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Digital transformation of work results (SOU) by transport and their factor analysis

V.A. Avdzhiyan, E.A. Lebedev, A.S. Yagubyan

The authors present the processes of the transport logistics of distribution companies. It shows the possibility of digital transformation of performance indicators and their assessment by the degree of influence on the processes, using factor analysis. They propose directions for the development and improvement of the operation of the transportation management system.

Keywords: digital transformation, factor, analysis, correlation, multiplicative effect, vector.

Simulation of vibrating process of bulk material

A.V. Arhipenko, A.D. Nirov

The process of vibrotransporting bulk materials is described. An experimental setup is described. The designs of the developed strain gauges are described. An experimental procedure and experimental diagrams are given. It is concluded that the normal reaction of the layer of the material and the vacuum in the sublayer space depend on the phases of the motion of the vibrated layer of crushed lime, quartz sand and river sand. The simulation of the process of vibrotransporting bulk materials was carried out using the STATISTICA package. An experiment planning matrix is given. It is concluded that there is insufficient experimental data and an extended experimental planning matrix is given. Obtained regression equations describing the process of vibrotransporting crushed lime, quartz sand and river sand. Three-dimensional graphs of the dependence of the rate of vibration transport on the amplitude and frequency of oscillations are constructed for powdery materials with a high content of dust-like particles, for powdery materials with a low content of dusty particles, and for fine-grained materials. The conclusion is made about the most favorable vibration parameters.

Keywords: vibrotransport, vibrolay material, phases of motion, underlayer rarefaction, STATISTICA.

Measures to protect the design of the gas pipeline-branch to gas-distributing station from emergency situations of technogenic character

S.D. Burlaka, K.D. Kot

The article deals with the main characteristics of the zones of impact of damaging factors of accidents, hazardous natural processes and phenomena that can lead to an emergency of man-made or natural character, both on the designed object and beyond. In order to reduce the probability of accidents and ensure safe working conditions, the necessary measures have been developed to identify and prevent the causes of possible accidents, to reduce the risk from natural and man-made impacts.

Keywords: emergency, accident, gas pipeline, damaging factors, technogenic load, explosion, fire hazard.

The influence of concentration of components exhibiting acid properties, nuclear-magnetic relaxation characteristics of rapeseed lecithins

E.P. Viktorova, T.A. Shakhrai, O.S. Agafonov, S.M. Prudnikov, O.S. Vorontsova

The article presents the results of the study of the influence of the content of components exhibiting acidic properties on the of nuclear magnetic relaxation (NMR) characteristics of liquid rapeseed lecithins to identify the possibility of using these characteristics as an analytical parameter for determining the acid number of lecithins. It is established that the values of any of the characteristics of NMR (spin-spin relaxation and amplitudes of NMR signals) of the protons of the lecithins as an analytical parameter for the determination of the acid number cannot be selected. determination of the acid number of the lecithins with application of a pulse method of nuclear magnetic resonance is only possible by special preparation of the sample, allowing to provide the difference in values of NMR characteristics of the protons of free fatty acids and triacylglycerols protons and protons of phospholipids exhibiting acidic properties of protons and other groups of phospholipids.

Keywords: rapeseed lecithins, components exhibiting acidic properties, protons, NMR characteristics, spin-spin relaxation time, amplitude of nuclear magnetic relaxation signals.

Noise protection rail transport in the citiesfor its reduction

V.A. Gorin, V.V. Klimenko, YU.S. Akulinina

The results of studies of the levels of noise pollution in near trunk road in residential districts of Krasnodar in the movement of urban rail transport. The zones of acoustic discomfort from the actions of tram and mixed traffic flows are determined. The factors affecting the excess of noise characteristics of urban rail transport are revealed. Measures to reduce the noise of tram traffic flows are given.

Keywords: Traffic flow, tram, sound levels, noise characteristics, the area near trunk road, residential development, noise reduction measures.

Assessment of traffic noise in a large city and measures for its reduction

V.A. Gorin, V.V. Klimenko, V.A. Polozyuk

Noise protection of residential buildings is one of the main factors required in the design, reconstruction and construction of modern cities. The greatest excess levels of noise pollution in urban development belong to transport (air transport, Railways, road network). On the example of development of Krasnodar the estimation of noise of the main highways of the street and road network is given. Measures to reduce the noise of road transport in the main areas of residential development are given.

Keywords: Transport noise, noise characteristic, equivalent sound levels, noise protection measures.

Modeling of automotive systems climate control systems control with fuzzy logic using Matlab

D.A. Gorokhov

Creating an educational and laboratory base in conditions of limited funding that does not require significant costs is an urgent task. This task is being solved by using various computer simulation systems. The article deals with the problem of modeling the automotive climate control system as a control system with fuzzy logic using the Matlab program. In the course of the simulation, results were obtained that allow us to conclude that the developed model of the automotive climate control system allows us to study the principle of automatic temperature stabilization in the passenger compartment.

Keywords: automotive climate control system, linguistic variable, term, production rule.

Modeling of battery ignition system of a car

D.A. Gorokhov

Creation of educational-laboratory base with limited funding that does not require significant costs, is an urgent task. This problem is currently being addressed through the use of different simulators. In the article the problem of research of working principle of battery ignition system with the system of computer simulation Multisim. The simulation results have been obtained, allowing to conclude that the developed model of battery ignition system allows you to learn the principle of its work and the work of its constituent elements in different modes.

Keywords: battery ignition system, ignition coil, transistor switch, transistor, diode, Zener diode, resistor, capacitor, inductor.

New level of use of BIM-technology in construction

D.A. Gura, I.R. Postuzhnaya

This article reviews the BIM-technologies and a new level of their use. BIM (Building Information Modeling or Building Information Model) – information modeling of a building or information model of a building. The article also talks about many features of industrial design, which must be taken into account. Information is given on some of the problems associated with designing with the help of new technologies, and ways of their elimination are given.

Keywords: BIM-technologies, BIM-model, design, features, new level.

Research of the influence of sepia, grayscale, threshold filters on latency self-hosted web server

I.S. Dautova, S.Y. Balanda

There is a large number of image processing services. One of the most commonly used form of processing is the imposition of filters. Each of the filters affects the performance of Web services. This influence can be so great that it will be almost impossible to use the service. One of the parameters for assessing the performance of the server on which this service will work is latency. Latency is any kind of delay during the execution of the specified operations.
The image processing service is under heavy load, so it is important that it works as quickly as possible. The faster each request is processed, the better. Therefore, latency is an important indicator when evaluating server performance. This article examines the effect of sepia, grayscale, threshold filters on the latency self-hosted web server implemented in high-level language C # . The main stages in the study were: Implementing a multi-threaded self-hosted Web server in a high-level C # language; Implementation of filter algorithms sepia, grayscale, threshold; choice of environment for stress testing; implementation of load testing. Under the object of research will understand the multi-threaded self-hosted web server in the high-level language C # and implemented on it algorithms for filters sepia, grayscale, threshold. The subject of the study is the Apache JMeter load testing tool.

Keywords: filter, sepia, grayscale, threshold, self-hosted, web server, load testing.

Ways to improve the quality and performance of selection monolites of banding grounds from
drilling wells added grounds

V.V. Denisenko, P.A. Lyashenko

The existing indented soil feeders for the selection of monoliths of soils from boreholes do not always satisfy the requirements for the quality of the selection of monoliths of soils, in particular, subsiding soils. The ways to improve the quality and productivity of the selection of monoliths of subsiding soils from boreholes by injected groundwater carriers are given, which take into account design and technological factors affecting the quality of the selection of soil monoliths by indented groundwaterways, and a description of the ZG-133 groundwatering probe developed by the authors, confirming the effectiveness of the ways to improve quality and productivity selection of monoliths subsided soils from boreholes pressed by submersibles.

Keywords: subsidence soils, the selection of monoliths of the soil, the natural composition of the soil, indented subsoil, borehole.

Express method for determining limits plasticity of grounds

V.V. Denisenko, P.A. Lyashenko

Of the known methods for determining the limits of plasticity of soils in the production of engineering and construction surveys, the method according to GOST 5180, which is laborious and has many drawbacks, has received the greatest distribution. A rapid method for determining the limits of plasticity of soils is described, which simplifies and accelerates the determination of the limits of plasticity of soils, eliminates the influence of subjective factors on the results, and makes it possible to evaluate the errors of determining the limits of plasticity when testing a single soil, to mechanize and automate the process of determining the plasticity of soils.

Keywords: plasticity limits, soil moisture at the yield point, soil moisture at the rolling boundary.

Analysis of the method of calculating the heat balance of residential apartment buildings

V.T. Ivanchenko, E.V. Basov

Improving the standards of thermal protection of buildings has led to a logical change and the continuation of requirements that affect not only the temperature and humidity conditions of buildings, but also the accounting for transmission heat losses. In this article, the authors present a comparative description of the methods for estimating the heat balance using the example of a residential apartment building in the city of Krasnodar. The problems of calculating the thermal protection of buildings are considered. Indicators of the annual consumption of heat energy through the external enclosing structures of the building during the heating period are given, depending on the minimum requirements for the level of thermal protection of the enclosing structures.

Keywords: energy efficiency, thermal protection of buildings, heat transfer resistance, linear elements, point elements.

The calculation of the geosynthetic materials reinforcement of embankments of roads to reflect the changes in the stress-strain state during construction

R.A. Korolkov, P.S. Kovalenko

The article is devoted to the design method development of the highway embankment slopes reinforced by geosynthetical materials taking into account the deflected mode change of their construction. At the present stage one of the promising trends of the construction period reduction, structure strength provision, and built-on areas reduction is soil constructions reinforced by geosynthetical materials. In the course of study a mathematical model of the roadbed deflected mode taking into account the changes in the construction of highway embankments is developed. New calculating dependences for the required quantity of the reinforced geosynthetical layers calculation and the length determination of the geosynthetical laying in the embankment taking into account the changes of its deflected mode are obtained. The design method and design procedure of the required reinforcement for embankment slopes regulation taking into account the changes of their deflected mode are developed. The technique allows to reason engineering decisions on the reinforcement of the highway embankment slopes avoiding laborious calculation on the circular cylindrical sliding surface method.

Keywords: highway, slope, geosynthetical materials, reinforcement.

Calculation of the composition of the azeotrop in the medium Hysys by means of the NRTL method of a three-component mixture “water – ethanol – toluol”


The data on the phase equilibrium in the vapor – liquid and vapor – liquid – liquid systems in binary mixtures ethanol – toluene and toluene – water are presented. The NRTL method was used to determine the component activity ratios. The composition of azeotropic compounds in the modeling environment of complex chemical-technological systems Hysys for binary mixtures ethanol – toluene, toluene – water and a three-component mixture water – ethanol – toluene was calculated. The calculated data are compared with the known experimental data. Good quality matching is shown. A method for calculating the composition of the azeotrope in the Hysys medium is proposed. The calculation of the vapor pressure of the components is made using the Antoine equation. The Antoine constants and the parameters of the binary energy interaction between the molecules of the components of the NRTL model are given.

Keywords: azeotrope, phase equilibrium, water-ethanol-toluene.

Calculation of the composition of negative azeotrop binary mix in in the medium Hysys

T.G. Korotkova

The results of phase equilibrium modeling in the Borland Pascal programming language in the vapor – liquid system in binary azeotropic mixtures 1-pentanol – propionic acid and water – formic acid, which are systems with negative azeotrope, are presented. The equilibrium description was performed using the NRTL method. A method of searching for a negative azeotrope in the environment of complex chemical-technological systems Hysys is proposed. The results of the calculations are presented in tabular and graphical forms. The obtained calculated values of the compositions of negative azeotropes are compared with experimental literature data. Good quality matching is shown. It was concluded that the use of the in the medium Hysys for the search for negative azeotropes simplifies the programming procedure and significantly reduces the cost of machine time.

Keywords: negative azeotrope, phase equilibrium, modeling, water - formic acid, 1-pentanol - propionic acid.

Trusting intervals of models of technical reliability of single-storage excavators

S.M. Kuznetsov, N.A. Shipilova, A.V. Denisov, V.V. Shipilov

Confidential intervals of reliability indicators for single bucket excavators are considered in the article. Confidence intervals for the regression equation are constructed. A general estimate of the mean value of the population with the probability P (t) is recorded.

Keywords: Reliability indicators, single bucket excavators, full-scale tests.

Influence of route transport crossings on the passage capacity of stop points

E.A. Lebedev, A.S. Yagubyan, V.A. Avdzhiyan

The authors cite particularities that must be taken into account when organizing the work of route vehicles (MTS) on the routes of urban public transport vehicles (GPTOP). Show the importance of engineering arrangement of stopping points (OP) routes and the choice of their location relative to the regulated and unregulated traffic intersections. Propose and justify the need to regulate the intensity of the movement of MTS through the OP.

Keywords: route, stopping point, capacity, bus delays, mutual interference.

Bases of the organization and management of the logistics system of passenger transportations

E.A. Lebedev, A.S. Yagubyan, V.A. Avdzhiyan

The authors present features of the development of public passenger transport. They show the stratified structure of the logistics system of passenger transportation and its functional purpose. Attention is drawn to the importance of creating an information model and using modern information and computer technologies in organizing the management of passenger transport.

Keywords: transport, passengers, quality of service, integral indicator, stratification, logistics.

Static analysis for developing effective commercial platform for a group of companies

M.P. Malykhina, D.C.N. Chiquengue

This study examined the statistical analysis for the relevance and operability of online stores to create a modern commercial platform for a group of companies active in underdeveloped or developing countries. In modern society, every enterprise is connected to a worldwide computer network. With the help of global, regional and global networks important information is transmitted. Currently it is the most effective way of functioning of organizations. With the help of information technology significantly expanded the capabilities of organizations. Based on this study, it was found that, although many citizens regularly use the global Internet in developing regions, basic technology services are not yet widely represented. One of them, the presence of an online store, so that citizens can make purchases without leaving home.

Keywords: questioning, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling, electronic commerce.

The accident rate in the installation of bridge structures

O.V. Melekhina, M.V. Lomov, M.A. Khamula

Accidents during the installation of bridge structures cause serious economic damage, affect the environment and pose a threat to human life and health. Installation of bridge structures is carried out using lifting machines and mechanisms. Shortcomings made in the design, interact with errors in installation, quality of materials, not proper operation, which lead to an accident at a certain time. The tree of failures of the bridge crane is constructed. The probability of failure of the longitudinal beam is established. To reduce the accident rate during the installation of bridge structures, it is necessary to control the design and production works, the technical condition of lifting mechanisms, safety training.

Keywords: bridge structures, accidents, Installation of building structures, causes of accidents and accidents, failure of structural elements of lifting mechanisms.

Analysis of physical and mechanical properties of melon seeds, important in their preparation for oil and cake

G.KH. Mirzozoda

A comparative analysis of the physical and mechanical properties of melon seeds, important in the development of equipment for their purification and collapse in preparation for the production of oil and cake by pressing method. It is established that the linear dimensions of melon and watermelon seeds significantly affect the average specific work of destruction. It is recommended to calibrate melon and watermelon seeds and separately to bring down each fraction, which allows to reduce energy costs for the process and improve the quality of the obtained rushanka.

Keywords: melon seeds, physical and mechanical properties, specific work of destruction.

Robotic engineering in construction

G.V.Mikheev, E.D.Yanovskaya

Presently, when construction takes a lot of time and demands big labor costs and monetary investments, relevant is a use of new technologies and highly efficient construction materials which are resource-saving and also save labor of workers-builders. Engineers from different countries are working on the creation or improvement of robotic technology, contributing to partially or completely replace human labor in the construction of buildings or structures. These developments radically change the approach to construction. Robots significantly reduce the duration of construction time, as its can work around the clock, perform constructive and aesthetically complex tasks. Also, robots can work in hard to reach and dangerous, to find a person, places. At dismantling works relieve builders to breathe harmful substances. The introduction of modern robotic technology will help to build buildings of substandard forms.

Keywords: robotics, construction, modern technologies, robots in construction.

To division of no-load operation losses of the electric motor by a tangent line method

A.V. Nesterov, S.V. Nesterov

In work the computing aspect of a method of a tangent at division of losses of the electric motor is investigated. It is shown that the standard procedure results in rough results which error at the same time it is even not possible to estimate as computation process is absent. Data interpretation is carried out manually graphically. The received characteristics estimate” approximately”. For upgrading of result it is offered to process empirical datas analytically. On an example the effectiveness of the classical regression analysis is shown. Square approximation of no-load characteristics of the electric motor is carried out by a method of least squares. The collateral solution of the equation of regression and the equation of a tangent gives the required power of mechanical losses. All computation process is automated on the basis of a package of the Statistics Toolbox expansion of a system of computer mathematics MATLAB. Results of calculations are given.

Keywords: test of electrical machines, division of a no-load operation losses of the electric motor, tangent line method, regression analysis.

Comparative analysis of some properties of seeds gymnosperms pumpkin as the object of drying

A.D. Novozhenova

Analyzed generic properties of seeds gymnosperms pumpkin as objects of convective drying and infrared treatment. On the basis of experimental data of convective drying of seeds of gymnosperm pumpkin dependences for calculation of drying time are received. It is shown that in seeds gymnosperms pumpkin at the infrared processing temperature regime significantly affects the fractional composition of proteins, the nature of the change, which is analogous to the heat treatment of melon seeds, soybean and flax, as well as cotton seed.

Keywords: seeds gymnosperms pumpkin, convectional drying, rate of drying, time of drying, infrared processing, the fractional composition of proteins.

Introduction to the BIM concept

T.A. Romanova, I.R. Postuzhnaya, I.G. Markovskii

This article introduces the BIM concept. BIM (Building Information Modeling or Building Information Model) – information modeling of a building or information model of a building. The article describes what includes the concept of information modeling and what lies at its basis.

Keywords: BIM-technologies, BIM-model, design, construction, concept.

Cloud storage: types, selection parameters, protective measures

V.A. Chastikova, T.G. Dinmukhametov, S.S. Petrova

This article provides an overview of the most popular cloud services in recent times, their advantages and features. The main types of cloud storage and typical scenarios for their use are considered. Key parameters of cloud selection are indicated. Common threats of cloud computing and measures to ensure the protection of information in them are analyzed.

Keywords: cloud computing, criterias of choice, security threats, cloud computing security.

Aquifer thermal energy storage

M.A. Chubarov, A.A. Shikhovtsov

The rational distribution of energy resources, the development and use of energy-saving technologies today is one of the most important areas of the energy policy of developing countries. The Ministry of Energy of Russia for the period until 2030 set a goal to achieve a reliable supply of heat to the population of the country and industrial enterprises, as well as to ensure the sustainable development of the industry on the foundation of modern technologies. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to reform the heat supply policy of enterprises and cities in terms of decentralization in order to reduce costs and improve the reliability of heat supply for the transfer of thermal energy. One of the ways to solve this problem is the large-scale use of aquifer thermal energy storage systems.

Keywords: thermal energy, aquifer, heat pump, low potential heat, accumulating medium.

Indicators of technical reliability of single-boiler excavators

N.A. Shipilova, M.S. Arutyunyan, A.I. Esina, S.M. Kuznetsov

In the article, only the main complex indicators of reliability are considered: the availability factor (Kg), the operational readiness coefficient, the technical utilization coefficient, the efficiency preservation coefficient. The logical and mathematical processing of statistical information was carried out.

Keywords: Reliability indicators, single bucket excavators, full-scale tests.

Indicators of technical reliability of single-boiler excavators

N.A. Shipilov, A.I. Esina, S.M. Kuznetsov

The article outlines the main provisions of the rationale for the risk of the equipment working for the pouring of stacks of non-metallic building materials by the method of hydromechanization.

Keywords: Confidence interval, full-scale tests, hydromechanization.

Protective earth, as the electrical drilling rig

V.V. Engovatova, Gaidamashko A.I., G.N. Maslyaeva, G.I. Deikun

The article presents the classification of power equipment of drilling rigs (BU) with the indication of protective measures to ensure its safe operation and reliability. The purpose of electrical equipment is listed BU. Specified electrical equipment, which is mandatory, must be grounded, as well as the types of grounding indicating their connections to the equipment. Special attention is paid to the observance of conditions for grounding of exposed conductive parts that are connected by the IT system . The avoiding series connection in the ground wire of the n-th number of earthing items and given the consequences of this inclusion. Information on grounding of lamps and electric lighting fittings, and also pipelines is given. Positions at grounding of electric equipment which can be defined only by means of calculations are specified. The measures that must be followed in case of corrosion of grounding devices are listed. Information on laying horizontal grounding conductors in the ground is given.

Keywords: grounded drilling rig, natural ground, artificial ground, protection of electric equipment of drilling rig.

Directions of housing construction development in Krasnodar

E.D. Yanovskaya, A.A. Shikhovtsov

The question of the choice housing appears in each person, at least once in a lifetime. And in these moments there are questions: “Where to buy?”, “What should be the material at home?”, As well questions related to the cost. This article describes the answers to these questions, tied to the city of Krasnodar. A comparative analysis of the development areas of the city. It is revealed that the main types of building of the city are: brick-monolithic and block construction. Also, a comparative analysis of the characteristics of these two types of construction. The main positive and negative sides of both brick-monolithic and block construction are revealed. Further the conclusion is made about which type of construction is the most relevant and with which this is connected.

Keywords: construction, areas, Krasnodar, brick-monolithic, large-block, building, analysis, comparison.

Metrological support of production: new paradigm

I.T. Zaika

The article deals with topical issues related to the implementation of the Strategy for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the Russian Federation until 2025, approved by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 19, 2017 No. 737-p. The analysis of the distribution of state regulation in the field of measurement unity in relation to the priority directions of development of science, technology and critical technologies of the Russian Federation has been carried out. The questions of the organization of the metrological support of production in the digital economy. The problems and difficulties of upgrading the reference base, the state of the instrument-making industry are indicated.

Keywords: unity of measurements, priority directions, instrument making, reference base, metrological support, metrological service.

To the question about the history and development of Kalininsky district

A.S. Bochkareva , A.S. Suminov

The article deals with the historical aspects of the formation and development of the Kalinin district. It is said that the history of the village Kalinin (Popovichevskaya) originates from the resettlement of the black sea Cossack army. Almost half of the population of this region lives in the two largest, equal in population, villages Kalinin and Starovelichkovskaya Attraction Kalinin district are mainly peculiar water resources.
It is emphasized that local history is one of the leading places in the work of libraries of the Kalinin district. Special attention is paid to the preservation and study of historical heritage, the knowledge of which is necessary for a new generation to form a national identity. It is concluded that the study of the history of the Kalinin district of Krasnodar region is quite problematic issues, since most sources – reference material.

Keywords: historical heritage, libraries, local history, Kalininsky district.

The history of village otradnaya of Krasnodar territory

A.V. Buchelnikov, M.A. Lavrentieva

The article deals with the issues related to the emergence and development of the village Otradnaya Krasnodar region. It is said that the village was founded in 1857 on behalf of Emperor Alexander II on the site of the destroyed Adygei village. Initially, the village was called Ust-Tesinska. The article emphasizes that, despite the fact that the main population were representatives of the don Cossacks, the Polish and French revolutionary Yaroslav Dombrovsky is considered to be the founder of the settlement. Considerable attention is paid to Mikhail Nikolayevich Lozhkin, who made a huge contribution to the study of the history of the Gratifying and wonderful Opera singer Vasily Petrovich Damaev, who were born in the village. It is concluded that at present, the outstanding residents of the village of Otradnaya, who made a great contribution to the cultural development of Russia are not forgotten. Children’s music school in the art. Otradnaya is named after the famous countryman-Vasily Petrovich Damaev. In honor of Mikhail Lozhkin named local history Museum

Keywords: Otradnaya village, Mikhail Lozhkin, Damaev Vasily Petrovich, Krasnodar region, historical and cultural monuments.

To the question of cross-cultural and international interaction in the years of the great patriotic war (based on sources of personal origin)

I.I. Gaevskaya, M.A. Lavrent'eva

The theme of the great Patriotic war remains relevant for researchers, despite the more than 70 years that have passed since its end. New sources are introduced into scientific circulation, accents are shifted, works appear at the junction of several scientific disciplines. In the era of globalization, actual problems of intercultural communication, which, undoubtedly, has historical roots. The article examines the issues of intercultural and interethnic interaction of the soldiers of the red army liberated the peoples of Eastern Europe in the years of the great Patriotic war. Based on the analysis of sources of personal origin conclusions about the degree of understanding and perception of “alien” culture, providing specific examples of situations of intercultural communication in extreme conditions of war, why complicating building positive intercultural and interethnic relations.

Keywords: Great Patriotic war, intercultural communication, culture, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Romania, Hungary.

Analysis of the main changes in the procedure of carrying out public hearings and public discussions

A.U. Glushkova, A.V. Osennyaya, I.S. Gribkova, A.A. Kolomytsev

As one of forms of participation of the citizens of the Russian Federation in decision-making concerning questions of local value the institute of public hearings is provided; a concept which purpose and ways of implementation reveal both in federal regulations, and in municipal. Since January 1, 2018 came into change force in the Town-planning code according to which possibilities of participation of citizens in decision-making in the field of town-planning activity change, and a number of problems complicating implementation of a main goal of public hearings – identification and accounting of opinion of the population is also fixed. Article considers the main legislative changes in the procedure of carrying out public hearings and public discussions enshrined in Article 5.1 of the Town-planning Code of the Russian Federation analyzes positive dynamics of development of institute, opens.

Keywords: public hearings, public discussions, rules of land use and building.

Personnel remuneration policy for the purpose of improving product quality

M.V. Dvadnenko, A.K. Prokopeva

The article reviews and analyzes the methods of material and non-material remuneration. According to the results of the analysis, it can be noted that the material and non-financial motivation of the staff has a positive effect on the quality of industrial products and services in the services sector.

Keywords: personnel management, organization, remuneration, material moivation, non-material motivation, quality management, product quality analysis, analysis, QMS, ISO 9000.

From history of origin and development of motorsports and racing automotive industry in Russia

A.S. Bochkareva, D.A. Lavrov

The article deals with the main issues of the history of auto racing in Russia. The first races and their results are described and characterized. It is told about their participants, about the first winners and Champions. The authors provide information about the speed records, described the cars on which they are delivered. In General, we are talking about the achievements of the Soviet Motorsport and the Russian automotive industry. The results of the best athletes-racers. It is concluded that for almost a hundred years the racing movement has been actively developed and improved. Despite all difficulties, there were new cars and racing cars which had impressive characteristics, competitions were held and there were all new car clubs and workshops.

Keywords: auto-moto sport, race cars, records, Formula, sports car racers, auto industry.

The organisation managing the individual movements of passengers: problems and ways of their solving

E.A. Lebedev, N.A. Vasilev

Taxis have become an essential means of transportation in the city. With the emergence of this type of business has significantly increased the number of illegal operators. This negative impact is affecting as the passengers and direct carrier (drivers). The aim of the study is to increase the motivation of individual participation in legitimate passengers. The object of study is the individual market segment of passenger transport on the territory of Krasnodar Krai. Subject of research: the step-by-step Process of legalization of individual passengers. Tasks: 1. Systematization of requirements for drivers and taxis; 2. formation of the ways of obtaining the status of an individual entrepreneur; 3. The selection of the most advantageous tax system; 5. The full cost of service cash register and its registration; 4. establishing benefits legalization work carriers.

Keywords: illegal transportation, legalization of a taxi driver.

Analysis of major changes in the rules of land termination and construction of Krasnodar

D.A. Lifentseva, A.V. Osennyaya, I.S. Gribkova, A.A. Kolomytsev

The article considers the main legislative changes in the rules of land use and development of the Krasnodar Territory in Part II of the annex, which concerns town planning regulations. The powers of local governments in the field of urban planning. The rules of land use and development of Krasnodar comply with the requirements of the master plan of Krasnodar. The territorial zoning of the territory of the Western District was corrected by adding umbrellas that are in the master plan and are not in the current version of the PHZ.
The predetermined size of land and their area; minimum indentation from the borders of the plots during their development; maximum number of floors or maximum height of objects; the maximum percentage of development within the site, taking into account the improvement and landscaping. Amendments to the rules of land use and development, introduction of changes to the rules of land use and development Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: territorial zones, land use and development rules, limiting dimensions.

Concept of economic security

G.V. Mikheev, E.A. Derkacheva

The current state of economic space of Russia, and the phenomena occurring in it, precipitantly increase dynamics of economic crimes, the last become more composite and sophisticated. Taking into account operating policy and strategic parameters of fight against economic crimes becomes, it is apparent that the economic space of Russia will amplify attempts of exercise of thefts and corruption. Article is devoted to a research of “economic crime”. Illegal acts against economic system and their formation from various encroachments directed to the criminal relation to property and orders of business activity of various subjects of the relations are revealed.

Keywords: economic crime, phenomenon of economic crime, illegal actions, business space, counteraction to economic crimes.

Private universities on the market of eductional services of Krasnodar region

E.N. Netrebko

The article studies one of the components of the education system of modern Russia – non-state (private) higher education institutions. The factors that contributed to the formation of this sector in Russia in the early 90-ies of XX century were analyzed. In the article the dynamics of changes in the number of private universities and their students in the country and in the Krasnodar region was shown. The source base of the study was statistical data, analytical reports of the government of the Russian Federation, as well as documents posted on the official websites of non-state universities. The analysis showed that the non-state sector of educational services in the region is represented by independent universities and branches of private universities from other regions. In recent years, the number of organizations of both types has decreased significantly. Only a few provide the entire cycle of educational services (continuing education system): from the secondary professional level to the training of highly qualified personnel (postgraduate). When choosing the directions of training, the management of private universities is forced to focus more on the consumer demand for the regional labor market.

Keywords: education system, private universities, efficiency of activity.

Problems ensuring sustainable development of the construction industry

E.V. Solovyova, E.D. Yanovskaya

Sustainable development has affected all spheres of human activity, and the construction industry is no exception. The process of development of housing construction is also aimed at creating a favorable life, rational land use, requires a comprehensive implementation of organizational, technological, legal and industrial activities. To implement these measures, the state program “Integrated and sustainable development of the Krasnodar region in the field of construction and architecture” has been created, which has a number of sub-programs aimed at increasing the construction products, improving the availability of housing, providing housing with communications and infrastructure.

Keywords: sustainable development, construction industry, state program, construction, housing, problems, problem solving.

The role of public relations in the environmental sphere (on the example of a global forum of convergent and natural-like technologies)

A.A. Aroyants, V.V. Zavgorodnyaya

The article discusses the role of public relations in the field of ecology. In this perspective, the PR toolkit is of particular interest. It is used by organizations to draw public attention to contemporary environmental problems and to inform about ways to solve environmental problems. In addition, the article describes the main and largest environmental organizations of our time, which have a tremendous impact on the preservation of the environment.

Keywords: public relations, ecology, PR, global problems, environmental organizations, convergent and nature-like technologies, forum.

Intercultural communications: issues of actualization and development in the modern world

N.Z. Baymurzayeva

The article is devoted to the problem of intercultural communication, understood as a complex multi-faceted process of interaction between cultures and their representatives, resulting in the development of various cultural spaces and units, there is an expansion of their socio-cultural and political opportunities. Intercultural communication is also presented in the work as a form of organization of socio-cultural space, as a special state of society, characterized by readiness for intercultural dialogue and directly by intercultural interaction. The author considers the concept of «intercultural communication» from the standpoint of the significance of actualization in the modern world, starting from the views of Foreign researchers E. Hall and G. Traiger in its defining characteristics. The article focuses on the features of intercultural communication; emphasizes the relationship between the concepts of «intercultural communication» and «cultural exchange»; explains the reasons for the actualization of the development of intercultural contacts in our days; denotes the role of «intercultural communication» in the historical development of the regions, and, in particular, Dagestan. The author identifies macro- and microlevels of intercultural communication processes; characterizes the concepts of «macrocultures» and «microcultures», «intercultural competence» and «intercultural competence»; identifies the possibility of an integrative type of culture, the creation of which in modern conditions of globalization is of great importance. The work was carried out under the supervision of candidate of historical Sciences V.V. Bondareva.

Keywords: intercultural communication, globalization, cultural exchange, macroculture, microculture, intercultural competence, intercultural competence, integrative type of culture.

Technology logo

N.Z. Baymurzayev, E.V. Сhekmeneva

The article is devoted to the problems of creating a company logo as one of the main elements of corporate identity. The logo as a means of internal communication promotes the rapprochement of the company’s employees. The logo has its own functions that serve for the prosperity of business in the market of goods and services. The main programs for creating logos are considered.

Keywords: logo, corporate identity, color, font, company image, brand, technology, programs.

Social advertisement as a tool of communication policy of modern business

A.R. Begmat

The article discusses the approaches in the theory of advertising about the definition of the essence of social advertising as a tool of the company’s communication policy. The significance of social advertising as an instrument of the company’s communication policy in contexts of increasing business competitiveness, increasing the investment attractiveness of a company, making social investments, forming a systematic approach to business management, and receiving and using tax benefits is indicated. The results of the study of social advertising as a tool of the company’s communication policy in the Internet space are presented

Keywords: social advertising, communication policy.

Research of the practice of the application of merchandising tools by the enterprises of the sphere of services (on the example of billiard clubs)

R.R. Bekirov

The article is devoted to the study of merchandising tools used in the billiard business. The merchandising tools used in the closed billiard clubs of the city of Krasnodar are identified and evaluated. The method of semantic differential investigated the level of customer satisfaction with the merchandising tools used by the studied clubs. The disadvantages of merchandising of the studied clubs are revealed. Recommendations for the billiard business enterprises on the use of merchandising tools as communication with the consumer are offered.

Keywords: merchandising, services, billiard clubs, merchandising tools, communications, semantic differential, competitive positions.

Mage features of corporate sites

A.A. Berezovskaya, N.G. Nemets

The article is devoted to the study of corporate sites of farmer and agricultural enterprises of the Krasnodar Territory. Identified and evaluated tools and elements of corporate sites. The role of corporate identity is defined. The method of semantic differential investigated the level of customer satisfaction with the used tools of merchandising. Identified the shortcomings of the analyzed sites.

Keywords: corporate identity, website, corporate identity, merchandising, communications, semantic differential, competitive positio.

To the question of corporate identity of the organization and the ways of its formation

A.S. Bochkareva, YU.V. Khotina

The article deals with issues related to communication processes in the Russian Federation. The authors say that the study of corporate identity, within the framework of the theory of communication, is an interdisciplinary area of communication research, located at the junction of other areas of knowledge: management, corporate behavior, sociology, documentation. It is emphasized that the corporate identity of the organization is expressed in names, symbols, logos, colors, rituals. However, the concept of corporate identity should not be identified only with the concept of corporate identity. It is concluded that corporate identity is a fundamental factor for the success of the organization, on the basis of which effective communication channels will be used, the image will be formed, the image will be broadcast and the reputation of the organization will be managed.

Keywords: communication technologies, image, symbolism, corporate culture, communication channels, corporate identity.

Image of the manager in corporate and external media

D.A. Voitenko, G.N. Nemets

The article is devoted to the study of the image of the head in corporate corporate and external media. Identified and evaluated tools and elements of corporate media, external media. Defined the role of corporate identity and image of the head. The method of semantic differential investigated the level of customer satisfaction. Identified deficiencies in the formation of the image of the manager in corporate and external media.

Keywords: corporate identity, website, corporate identity, communications, semantic differential, competitive positions.

Formation of the image of the Russian cinematograph: efficient ways of promotion

A.V. Danilova

The article discusses the features of the image of Russian cinema, its main components, provides an analysis of the current state. In addition, there are effective ways to promote cinema and increase its status in the country and abroad. It is proved that many marketing and advertising tools are not yet fully used in promoting the image of Russian cinema in domestic and international communication channels, which reduces the effectiveness of image policy.

Keywords: cinema, image, cultural program, promotion.

Rationale student agricultural enterprises

C.A. Kalustova, YU.A. Kosenko, E.V. Chekmeneva

The article reveals the reasons for the low level of consumption of non-seasonal vegetables by Russians, the structure of consumption of greenhouse products in Russia. Analyzed the dynamics of prices on the most popular vegetables of the protected ground. The proposal to install greenhouses from the University for students is considered.

Keywords: vegetables, prices, consumption structure, student agriculture, greenhouses, economy.

Specificity of pr-promotion of a shopping and entertainment complex at the b2c level in the recreational aspect (on the example of the shopping center «Red square» in Krasnodar)

D.A. Kolesova

The article raises the question of the role of event marketing in the promotion of shopping and entertainment complex at the B2B level in the recreational aspect (on the example of the shopping center «Red Square» in Krasnodar). The definition of event marketing as an effective communication tool is given, recreational activities of the shopping center «Red Square» within the framework of annual promotion are analyzed, the idea that event marketing affects the sphere of human emotions and allows creating a direct connection between the company and contact audiences is substantiated.

Keywords: shopping center, B2B, communication, event marketing, promotion.

Transformation instruments event-marketing in a changing market

E.V. Krivosheeva, А.А. Sarana

The rapidly changing market situation, tastes and needs of clients, motives in the selection of goods and their suppliers, the rapid development of IT-technologies leads to the fact that traditional tools and mechanisms for solving marketing problems today cease to work and require the operational use of new technological solutions. One of these solutions is now becoming Event-marketing as the instrument of interaction with target audience. In article features transformation of instruments event-marketing are considered, reveals the need for the use innovative combinations Event, but not mono-directions is revealed and the modern, answering to today’s tendencies scenario of an event action for the Russian reality is offered (for example, a particular brand).

Keywords: event-marketing, history, classification of events, transformation, innovative combination, event, brand communication.

Merchandising as an effective tool of communication politics of beauty salons

D.G. Kurenova, I.A. Tuganov

The article deals with the problems solved by beauty salons through the use of merchandising tools. The most important merchandising tools for this sphere of business are investigated in detail, their value is defined. Practical examples of the use of merchandising tools by foreign companies are considered, the results of the study of merchandising of beauty salons in Krasno-dar are given, the main shortcomings and errors are identified and recommendations for their elimination are given. The role of merchandising as an important component of the communication policy of beauty salons, contributing to the creation and strengthening of the brand image, the formation of loyalty to it, the creation of additional value.

Keywords: beauty salon, communication policy, merchandising, merchandising tools, salon atmosphere, competitive advantages.

Corporate identity in the company: on marketing communications

М.А. Lavrentevа

The article deals with issues related to corporate identity as one of the components of marketing communications. The researchers note the importance of studying the correlation between corporate identity and such variables as job satisfaction, motivation, qualification, and working position. It is emphasized that the main function of corporate identity is to stimulate over-role behavior of the staff, which can be based on both cooperation and adaptability. It is concluded that on the one hand, corporate identity is important for the staff, because each individual must feel belonging to a social group, and on the other hand, corporate identity affects the company, increases team cohesion, has a positive impact on productivity, contributes to the development of labor discipline, motivation and mutual assistance between employees of the organization.

Keywords: corporate identity, over-role behavior, marketing communications, correlation.

To the question about the specialized press for people of retirement age

М.А. Lavrentevа

The article deals with issues related to such media as specialized press for people of retirement age. It is emphasized that one of the most common tactics are references to authority or authoritative organization. In this case, it is possible to mention a particular person or organization for the use of words denoting generalized concepts.It is noted that the press for the elderly is often used tactical move – an example of a real person. Many articles begin with life stories, which become the main illustration of the main theme of the message.It is concluded that the press for pensioners use certain strategies that attract older readers, as well as take into account the design of the newspaper, from the font and ending with the color features.

Keywords: communications, mass media, speech communication, elderly people.

Aromamarketing as a management tool consumer behavior

V.M. Mihaylova

The article deals with theoretical and practical aspects related to the application of the aromamarketinga at the enterprises of different sectors and spheres of activity. Detail the various approaches to the definition of aromamarketinga. To clarify the theoretical aspects of practical examples of using aromamarketinga separate foreign enterprises and domestic separately. Substantiates the role of aromamarketinga in enhancing competitive advantages for domestic enterprises.

Keywords: aromamarketing, aromatehnologii, marketing communication, practical examples of use, competitive advantage.

Effective marketing communications in the sports field

V.M. Mihaylova

The article is devoted to effective marketing communications in the sports field. Presents the approaches to the definition of the term “event marketing”. Describes the different event marketing tools, each of which has its own objectives and expected results, the conditions of the Organization, as well as forms and means of communication. Selected as standard tools event marketing and creative. For each tool provides practical examples of their use in the sports sector, with a view to improving the competitiveness of sports organizations.

Keywords: sports, event marketing, communication sports, marketing, the elements of communication process efficiency.

The role of marketing in the development of the market of floristic in Russia

V.M. Mikhailova, YA.V. Lyashuk

This article presents the various definitions of the concept of “flowers”. Classification-based factors affecting market development of floristic in Russia. Considered tools of marketing and communications with consumers market floristry. Suggested activities to enhance the competitiveness of companies operating in the market of floristry.

Keywords: Flower market, competition, marketing, communication, customers, events.

Application of ABC analysis in management of enterprise product (for example, baking industry of Krasnodar region)

А.А. Povetkina

The article discusses methods for evaluating enterprise product line. Submitted to the FAA analysis as a tool for marketing, applied for the effective management of the enterprise product. Based on FAA analysis shows an effective process to manage product policies at the bakery enterprises of Krasnodar region. Suggested activities to enhance the competitiveness of companies operating in the market under consideration.

Keywords: analysis, techniques, range assortment policy, ABC-analysis, bakeries, events.

The analysis of the political marketing of the russian federation and the united states

A.A. Povetkina, E.V. Chekmeneva

The article considers and analyzes the differences and similarities of formation and signs of political marketing of the two powers: the Russian Federation and the United States of America. According to the results of the analysis, it can be noted that many signs of political marketing of the Russian Federation emphasize greater democracy and impartiality to the election race than in the United States.

Keywords: marketing, politics, political marketing, trends, analysis, Russian Federation, United States of America.

The use of marketing tools when managing inventory at the bakery enterprises of Krasnodar region

А.А. Povetkina

In the article the ABC analysis – as one of the marketing tools used for efficient inventory management enterprise. Considered the notion of “stock-in-trade” and model management. Proposed generic inventory management algorithm. Based on FAA analysis shows an effective inventory management process at the bakery enterprises of Krasnodar region. Suggested activities to enhance the competitiveness of companies operating in the market under consideration.

Keywords: Inventory, marketing tools, ABC-analysis, bakeries, management models, users, events.

The axiological aspect of the consideration of modern advertising communication

E.S. Rudnev, O.V. Rybalchenko

The aim of the study is to consider modern advertising communication from the perspective of axiology. The article defines such concepts as axiology, axiosphere, identifies and analyzes the value orientations of modern advertising. It is noted that advertising, broadcasting and declaring the values of modern society, performs the function of socialization. The features of social advertising, as well as the intentional inclusion of social values in commercial advertising. As a result, it is concluded that the study of advertising communication from the standpoint of axiology is promising and requires further research.

Keywords: axiology, axiosphere, advertising communication, advertising, values.

Methods for determination and calculation of market size (for example, baking industry of Krasnodar region)

D.A. Seleznev

This paper presents the definition of “market size”. The basic types of markets and provides examples. Presents the main sources of information for determining market capacity. Collected and systematized the various methods of determining market capacity. A practical example showing calculation of market capacity for the baking industry of Krasnodar region. Suggested activities to enhance the competitiveness of companies operating in the market under consideration.

Keywords: market size, types of markets, sources of information, methods, bakeries, management, users, events.

Recommender system based on vector representations of the texts of mass media
(for example, the texts of the blog platform “Livejournal»)

E.P. Umanec, V.N. Karmazin, O.V. Rybalchenko

The aim of the research is to process unstructured mass media texts, extract the necessary information from them, classify and build a recommendation system by means of the Python language. To achieve this goal, we used algorithms such as LDA (latent Dirichlet placement) which were used to select topics and compare documents on these topics, Doc2vec for presenting documents in the form of vectors and calculating the proximity between them, K-mean for clustering and others. There was also a pre-processing of texts (different for the corresponding algorithms): punctuation removal, stop words, stemming, removal of words that occur too often/rarely in the corpus. Have conducted an empirical comparison of Recommender system algorithms Doc2vec and LDA. An experiment was carried out to cluster the articles: first, they were preprocessed to the input of the Doc2vec algorithm, and then in the vectors obtained in this way clusters were allocated using the K-mean algorithm. The resulting system can be used to find similar in meaning documents.

Keywords: mass media, recommendation system, thematic modeling, vector representation of words, LDA, Doc2Vec, clustering.

Forming effective advertising communication with consumers with the help of lead magnet

M.S. Fitsurina, O.A. Kuznecova

In the conditions of interaction between the producer and the buyer, the neglect of factors of consumer behavior can be a serious strategic mistake, with irreversible consequences. At present, new forms of consumer behavior are emerging, and tendencies towards reorientation in consumer selection criteria and preferences of goods. All modern advertising communication, as a result of marketing, is aimed primarily at the consumer, because on the basis of consumer preferences research, a decision is made about what needs to be done. The consumer in modern advertising (both as an object of influence from the side of advertising, and as its main character) is acquiring more and more specific outlines.

Keywords: advertising, communication, brand, landing, lead magnet, preselection.

PR-project “Sugarfree” for «Nestle»

D.I. Ehlefteriadi, O.V. Rybalchenko

The aim of the study is to develop a PR-project “SugarFREE” to promote the product Resource Diabet Plus from Nestle. The proposed PR-project “SugarFREE” is designed to increase awareness of Resource Diabet Plus. At the same time, one of the main objectives of the project is to improve the psychological and physical well – being of the target audience-people with type I and type II diabetes. According to official statistics, 4.5 million people in Russia suffer from the “sugar” disease, about the same number of people, according to experts, are unaware of the presence of the disease. Because of this, the promotion of the product Resource Diabet Plus is relevant and timely, as its consumption will contribute to the improvement of health indicators and its preservation.

Keywords: PR-project, target audience, medical nutrition, dietary product, advertising.

Technology shaping and newscasting in modern information and communication space

D.D. Yushchuk

The article is devoted to new technologies in the work of PR-specialist, which are aimed at strengthening public attention to certain brands, services or individuals. For this purpose, spontaneous news or events are used. All work with these technologies is based on the speed and delivery of news in non-standard ways. Important questions that need to be answered in the course of the study – how appropriate it is to use the technology of HYIP and newsjacking PR-specialist, in which cases it is permissible and justified? The basis for the analysis of modern processes and trends in public relations can serve as empirical material presented in this paper.

Keywords: HYIP, newsjacking, infovirus, public relations, PR tools, PR-specialist, news.

Use of advanced advertising tools as a tool of integrated communications

V.O. Orlova

The article is devoted to the consideration of advanced advertising tools as a tool of integrated communications. The author identifies advanced advertising tools, justifies the importance of their use as the main tool to attract consumers, identifies and characterizes the latest innovations in advertising. Special attention is paid to such new types of advertising technologies as remarketing and RTB (Real time Bidding), designed to maximize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and profitability of advertising investments. It is concluded that the effectiveness of the use of advertising tools is provided by a thorough analysis of the specific situation of the advertising market, the market of goods and services, the characteristics of the consumer audience. The work was carried out under the supervision of candidate of historical Sciences V.V. Bondareva.

Keywords: integrated communication, advertising, PR, marketing, technology, the Internet, the target audience, the consumer.



The article is devoted to the study of image specificity of slogans as effective tools for brand promotion. As examples, we consider brands of fashionable clothes, the slogans of which are part of the corporate identity, advertising and PR policy. In addition, the article considers the positioning of the advertising product based on the demographic, social, professional or other characteristics of consumers, takes into account the stylistic and syntactic features of the slogans.

Keywords: brand, image, advertising slogan, business reputation, corporate identity, competitive position, PR.



The article is devoted to the analysis of market development of cameras in modern market conditions. An approach to comparison of smartphones and cameras with each other to determine the reasons for decline in demand of the latter. Information gathered during this comparison will allow top managers to choose the right ways to enhance the competitiveness of the cameras and thus improve their position on the market.

Keywords: market, market structure, competition, demand, supply, cameras, smartphones, the advantages and disadvantages of communication.
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