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Construction and Architecture

Experience of application of Cloud Constraint function in Cyclone for increasing the connections between scans with its mutual orientation by control marks

K.V. Voronova, G.T. Akopyan, G.G. Shevchenko

This article discusses the internal orientation of scans by make and the combined orientation of ground-based laser scanning data and describes ways to eliminate the orientation error of scans. Step-by-step instructions for using the Cloud Constrain / Auto-Add Cloud Constraints feature in the Cyclone Register software module are given.

Keywords: ground laser scanning, stitching of scans by brand, combined stitching.
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Creation of a three-dimensional model of the municipality based on data from digital surveys for the purpose of modernizing the work of administration units involved in its land management

D.A. Gura, G.G. Shevchenko, I.G. Markovsky

Digitalization of the economy is an important task for the coming years, set by the Russian president. Digital research is an integral part of bringing old and new information on various sectors of the economy into digital form. This project presents the concept of implementing a laser scanning complex (air, land and mobile) to obtain extensive data on the infrastructure of a single municipality in order to identify violations of the use of land for various purposes. The main final source of information for determining offenses in various areas of life of the city will be its three-dimensional model, compiled from data from digital surveys. The novelty of such a project is that the municipality, periodically carrying out such research, will be able to effectively combat various violations of the use of lands under its control and prevent them at the stage of “origin”.

Keywords: digital survey, three-dimensional laser scanning, study of cloud structure, urbanized territories.
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Automated dispatch management systems as a tool for increasing the efficiency of production processes in road enterprises

A.E. Kravchenko, A.A. Knyshov, A.Yu. Dernovoy

The article describes the process of improving production processes at the enterprises of the road sector using corporate information systems and automated dispatch control systems.

Keywords: automation, system, scheduling, management, efficiency, production, process.
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Collision prevention system and motion safety

T.A. Romanova, M.S. Nikitina, I.G. Markovskiy, I.S. Gribkova

In this paper, a system of preventing collisions of machines when working in mines is considered. Studies have shown that the criterion for the functioning of a collision avoidance system is the safety distance to the object. ATP is also designed for mines operating under extreme conditions. The peculiarity is that the use of identical components on all equipment facilitates maintenance and logistics. Details are painted collision avoidance scheme with the help of ATP. The problems of collisions and their solutions are considered. By incorporating a TopView display into the ATP, we have an improved signaling algorithm that improves situational awareness and reduces the number of false warnings. A significant feature of the ATP is the presence of a black box.

Keywords: SAFEmine, Hexagon Mining, radar sensor, assistance with excavation, safety center, operator fatigue monitoring, QuickMount.
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Perspective directions of development and implementation of high-precision GNSS-equipment in construction

T.A. Romanova, I.S. Gribkova, K.V. Voronova, G.T. Akopyan, V.V. Karanova

The market for global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) in the modern economy is developing rapidly, it is extremely differentiated and consists of different levels and segments. Positioning system according to signals of global navigation satellite systems are used in various fields of activity and determine the progress of society. The aim of this article is preparation of analytical materials about the current status and possible forecasts of the market of navigation services and application of navigation technologies based on GNSS played an important role in the solution of many scientific questions related to precise positioning on Earth’s surface. The article presents the development of Russian high-precision GNSS equipment, their advantages and disadvantages and a further application too, the ways of implementation and use of GNSS equipment in construction., raised concerns about the need of training and employment opportunities, suggests ways of improving the quality of GNSS.

Keywords: GNSS, geodesy, GPS, GLONASS, precision positioning.
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Assessment of biosphere compatibility of the development of the southern city (on the example of the city of Krasnodar)

O.N. Sokol’skaya, E.P. Shnurnikova

To protect the Biosphere and create conditions for human development should start with cities, as the habitat has a huge impact on the formation of personality and the development of society as a whole. The analysis of the new direction in urban science – biosphere compatibility of the city, on the example of the city of Krasnodar. The article examines modern environmental violations, shaped by urban development, for human life and habitat. The main anthropogenic and natural-climatic factors in Krasnodar, affecting the microclimate of urban development, are considered. The need to search for the principles of urban design, based on the biosphere compatibility of urban development in the environment, is shown.

Keywords: biosphere compatibility, atmospheric environment of the city, microclimate.
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Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Management

CCZ- equivalence for search APN-transposition

N.N. Avakimyan, E.N. Dacenko, I.O. Orlova

The basic definitions associated with perfect non-linear and almost perfect non-linear functions that have optimal characteristics for stability by the difference method of cryptanalysis are considered.

Keywords: perfect nonlinear functions, almost perfect nonlinear functions, differential uniformity, APN-functions, AB-functions, EA- and CCZ-equivalence, APN- transposition, APN-permutations.
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Formalization of the process of determining the optimal organizational and staff structure of information security units

P.E. Alimanov, A.B. Sizonenko

The article discusses the problematic issues of the organizational structure of the structural units of information protection. Taking into account the requirements of conceptual documents in the field of information security, the relevance of effective staffing in this area is shown. An example of an organization’s information security system is presented. A formal presentation of the processes by which the organization’s employees perform information security functions is proposed. The criteria for effective staffing information security. The tasks to be solved within the framework of information security personnel are formulated.

Keywords: protection system, formal security model, organizational staffing to protect information, security system requirements.
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To the question of selecting means of automation of remote learning technology

V.E. Belchenko, R.A. Dyachenko, I.V. Belchenko, K.A. Paladyan

The issues of organizing training using distance technologies are considered. The most popular distance education organization systems, their advantages and disadvantages are revealed. The criteria for evaluating distance learning systems have been developed. Their comparative analysis is given.

Keywords: educational process, distance technologies, information technologies in education.
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Research and development of intellectual task management system

K.E. Totukhov, Yu.Yu. Grishina

The article discusses issues of improving the quality of staff by more efficient distribution of tasks. The aim of the work is the development of improved task management techniques, using modern information and intelligent technologies. The objective of the study is to design the structure and accumulate knowledge of the intellectual information system of task management. The problem was solved using graph theory and regression analysis. The structure of the task management system is proposed. A regression analysis of the dependence of the speed of the task on other parameters and performance indicators was carried out. The revealed patterns made it possible to verify the appropriateness of applying the proposed structure and its software implementation. Conclusions are made about the potential capabilities of the system.

Keywords: Task management, ER-chart, Regression analysis.
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Research and automation of the process of conducting a strategic audit of information systems when providing IT-consulting services

K.E. Totukhov, K.M. Tsitsiruk

The article discusses the issues of providing IT consulting services and the automation of the strategic audit of information systems as its (IT consulting) integral component. The aim of the work is to improve modern methods of providing IT consulting services, including using automated information technologies. The main objective of the study was to design the structure of an automated IT consulting system. The tasks set were solved using the theory of algorithms and graphs. The research and formulation of the tasks of the created information system. Key patterns and significant factors of the process are identified and formulated. An algorithm for conducting an IT audit and a UML diagram of IT consulting is proposed. The results obtained allow us to move on to the software implementation of the system under study.

Keywords: IT consulting, audit, information systems, automation.
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Comparative analysis of swarm intelligence algorithms in the problem of global extremum search

V.A. Chastikova, S.M. Chich, A.A. Schegelskiy, I.A. Stepanenko

The article investigates three algorithms of swarm intelligence – cuttlefish algorithm optimization, fireworks algorithm optimization, shuffle frog algorithm optimization – in the problems of global extremum search by 2 criteria: accuracy and operating time. As a result of the research, both advantages and disadvantages of the considered algorithms were identified. The best results were shown by the cuttlefish optimization algorithm. However, the easiest to implement was the shuffle frog algorithm optimization, which does not require the selection of special parameters.

Keywords: optimization, global extremum, fireworks algorithm optimization, cuttlefish algorithm optimization, shuffle frog algorithm optimization.
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Socio-economic, Social and Humanitarian Sciences

Model components of a foreign language education in a non-linguistic university

A.V. Aboneeva, O.N. Likhacheva

The actuality of this article is determined by a necessity to modernize foreign language education in the context of a modern non-linguistic university. That can be done by means of creating the integrated model performing it quite effectively. The novelty of the article consists in working out preparatory activities for future modeling of the foreign language academic process in a modern Russian non-linguistic university. The purpose of this work implies definition of model components, especially the teaching component and specialties of its functioning in modern conditions.

Keywords: teacher, student, pedagogical interaction, learning, explanation, effectiveness, purpose, proposing, model, modeling.
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Police of Russia: milestones of pre-revolutionary history

A.S. Bochkareva, V.N. Volchenko, Yu.V. Khotina

The article is devoted to the study of the history of the Russian police in the ХIХ century. It is emphasized that since 1802, the government has focused on the Ministry of internal Affairs. It is stated that in 1811 there was another police body – the internal guard for the guard and convoy service, and in June 1826 was established the 3rd Branch, known as the “political police”. In General, the emergence of new police officers and changes in existing structures occurred in Imperial Russia until the first quarter of the twentieth century. The authors draw attention to the fact that representatives of the Central apparatus of the Ministry of internal Affairs actively participated in the preparation and implementation of the peasant reform of 1861. It is concluded that the establishment of the Ministry of internal Affairs and the regular police has significantly improved the crime situation in Russia.

Keywords: police, Ministry of internal Affairs, horse police guard, political police.
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To the question about the history of sister city relations of Krasnodar

I.I Gaevskaya, M.A. Lavrent'eva

In the context of globalization, international contacts of various subjects of international relations are constantly expanding. An important role in this process is played by the International movement of twin cities, a participant of which, for more than 50 years, is the city of Krasnodar. In this article, the authors analyze the circle of twin cities of Krasnodar, determine the main trends in the development of cooperation in the Soviet period, in the post-Soviet period and now. The main attention is paid to the German sister city of Krasnodar – Karlsruhe, relations with which are developing quite steadily and dynamically. Their development is largely due to the economic interests of Germany and its subjects to the Krasnodar territory, as well as the presence of the German Diaspora in the region. Conclusions about the most typical, well-established forms of interaction between Krasnodar and its partners in the International movement of twin cities: diverse contacts within the Days of the city, performances of musical groups; participation in festivals; art and photo exhibitions; cooperation in the field of medicine; regular correspondence; participation in conferences, trade and economic fairs; school and student exchanges; projects in the field of youth policy.

Keywords: Krasnodar, Karlsruhe, movement of twin cities, twin cities.
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Procedure for challenging the cadastral value in the Russian Federation

A.V. Autumn, B.A. Khakhuk, N.A. Kislitsa, A.A. Kolomytsev

In modern Russian conditions, the procedure for contesting the cadastral value of real estate is undergoing significant changes in accordance with innovations in the legislation. The cadastral value of the real estate objects of the site is taken into account when calculating tax, rent, and also in other cases stipulated by law. An important aspect is to balance the tension in the system: citizens and the municipality.

Keywords: cadastral value, contestation, cadastral valuation.
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To the question of foreign language education modelling in a modern non-linguistic university

O.N. Likhacheva

Educational process modelling is an important component in modern Pedagogical science. This actual method implies building a certain model, a hypothetical scheme of an activity or phenomenon created for finding out hidden sides or properties which can’t be defined by means of direct studying of the above mentioned aspects. The English language is indispensible in modern conditions as an effective instrument of professional and personal development. Educational process modelling in this context helps to foresee its effective development and functioning that will finally have a positive result.

Keywords: modeling, pedagogical interaction, working atmosphere, psychological climate, pedagogical process participants, humanitarian segment, demand.
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Aspects of modelling a foreign language educational process in a non-linguistic university

O.N. Likhacheva

The problem of modelling in Pedagogics is an interesting sphere of research characterized not only by a theoretical aspect which widens the specter of a modern research apparatus but has practical recommendations facilitating the educational process improvement. This article deals with the preparation for modelling teaching a foreign language process in the frame of a modern non-linguistic university. For constructing the integrated and effective model of a foreign language education in modern conditions, we confirm its definitions in the context of this research; make classifications of pedagogical process participants according to such criteria as motivation, ability to research and professional characteristics. Such aspect as pedagogical interaction is characterized as well. These classifications will help define the direction of pedagogical modeling in the future, and that will facilitate the development of a foreign language communicative competence by a modern non-linguistic student.

Keywords: modeling, pedagogical interaction, working atmosphere, psychological climate, pedagogical process participants, humanitarian segment, demand.
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Problems of inventory of yard territories and ways of their solution on the example of Simferopol

A.V.Osennyaya, E.CH. Kuadzhe, A.M. Ahmetov, A.S. Tarasov

The article considers the procedure of inventory of yard territories on the example of the city of Simferopol and makes proposals for its improvement. The necessity of creating a new database containing the data obtained as a result of the inventory of the yard area is considered. Also the main problems arising in the process of inventory are considered, and ways of their solution are offered.

Keywords: inventory, yard areas, the problem of inventory, inventory database courtyards.
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Procedure for challenging the cadastral value in the Russian Federation

A.V. Autumn, B.A. Khakhuk, N.A. Kislitsa, A.A. Kolomytsev

In modern Russian conditions, the procedure for contesting the cadastral value of real estate is undergoing significant changes in accordance with innovations in the legislation. The cadastral value of the real estate objects of the site is taken into account when calculating tax, rent, and also in other cases stipulated by law. An important aspect is to balance the tension in the system: citizens and the municipality.

Keywords: cadastral value, contestation, cadastral valuation.
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A comparative analysis of estimated activity in Russia, the Czech Republic and Italy

M.A. Pastukhov, O.I. Pastukhova, A.S. Sukmanuk

With the development of a market economy and private property in the world society, there was a need for a fair estimation of it. On this basis, there was a need for the formation of organizations that regulate and implement an independent valuation of property. There appeared a large number of situations where valuation was needed, such as buying and selling, renting, insurance, liquidation, privatization, calculation of taxes, duties and other types of operations. The system of estimation activity has been formed, including the process of professional valuation performed by a qualified valuer, and a scientific discipline with certain concepts, research principles, methods and approaches to valuing movable and immovable property. In each country, where the valuation is relevant, there is an individual system of valuation activity. The research was based on Russia, the Czech Republic and Italy. Due to the differences in the economies of these countries, it should be assumed that the regulation and organization of valuation activities has a number of characteristics that need to be studied. As a result of the analysis of various sources, which describe the provisions on the estimation activity of Russia, the Czech Republic and Italy, a number of features of regulation and organization have emerged.

Keywords: appraisal activity, evaluation standards, self-regulating organizations, state regulation, subjects of valuation activity, reporting documentation (evaluation report), evaluation areas.
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Strategies of consumer behavior of entrants in the market of educational services

N.V. Chlabystova, I.S. Koryagin

The relevance of the study of consumer behavior of applicants in the market of educational services is due primarily to the fact that the choice of areas of training and universities by young people depends on the balance of specialists in the labor market and the budget of the University. In the article, the authors considered the concept of “consumer behavior of applicants” and “consumer behavior strategies”, as well as the types of strategies of behavior of applicants and features of their behavior in the market of educational services. A secondary analysis of the results of sociological research VTSIOM.

Keywords: Consumer behavior, entrant, educational need, strategy of consumer behavior, higher education, University.
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University as a factor in the formation of a student’s personality

N.V. Khlobystova, A.V. Vasyukova

Scientists of social and humanitarian Sciences are engaged in the problem of formation of the student’s personality. The authors analyze this problem from the standpoint of sociological science. In the process of becoming a person at the University, the student goes through three stages: adaptation, individualization and integration. The authors come to the conclusion that the environment of the higher educational institution contains all the necessary conditions for the full formation of the personality of students, namely the conditions for meeting the needs of the interests of individuals in communication, education, acquisition of a new social status. The environment of the University acts as a set of elements that affect the process of individualization and integration of students. In the process of studying at the University, the student acquires new knowledge, new value orientations are formed.

Keywords: University, personality formation, student, adaptation, individualization, integration, education.
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Features of behavior of entrants as consumers in the market of educational services

T.N. Chunikhina, A.E. Krylova

This article discusses the behavior of students as consumers of educational services. The authors analyze sociological approaches to the definition of «educational service». Summarizing the considered approaches to the definition of «educational service», it is concluded that it is one of the varieties of services that are provided in the process of education. Therefore, consumers of education can be both individuals and organizations, the state, but the final consumer of educational services is always a person-an applicant, a student, a listener, an employee, etc. The purpose of the article is to consider the peculiarities of behavior of applicants as the most numerous group of consumers of educational services. The authors define the main features of behavior of entrants as consumers of educational services. As a feature of consumer behavior of applicants, the authors highlight: the need to predict the effectiveness of choice for several years to come; the possibility of acquiring educational services in a certain period of time; the choice of those educational institutions whose services are more accessible to them; lack of independence of decision making due to age.

Keywords: entrants, consumers, educational service, higher education, University, educational activity, consumer behavior.
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Economy of the Adygea Autonomous region in the time of the USSR (1984)

E.A. Shumkov

The article presents an overview of the economy of the Adygea Autonomous Region in 1984. A list of large and medium-sized enterprises in the city of Maikop and the region, their products, number of personnel and production volume are given. Key industry sectors and production chains are highlighted. The question of examining the country’s economy in Soviet times is extremely important, given the current economic situation in the country and the policy of import substitution. The study of economic history will allow to study the question of which industrial sectors have a reasonable historical expediency and evaluate the options for the development of these sectors.

Keywords: Adygea economy, USSR economy, Maikop industry, Adygea history, Adygeya Autonomous Region, regional economy, city management, municipal government.
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Technical Science

The analysis of technology of drilling as source of technological hazards on oil-extracting and oil processing objects (on the example of industrial facilities of the Syrian Arab Republic)

A.V. Aleksandrova, D.M. Sabre, M.M. Sabre

The article deals with drilling technology as a source of harmful and dangerous factors in oil production and refining facilities of the Syrian Arab Republic. The analysis of accident rate and working conditions in the oil and gas complex in Syria is also carried out, the characteristics of geological and climatic conditions of oil fields in Syria are given. The statistics of distribution of accidents by types at the objects of petrochemical, oil refineries and oil products facilities for 2007-2018 is presented.

Keywords: the source of the increased danger, working conditions, accident, geological and climatic conditions, technologies of drilling orientation.
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Study of the influence of succinic acid and its salts on the accumulation of lipids in wine

S.D. Burlaka, G.F. Muzychenko, A.A. Alekseeva

In the presented work the influence of various factors on the quality of red wines is considered. In the course of the research it was found that the difference in the concentration of biologically active organic acids depends on the grape variety and the conditions of its growth, as well as on the technology of production of red wine. It is shown that the additives of succinic acid and its salts allow to regulate the amount and composition of lipids of wine.

Keywords: yeast, grapes, succinic acid, fermentation, lipids.
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Study of the reactivity of 5-alkyl-2 (3h)-furanon

S.D. Burlaka, G.F. Muzychenko

The reactivity of furan derivatives is analyzed. Reactions of 5-Alkyl-3H-furanon with hydrazine and its derivatives are shown. It has been studied that alkyl (aryl) – 3H-furan-2-ones react by condensation with aromatic and furan aldehydes due to mobile hydrogen atoms of the methylene link. The reaction of 2(5H) – furanone with 2,6-dimethylaniline with the formation of N – (2,6-dimethylphenyl) amide-4-hydroxy-3 – [(2,6-dimethylphenyl) amino] – butanoic acid is proposed.

Keywords: synthesis, 5-Alkyl-3H-furanon, pyrrolidone, condensation, spectra.
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Study of factors influencing reactions of transformation of pesticides in soil

S.D. Burlaka, G.F. Muzychenko

The main factors influencing the decomposition of pesticides in the soil are studied. It is shown that taking into account weather-climatic, agrotechnical, geomorphological factors, for each soil-climatic zone, it is possible to control the processes of decomposition of pesticides in the soil and propose the main methods of their detoxification.

Keywords: pesticides, pesticides, decomposition, detoxification, soil.
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Modification of compounds based on epoxy resin

V.A. Voytenko, N.M. Privalova

The article describes the laboratory technological process for the production of compounds based on epoxy resins. Examples of composite materials with epoxy oligomers and selected modifiers are given. The synthesis process of a composite material is described. The adhesion strength of the compounds was studied. The strength characteristics of the obtained compounds were evaluated. An assessment of the change in strength characteristics depending on the composition of the compound and the aggressive environment is given.

Keywords: compounds, composite materials, adhesion, epoxy resin, modification.
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Scientific researches in the field of torch systems

R.A. Kalarash, T.G. Korotkova

Patents for flare systems were searched for from 2000 to 2019 using the IPC index F23G 7/06 – Methods or devices specifically designed for the destruction of gaseous wastes or harmful gases. The search was conducted in the open databases of FIPS, VINITI and the European Patent Office Espacenet. It was revealed that the main patent holders are registered in the USA (34 patents) and in Russia (25 patents). The largest contribution to scientific research belongs to the John Zink Company (24 patents found). Most patents are devoted to the development of a torch in order to ensure industrial safety and prevent emergency situations.

Keywords: petrochemistry, patent search, statistics, flare system, combusted gas, water trap.
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Statistics of accidents in petroleum and petrochemical objects and petroleum refining industry

R.A. Kalarash, T.G. Korotkova

According to the annual reports on the activities of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, statistics are given on accidents that occurred during 2004-2018 at the facilities of the petrorefining and petrochemical industries. It was revealed that during the period from 2004 to 2018, 262 dangerous incidents occurred, including 107 explosions, 66 emissions of hazardous substances and 89 fires, the accident dynamics and economic damage are given. The greatest economic damage to the national economy from accidents was caused in 2016 and amounted to 14 billion 827 million rubles. Death statistics for the same period showed that the main cause of the lesion is thermal damage, which accounted for 67.6% of the total number of deaths. The main causes of fatal injuries include a violation of technology and improper organization of work.

Keywords: petrochemicals, gas contamination, hazardous production facility, explosion, fire, accident statistics.
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Analysis of statistical data on disc harges of sewage water from the enterprises of the oil and gas complex on Krasnodar region and the Russian Federation

V.V. Kurtukova, T.G. Korotkova

The characteristics of wastewater discharges into the main water bodies of the Krasnodar Region and the Russian Federation for the period 2003-2018 are given based on statistical data of annual state reports on the state and use of water resources of the Russian Federation. Graphical dependences are presented on the total amount of water disposal to surface water bodies, underground horizons, relief from enterprises of the oil and gas complex, by constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The causes of pollution of surface water bodies, sources and main pollutants resulting from the discharge of wastewater from industrial enterprises, in particular from the oil and gas complex, as well as the environmental impact of these discharges and their consequences, are considered. The main pollutants are heavy metals (lead, total iron), petroleum products, surfactants, nitrites and easily oxidized organic substances (according to BOD5).

Keywords: water resource, surface water bodies, wastewater disposal, waste water, pollutants, emulsified oil, petroleum products, MPC, treatment plant.
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Creation of kinetic curve some chemical reactions in Control System Toolbox

A.V. Nesterov, S.V. Nesterov, M.S. Movchan

Work has didactic character. The computing aspect of creation of kinetic curves of consecutive chemical reaction and definition of their quantitative characteristics is investigated by numerical methods. For decrease of labor input of mathematical model operation it is offered to use a package of the Control System Toolbox extension of the MATLAB system of computer mathematics (SCM). On an example the basic possibility of creation of kinetic curves by means of the initial function of the called package is shown. The quantitative characteristics of curves are calculated by means of the firmware MATLAB functions. Also the example of management of computation process which allowed to bring accuracy of the numerical decision to accuracy of the relevant analytical decision is given. The assumption that introduction of Control System Toolbox in a laboratory workshop on a chemical kinetics will give positive effect in the form of reduction of time of creation of computer model is made.

Keywords: kinetic curves, numerical solution of Cauchy problem, nonzero starting conditions, autonomous system, state-space method.
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Theoretical justification of microorganisms strains selection for molasses processing with purpose of forming biologically active substances composition

S.O. Semenikhin, M.V. Babakina, O.V. Fedoseeva, V.O. Gorodetsky

Currently, research aimed at obtaining new products from molasses, have significant global interest. One of the ways to obtain new products is the microbiological synthesis of biologically active substances from mono- and disaccharides, and, given the composition of molasses, the prospect of its application in this area is not in doubt. The article is an analysis of national and international research of microorganisms and an assessment of the prospects of their use. It proved promising two fungal species, five yeast species and one bacteria species, in terms of amount of synthesized biologically active substances and safety for human, and also justified the choice of specific strains of microorganisms for conducting studies on the fermentation of molasses with the aim of enriching it with vitamins A, B2, lipids and organic acids.

Keywords: molasses, microorganisms, biologically active substances, vitamins, lipids, organic acids.
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Nomogram of monitoring and predicting sugar losses with pulp during the processing of sugar beet

S.O. Semenikhin, N.I. Kotlyarevskaya, M.M. Usmanov

The theoretical description of counterflow diffusion desugarization of beet cossettes was done over 50 years ago, when it was believed that the return of press water adversely affects the quality of the raw juice. However, with the growth of technological progress and the commissioning of more efficient diffusion apparatus and pulp presses transition to return press water, formation in the production of which was up to 50 % by beet, required the introduction of revisions to the classical theory. The article presents the equation of the mass transfer process in the diffusion apparatus, which takes into account the return of pulp press water and the partial pressing of cossettes in the process of desugarization, as well as the equation that corrects the volume of the returned pulp press water, depending on the degree of pressing of the desugared cossettes. For convenience, on the basis of these equations, a nomogram of operation of continuous-action diffusion apparatus was derived, the method of its practical use is also given in the article.

Keywords: sugar beet production, sucrose extraction, raw juice, pulp press water, nomogram, sugar losses.
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Research results of the fire safety state at oil-refining objects

S.S. Sytnik, S.Yu. Marinin

This article is devoted to the problems of the development of emergency situations at enterprises of the oil refining industry as a whole. The article considers the data of accidents at the oil refining industry over five years. The statistics of accidents at facilities is analyzed. The results of studies using the graphoanalytic method of the “tree of events” and the “tree of events” are presented.

Keywords: Oil refining industry, fire hazard, depressurization, accident, analysis, risk.
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Electrical engineering

Application of electric arc metallization for restore parts and hardening cutting tool

S.P. Glushko

The article describes the technology of arc metallization and its application for the restoration of worn machine parts and hardening of cutting tools of metal-cutting machines. The results of experimental studies have shown that the quality of the coating and the efficiency of the process largely depend not only on the brand used for spraying the wire, but also on the mode of operation of the electrometallizer, the distance to the surface to be sprayed, the thermal characteristics of the product material and its temperature during spraying.

Keywords: electric arc metallization, electric arc, restoration, hardening, cutting tool.
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Application of the laws of electrical engineering in providing safety measures and protection against electric shock

V.V. Engovatova, A.I. Gaydamashko, A.R. Stepanyan

The analysis of the use of electricity and its impact on human health. Specified safety requirements for working with electrical installations, devices, equipment. The circuit of substitution of the person in an electric circuit (resistor) is offered. It is noted that to protect a person from the dangerous effects of electric current on him, it is necessary to create such conditions under which the current will be minimal (less than 100 mA). The scheme of a single-phase circuit with a receiver and a person touching the phase wire is given. Also considered the protection of a person from electric shock and the procedure for its implementation. The answer to the question: “Why can’t we transfer all electrical networks to low voltage?” and other questions giving the answer to questions of safety of the person at work with electric equipment. Measures to protect it from electric shock are proposed.

Keywords: safety training, electrical safety, equivalent circuits, current-carrying elements.
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