume of their communications in proportion to the increase in the amount of information available to the consumer. Under these conditions, knowledge of effective advertising and PR communications from the point of view of the consumer is important and relevant. The article considers various types of advertising and PR communications used in the market of bread and bakery products. The results of a study of the effectiveness of advertising and PR communications from the point of view of the consumer are presented, which allow competently developing a communication strategy for the enterprises of the bread and grocery subcomplex.

Keywords: Advertising communications, PR communications, consumers, research, promotion methods, bread market, bakery products.
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Communicative presentation tactics orthodox discourse on Instagram

М. Subbotin

The article discusses the communicative tactics of presenting Orthodox discourse in the social network Instagram. The author analyzes the tactics of minimization of the sermon, quoting, interpretation, intimization and ways of their representation. Examples of the use of the analyzed tactics on different platforms of Instagram are given. The conclusion is made about the preservation of the Orthodox discourse of the presentation of the teachings of Christ in conjunction with the life instructions of priests-bloggers.

Keywords: communicative tactics, Orthodox discourse, preaching, minimization, interpretation, quoting.
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Classification of non-standard advertising forms in wednesday Internet

V.M. Mikhailova, M.V. Antonova

The article discusses new types of platforms for advertising; new accommodation options; non-standard and new formats and standards for working with the idea, content and audience. The authors study the problem of classifying new and non-standard forms of advertising on the Internet. The question of the relevance of the use of existing classifications in the advertising market for new forms of advertising on the Internet is raised. The article is provided with a description of forms of advertising on the Internet and their application in practice.

Keywords: types of sites, advertising; Internet, accommodation options; non-standard formats, content, audience.
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Ways to evaluate outdoor advertising efficiency

V.M. Mikhailova, E.D. Goncharova

The article is devoted to the problem of evaluating the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. The article considers the evaluation of the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, puts forward various points of view regarding its evaluation, provides reasons that reduce its communicative as well as economic efficiency. In the scientific literature there are no clear methods for assessing its effectiveness, but even those methods that are presented can be useful for business leaders. The authors substantiate that in order to assess the reasons for the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, it is necessary to be guided on the one hand by the calculation of media indicators, and on the other hand, criteria for the effectiveness of advertising. All methods are illustrated by practical examples and calculations.

Keywords: outdoor advertising, media indicators, performance criteria, cost of advertising, advertising revenue, potential audience.
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Influence of graphity and street art on consciousness of consumers

A.V. Petrova, O.A. Kuznetsova

The article tells about the influence of street art, or rather graffiti and street art, on the minds of consumers. It also tells about the main directions of such art, the history of its development and outstanding representatives such as Banksy and others.

Keywords: graffiti, street art, street artists, consumers, consumer impact.
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