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Development of noising protection measures for the territory of the development and premises
of the housing complex in Sochi

V.A. Gorin, Y.P. Ishchuk, P.V. Pogodina

The levels of noise pollution in the building territory and in the premises of a residential complex in the city of Sochi were determined. Equivalent sound levels for various buildings and structures are given, and the allowable distance between industrial enterprises and residential areas is considered according to the noise factor. The limits of zones of acoustic discomfort created by means of road and rail transport are calculated. The noise protection measures necessary to ensure a comfortable living of people have been developed, including a list of sound-absorbing devices, which are recommended for using ventilation valves.

Keywords: noise mode, equivalent sound level, road transport, noise protection measures, building area.

Working out of peak construction for cinema «Aurora» in Krasnodar city for providing normative sound level in the auditorium

A.S. Danielyan, A.I. Semyonova

The process the sound regime estimations for auditoriums include sound regime estimation of auditorium with working out the necessary arrangements for providing norms requirements. In these purposes it is not recommended to locate the sources of intensive noise (ventilation chambers, pump stations and others) in the rooms adjoining to the auditorium. In the aims for provide the normative noise requirements it is necessary to apply fencing constructions for auditorium with required sound isolation in order to provide the measures for sound reduction of the sources to the permitted values.
The article investigated the questions connected with restoration of the cinema building, voted as the historical monument of Krasnodar city in 80-years of 20 centuries. They showed the worked out arrangements providing the required sound isolation of peak fencing of the cinema from the external sound sources and the part of the peak bosom is large auditorium.

Keywords: permitted levels of sound pressure, equivalent and maximum sound levels, octave levels of sound pressure, acoustic one layer and multilayer fencing constructions, equivalent area of sound absorption.

To the question of determination side pressure ground coefficient

V.V. Denisenko, P.A. Lyashenko

The determination of the lateral pressure coefficient of soils, made with the help of stabilomertov, is a complex, time-consuming and lengthy process, requiring highly skilled staff. The authors have developed a device for determining the lateral pressure coefficient of soils, the principle of which is to load a soil sample with a design normal load, perform rotational sections of the soil sample along the end and lateral surfaces and calculate the lateral pressure coefficient of soils according to the obtained tangential stress values corresponding to – on the end and side surfaces. The device simplifies and increases productivity, reduces material and labor costs and reduces the cost of testing.

Keywords: soil sample, normal load, tangential load, rotational shear, lateral pressure ratio.

Noise reduction of boiler equipment on the roof of multi-storey buildings residential buildings

V.V. Klimenko, K.A. Akopyan, E.A. Fedotova

Such factors as the lack of necessary infrastructure, the lack of territory for the location of boilers, the possibility of reducing engineering networks, have led to the fact that in the projects of modern multi-storey residential buildings are often present premises, which houses equipment for heat generation, providing heating and hot water supply of the building. As a rule, such premises are located in technical floors and on the roofs of buildings. The equipment of such roof boilers is a source of increased levels of noise pollution. In this regard, often in the residential premises of the upper floors of buildings are observed exceeding the permissible levels of sound and sound pressure.
The article is devoted to the review of the problem of the use of roof boilers and the work carried out to reduce the noise of technological equipment of the roof boiler house in the residential premises of the building.

Keywords: process equipment, roof boiler, sound pressure levels, sound levels, noise absorption, noise protection measures, air noise, structural noise.

Rationale for the reliability of equipment operation for hydronamic of non-construction materials

S.M. Kuznetsov, D.V. Piskun, N.A. Shipilova, V.V. Shipilov

The article outlines the main provisions of the rationale for the risk of the equipment working for the pouring of stacks of non-metallic building materials by the method of hydromechanization. For a probabilistic assessment of the reliability of the operation of the equipment for hydraulic leach of non-metallic building materials, a database was created based on the results of full-scale tests. Only the main complex indicators of reliability.

Keywords: technical reliability, full-scale testing, hydromechanization.

Models of technical reliability of single-boiler excavators

S.M. Kuznetsov, N.A. Shipilova, E.A. Ivanova, Y.O. Zaika

In the article models of indicators of reliability of work of odnokovshovyh excavators are considered, the analysis of methods of research of influence of one or several independent variables is presented. The information collected in the database allowed us to construct regression equations and determine the significance of factors for models.

Keywords: Reliability indicators, regression equations, one-bucket excavators, full-scale tests.

About the work of burable piles in clay soils

P.A. Lyashenko, V.V. Denisenko, M.B. Marinichev

The data of field tests of static load of bored piles are analyzed in order to identify the general patterns of resistance of clay soils. Several tens of piles of different sizes, which were tested according to the standard procedure by large stages of the pressing force with the exposure of each stage to the stabilization of the settlement, and two piles loaded with a constant average rate by smaller steps are considered. In all cases, an increase in the “rate” and “acceleration” of the pile’s settlement by the pressing force was revealed. The characteristic point for the control of the test process and the correlation of the settlement at this point with the logarithm of the “rate” of settlement and the size of the pile are revealed.

Keywords: bored piles, static load, settlement, "rate" of settlement, "acceleration" of settlement, constantly increasing load.

Assesment of the work of dividing geotechnical barrier between the fundaments of close located buildings in Midas GTS NX programming compleх

A.I. Polishchuk, A.S. Mezhakov

We consider the vertical movement of the basement of an existing, long-term operated building (more than 20 years of service life) on clay soils. In the immediate vicinity of the building in question, a new building is under construction at a distance of 3 m in the light. The foundations of both buildings are slabs of monolithic reinforced concrete. The calculation revealed additional precipitation of the foundation of the existing building from the influence of the new (neighboring) construction. An approach to modeling the operation of the separation geotechnical barrier, which is arranged from ground-cement piles between building foundations, is proposed. The modeling of the barrier is performed at the stage of numerical studies of additional sediments of the foundations of an existing building. At the same time, the processes of repeated (compensatory) injection of cement (cement-sand) mortar into the ground of the base are taken into account in order to increase the rigidity of the geotechnical barrier. Numerical studies of the sediments of the foundations of buildings and their additional increments (additional precipitations) were carried out in the PC Midas GTS NX. According to the research results, the effectiveness of the geotechnical barrier between the foundations of closely located buildings is assessed.

Keywords: foundation settlements, closely located buildings, geotechnical dividing barrier, clay base soils, soil-cement piles.

Models of monolith construction of buildings in China

N.A. Shipilova, S.M. Kuznetsov, N.M. Kandaurova, M.S. Arutunyan

The article proposes an algorithm for constructing regression equations for assessing organizational and technological solutions based on the creation of information bases for field tests, technical and economic indicators that contribute to the optimization of organizational and technological solutions. characteristics of one-factor models of unit cost are given. a multifactor mathematical model of the unit cost of work is shown and the significance of all its factors is shown, the characteristics of the multifactor mathematical model of unit cost of work are given. To compare the influence of factors and establish the relative importance of each of them (the significance of a variable), rationing of regression coefficients was used. The program “Modell” was used to build regression equations, which was tested in 1982 – 1989 when solving various research problems. With the help of this algorithm, it is possible to construct models of the main indicators of samples of field tests. This will make it possible to reliably predict the production time of construction and installation works at the design stage of construction.

Keywords: regression equations, step method, statistics.

Forecasting the efficiency of new materials and constructions

N.A. Shipilova, E.M. Shihlerova, M.S. Arutunyan, N.M. Gorbunev

This article presents the results of a study to determine the rational use areas of reinforcement in prefabricated reinforced concrete structures of industrial buildings. The task of determining the areas of rational use of reinforcing steels in traditional designs of coatings was solved using a database. For each type of reinforcement, for the entire range of design loads, structures with minimal discounted costs were selected from the base. For selected products, discounted cost graphs were constructed. The main indicator in determining the efficiency of use for the production of concrete products of various types of steel and concrete is to use discounted integral costs, which allows us to evaluate the choice of certain materials, taking into account the allocation of funds for the development of related industries: hardware, metallurgical, building materials. This problem can be solved with the help of the created database and the developed software.

Keywords: discounted costs, industrial buildings, reinforced concrete structures.

System authorization and authentication with improved security

V.A. Atroshchenko, N.D. Chiglicova, M.V. Sapovskii

To implement the security of information systems, cryptographic transformations, various random States or entire sequences are used. The proposed system can improve the security of the information system and accurately identify the user in it, but slightly increases the time of identification and authorization of the user.

Keywords: authorization system, authentication system, improved security.

Automated system of training in information security organizations

A.V. Vlasenko, I.A. Kork, A.A. Levchenko

The Work is devoted to the systematization of information about the methods, means and conditions of successful attacks on the most vulnerable segment of the information system of modern digital society – man. A comparative analysis of classical information security and social engineering is given. A prototype of an automated system for instructing on information security of the organization is presented. The software product has a modular structure, which allows its use in various structural units, up to the body of cryptographic protection.

Keywords: social engineering, instruction, information security.

Algorithm of chamber furnace management in the media MasterSCADA

S.P. Glushko, D.A. Gobzev

The article describes the software of the control system of the chamber furnace intended for the heat treatment of metal, metal-ceramic and ceramic materials at temperatures up to 1500 ° C. The developed algorithm and the program fully performs the task of managing the heat treatment process. An operator interface based on the SCADA system was developed for statistical accounting, data processing and ensuring the regulation of the parameters of the chamber furnace operation.

Keywords: chamber furnace, heat treatment, automated control system, technological process, programmable logic controller, MasterSCADA.

Determination method of optimal prediction algorithms based on artificial neural network

YU.V. Dubenko, E.E. Dyshkant

The forecasting subsystem is one of the most important components of the intelligent control system, influencing the final choice of control actions. The level of effectiveness of the forecasting subsystem depends on the selected forecasting algorithms. Thus, uncertainty in the choice of forecasting algorithm helps to reduce the probability of obtaining the optimal forecast and, as a result, leads to a decrease in the reliability of the control system as a whole. This fact allows us to conclude about the high relevance of the problem of determining the optimal prediction algorithms.

Keywords: optimal forecasting algorithms, artificial neural networks.

A hash function is a random bit for the national language in the task of word processing

V.N. Markov

The article proposes a hash function of arbitrary bit width, adapted for the Russian language. Using this function will allow you to create dictionaries of text processing systems of the minimum size with the allowable number of collisions.

Keywords: hash function, hash table, code page, hashing collisions, the density distribution of the hash values, the frequency of letters.

Separator for oil processing of a complete construction and its temperature field

A.Y. Kashin, L.E. Kopelevich, A.V. Samorodov, V.A. Kim, K.Z. Artenian

The article provides the engine-separator design of the combined design developed for oil refining. A method for separating oil is described based on the use of a combined engine-separator design, using losses in the rotor-separator drum as “heating” losses for heating the separation product in the separator drum, and using the energy losses emitted by the core and stator winding of the separator engine for preheating the separation product; considered issues related to the construction of the temperature field of the machine in order to improve the design of the machine and reduce energy consumption.

Keywords: centrifugal separator, oil separation, engine-separator.

Identification parameters of multiphase converter of current for relay protection of electric systems

B.A. Korobeinikov, A.G. Pechenkin, G.A. Zakharov, A.M. Smagliev

This article discusses the identification of the parameters of the measuring body of relay protection based on new multiphase current converters with a short-circuited winding. According to the solving results optimization problems, the necessary parameters to create a MCC, which can be used for relay protection, are calculated. The influence of the winding errors of the primary windings of the MCC on the formation of a multi-phase system of output voltages was evaluated.

Keywords: relay protection, measuring body, electrical signal converter, short-circuited winding.

Increase of efficiency of determination of place of single-phase input in power cables

G.A. Kirillov, YA.M. Kashin

An analysis is made of the existing methods for determining the location of cable damage and the device design developed by the authors, which makes it possible to improve the accuracy of determining the location of a single-phase phase fault on a power cable jacket

Keywords: phase, power cable, circuit, signal, frequency, selector, a pair of currents.

Development of a method for calculating the performance of a complex within the crushing design-integrated electric drive

S.A. Popov, V.E. Nechesov

The design developed by the authors is constructively – an integrated electric drive for the grinding complex, which allows to grind the product with higher quality with the possibility of changing the degree of grinding. A method developed by the authors for calculating the performance of a grinding complex with a structurally integrated electric drive is presented.

Keywords: stator, rotor, structurally integrated electric drive, performance, Arnold's constant, efficiency.
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