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A study of the influence of oxidation processes on the nuclear magnetic relaxation characteristics
of sunflower lecithins

E.P. Viktorova, O.S. Agafonov, S.M. Prudnikov, T.A. Shakhrai, E.V. Velikanova

The article presents the results of the study of the effect of oxidation processes on the nuclear magnetic relaxation characteristics of protons contained in sunflower lecithins (spin-spin relaxation times and amplitudes of YAM relaxation signals). It was found that the oxidation process leads to a quantitative redistribution of the lecithin components, namely, the content of the first and third components decreases with an increase in the content of the second component. The revealed regularity should be taken into account when developing standard samples of lecithins in order to construct a calibration curve for determining the mass fraction of substances insoluble in acetone, that is, phospholipids themselves, based on the pulsed NMR method.

Keywords: sunflower lecithins, phospholipids, oxidation processes, nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclear magnetic relaxation characteristics.

Justification areas of automation petrol station

S.P. Glushko, E.P. Datsenko

The article describes the direction of automation of gas stations and the ability to integrate ACS with equipment from different manufacturers, as well as describes the specialized communication protocols, accounting and instrumental platforms of gas station equipment. The use of temperature measuring devices for fuel dispensers to compensate for seasonal temperature fluctuations during the year is justified.

Keywords: petrol station, automated control system, communication protocols, accounting and tool platform, heating column, temperature measurement.

Characteristics of sugar beet factory water resources in terms of their application as the components
of the extractant of the diffusion process

V.O. Gorodetsky, R.S. Reshetova, S.O. Semenikhin, N.M. Daisheva, I.N. Lyciy, N.I. Kotlyarevskaya, M.M. Usmanov

The need for resources water for processing sugar beet root crops and obtaining crystalline sugar is several times greater than that for other food industries. Without the use of water recycling in sugar production, the impact on the environment would be extremely negative. The article describes water beet sugar production and function of their re-use as the extractant components of the diffusion process, providing a high quality of the raw juice. The advantages of the use of ammonia-containing condensates and press water, as well as the basic requirements for their preparation are given.

Keywords: beet-sugar industry, waste water, water recycling, ammonia-containing condensate, barometric condensate, pulp press water, sucrose extraction.

Requirements for quality and safety of sugar used in food production

N.M. Daisheva, I.N. Lyciy, S.O. Semenikhin, N.I. Kotlyarevskaya, M.M. Usmanov

The article presents the requirements for the quality and safety indicators of white sugar as a raw material in food production. The requirements for white sugar quality in Russia and the EU countries are presented, as well as the requirements for production of certain types of food. Possible causes for the formation of turbidity and opalescence of sugar solutions during the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and possible ways to prevent them are indicated.

Keywords: white sugar, quality, safety, solutions turbidity, antinookins influence, cane and beet sugar identification.

Food values and culinary properties of meat of chicken-broilers growed with application
of complex feed concentrate

R.V. Ghazaryan, M.V. Lukyanenko, A.D. Achmiz, A.S. Borodikhin, A. N. Matvienko, V.Y. Saprykin

To increase production volumes and saturate the domestic market with meat products, a recipe and technology of vitamin-mineral fodder concentrate has been developed. For the modern enterprise, along with production indicators, the consumer properties of the meat products produced are also important. It has been established that the meat of broiler chickens, fed the main diet with a complex feed concentrate, has higher nutritional and culinary characteristics than the control group that received the main diet and, in some cases, is second only to the group receiving the main diet with fodder concentrate “Tetra +”. Consequently, the use of complex fodder concentrate in growing broiler chickens makes it possible to obtain high nutritional value meat with higher consumer properties.

Keywords: nutritional value, culinary properties, broiler chicken meat, broth of broiler chicken, biologically active substances, complex feed additive.

Analysis of the description of phase equilibrium vapor – liquid acid-acid systems using UNIQUAC and NRTL methods

T.G. Korotkova, A. A. Glytyan

Phase equilibrium was modeled in the vapor – liquid system for binary acid – acid mixtures at atmospheric pressure. The formic, acetic, butyric, propionic, valeric, lauric, and myristic acids are considered. The NRTL and UNIQUAC models are used to calculate activity coefficients. The parameters of volume and area, the Antoine constant and the energy parameters of the binary interaction between acid molecules are given. The vapor-liquid equilibrium is represented on the y-x and t-x, y phase diagrams for mixtures: formic – butyric, formic – acetic, acetic – propionic, acetic – butyric, acetic – valerian, propionic – butyric, lauric – myristic. Qualitative agreement has been established between experimental and calculated data for the NRTL and UNIQUAC models, however, quantitative agreement is unsatisfactory. The conclusion is made about the need to clarify the energy parameters of the binary interaction for the NRTL and UNIQUAC models for the “acid-acid” system by processing the experimental data.

Keywords: phase equilibrium, vapor - liquid, NRTL method, UNIQUAC method .

Analysis of efficiency of use of wine of different grades in cosmetic formulations

N.V. Loseva, M.A. Nazarenko

In today’s consumer market offers a fairly wide range of cosmetic products, including skin care. Skin care products containing fruit or AHA acids in their composition are very popular. Fruit acids for the cosmetic industry are most often obtained by isolation from natural plant sources. One of such sources is grapes and products of its processing. Thus, the wine materials obtained in the processing of grape berries contain a complex of fruit acids, which are effectively used in cosmetics for professional skin care. The studies of wine materials obtained from different grape varieties, allow us to conclude about the different concentrations of fruit acids in each sample of wine material. Prepared samples of cosmetic product based on wine materials from Chardonnay variety have the most pronounced functional properties, such as skin lightening and moisturizing.

Keywords: fruit acids, cosmetic product, wine material, moisturizing, whitening properties.

Analysis of the state of the points of the geodesic foundation in the city of Krasnodar

G.G. Shevchenko, A.A. Serikova

To date, for EGRN the stability of the position of the centers of geodetic points is important. The boundaries of the plots are inextricably linked with coordination, which in turn is provided by points of geodetic networks. Failure to comply with stability within the normative accuracy of determining their planned coordinates and heights excludes the possibility of operating geodetic points and leads to the need for expensive repeated measurements and restoration work. The destruction of the centers actually leads to the loss of geodetic points. In this article, the state of the points of the state geodetic network in Krasnodar is considered.

Keywords: State Geodetic Network (GGS), the center of the GGS point, the identification sign, the reference land network (OMS), the geodetic base.

Analysis of the work of the brewer with the prospects of ensuring its smooth functionings

V. V. Engovatova, V. V. Semyakin, A. I., Gaidamashko

Presents, from an economic point of view, the results of the analysis of the industry in the production of beer. The characteristic of this enterprise is given. Shows a diagram of the brewing process the brewing enterprise, with the characteristics of raw materials and equipment to be used at the same time. The dangerous and harmful production factors acting on employees of the enterprise are listed, and also the means of control applied at the same time are given. The activities carried out at the enterprise in the field of electrical safety are reflected. Directions of activities to ensure uninterrupted quality power supply companies using the system of Autonomous power supply, including a source external of the network, Autonomous energy sources, including offline sources, made with the use of renewable energy.

Keywords: control of harmful and dangerous indicators in the production of beer, equipment of the brewery, Autonomous power supply of the enterprise, block diagram of uninterruptible power supply systems.

Symmetric optimal performance diagram of movment the executive body of the precision electric drive with elastic shafting with restrictions on the fourt and fifth derivative of speed

YU.P. Dobrobaba, G.A. Koshkin, V.S. Fedin

Symmetrical optimum performance diagram of movement of the Executive body for precision electric drive with elastic valpovo-house restrictions on the fourth and fifth derivative of speed. An algorithm is presented to determine the parameters of a symmetric speed-optimal diagram of the movement of the Executive body of a precision electric drive with an elastic shaft line with restrictions on the fourth and fifth derivatives of speed. The results of determining the parameters of the symmetric optimal speed diagram of the displacement of the Executive body of a precision electric drive with an elastic shaft line with restrictions on the fourth and fifth derivatives of speed are presented.

Keywords: electric drive with elastic shaft line, symmetrical diagram, precision electric drive, Executive body, optimal speed of movement, restrictions on the fourth and fifth derivatives of speed.

Assessment of the competence of internal auditors as an important mechanism of culture of quality

I.T. Zaika

A successfully tested methodology for evaluating the QMS internal auditors based on the criteria extracted from the ISO 19011: 2011 standard is presented. The evaluation is carried out by the auditors themselves each other anonymously according to pre-agreed criteria, divided into two groups. The results of the mutual evaluation are taken into account when forming audit groups, selecting species and setting the amount of incentives.

Keywords: audit, internal auditors, evaluation methods, criteria and scales of assessment, mutual evaluation, formation of audit team, effectiveness.

Around chernobyl. peaceful time, but military work (by the memories of the lieutenant colonel F.N. Petriy)

I.I. Gajewskaya, M.A. Lavrenteva, М.O. Petriy

April 26, 1986, the largest man-made disaster happened in the history of mankind. Questions about the causes and perpetrators of this disaster continue to be debatable. All republics and regions of the USSR participated in providing assistance to the victims of the explosion at the nuclear power plant. Krasnodar region sent to the affected area up to 11 thousand people, provided various assistance in the elimination of the consequences of the accident, including: the participation of Kuban in a wide range of works on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant; reception and placement in the sanatoriums, pioneer camps and boarding houses of the region residents of the Ukrainian and Byelorussian SSR, evacuated from areas exposed to radioactive contamination; transfer of funds by enterprises and residents of the Kuban to a special fund to help victims of the accident; sending to the address of “Chernobyl” equipment, food, building materials. Most of the Kuban men who were called to eliminate the consequences of the accident were represented by reservists (soldiers and reserve officers), in addition, part of the Kuban servicemen of the emergency service appeared in the danger zone. Lieutenant Colonel F.N. Petriy’s memories, the memories of an eyewitness and direct participant in the liquidation of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant served as the basis for this work.

Keywords: Chernobyl nuclear power plant, disaster, explosion, liquidators, Krasnodar Territory, Kuban.

The features of a modern documentation provision of sick leave to the executive authority

K.S. Kuzko, I.A. Khronova

This article discusses the transition of generally accepted paper sheets of disability-on an electronic form. One of the main directions of development of electronic document flow of the Russian Federation is the introduction of electronic sick leave, which will replace the paper format. The aim of the work is to consider and study the features of the modern legal framework for registration, issuance and storage of leaves of disability, on the example Of the administration of the city district of the city of Prohladny Kabardino-Balkar Republic. Tracing changes in the legislation in the field of documentary support of documents on staff, and document flow in the considered Executive body, will reveal the negative and positive aspects of this innovation. At the same time, at the moment there is no absolute transition to electronic document management, so it is concluded that its phased implementation in all medical and organizational spheres is necessary and obvious. The successful application of the electronic sheet will save labor and material resources.

Keywords: electronic sick-list, list of incapacity for work, documentary support.

Large families in Russia. The dynamics of their numbers and the specifics of social problems

V.A. Litovka, K.A. Chernyavskaya

The article deals with the problem of low-income families with many children. The relevance of the research topic is due to the fact that in the conditions of actively developing global demographic crisis, a large family plays an important role. From the point of view of population reproduction, only the transition to mass possession of many children in the current situation will help to overcome the negative trends of population decline. A large family is no longer just a cell of society, but a pillar of the state in its further development, the only condition that guarantees the survival of any nation. But large families in our country are faced with many problems, the main of which is the problem of poverty, which necessitates the provision of assistance from the state. The authors studied the measures of state support for large families on the example of the Krasnodar region. The study concluded that the measures of state support have a positive impact on the growth of the number and budget of large families, but even this assistance can not fully solve all the problems, so the authors have proposed specific recommendations to improve the implementation of measures of state support for large families.

Keywords: population, large family, social problems, state policy, social protection measures, dynamics, children, poverty.

Marketing research of beauty products the range of pharmacy

N.V. Loseva, A.A. Riskina, E.A. Golenkova

Cosmetic products are classified on various grounds: gender, age, functional effect, scope, form of production and more. The difference in the composition of cosmetic products allows you to classify cosmetics as well as medical, cosmetic and cosmetic products. It is revealed that more than 70% of pharmaceutical cosmetics in Krasnodar can be attributed to medical and cosmetic products. At the same time, the analysis of consumer preferences and loyalty to certain manufacturers, brands, and functional purpose of cosmetics is carried out

Keywords: parapharmaceutical products, medical and cosmetic products, classification of cosmetic products, pharmacy cosmetics, consumer loyalty, sociological survey.

Problems of development of entrepreneurship in the modern economy of Russia

I.I. Romanets, E.B. Sheludko

The main problems of conducting business activity of developing enterprises are considered in the article and the necessity of transformation of the current system of state support of entrepreneurship with the purpose of its improvement is grounded. It is proved that the state should in practice apply specific forms of promoting healthy competition in the business sector, ensure the conditions for the protection of all participants in the business space, comprehensively involve information, financial and other resources in entrepreneurial activities.

Keywords: business, entrepreneurship, state support, taxation, lending.

Online dating as a sociocultural phenomenon

E.S. Cherdakova, J.V. Pupkova

The article discusses the features of online communications of people searching for new acquaintances through virtual communities of social networks. Research network on the site. In the course of the study, an analysis of data published on VKontakte and a content analysis of the questionnaires of its subscribers was carried out. It was revealed that the target of the “Dating in Krasnodar” community was predominantly people. The expansion of the circle of friends through online communications in specialized virtual groups is most motivated by young people aged 18-24. In the course of the content analysis of the questionnaires, Internet users were identified as regards online dating in men most often searching for a search for love relationships, and in women – friendship.

Keywords: social networks, online dating, virtual communities, self-presentation, Internet users, verbal self-presentation, visual self-presentation.

The use of «YouTube» materials as a source of linguistic material in the study of english as a foreign language

P.V. Sereda

The author examines the process of listening as one of the main activities in the assimilation of English as a foreign language. It is noted that listening facilitates the development of information reproduction skills, as well as the formation of communicative competence. The article substantiates the importance of implementing this type of activity both in class and independently. To accomplish this task, the author is invited to use the YouTube video material.

Keywords: English as a foreign language (EFL), listening, video blog, YouTube.

Economy of Krasnodar in the time of the USSR (1984)

E.A. Shumkov

The article presents a review of the Krasnodar economy in 1984. The list of large and medium-sized enterprises of the city, their products, staff numbers and production volume are given. Key industry sectors and production chains are identified. It is noted that Krasnodar was a large instrument-making, machine-tool and scientific center. A powerful cluster of light industry was created in the city and a wood processing (furniture) cluster was built within the region. The issue of considering the country’s economy during the USSR is extremely important, given the emerging economic situation in the country and the policy of import substitution. The study of economic history will make it possible to study the question of which sectors of industry have a valid historical expediency and to evaluate the development options for these sectors.

Keywords: the economy of Krasnodar, the economy of the USSR, the industry of Krasnodar, the history of the Kuban, the regional economy, the economy of Kuban, city management, municipal government.

A study of factors influencing the nutritional value of beverages from grapes

A.A. Alekseeva, S.D. Burlaka, G.F. Muzychenko

A number of factors affecting the nutritional value of beverages have been Studied. The influence of food additives on the quality of products is shown. The role of organic acids on biochemical processes occurring in wine is established. It is established that acids play a huge role in biosynthesis and interconversion of organic acids in juices and wines, and also influence quality and safety of drinks

Keywords: vitamins, antioxidant action, biological value of components, food additives, organic acids, pesticides.

Addition reactions of amines at the activated double bond of furanones

S.D. Burlaka, G.F. Muzychenko

Reactions of 4-methyl-2-butenolide reaction with methylamine and benzylamine were studied. The reaction of 2(5H)-furanone with butylamine was carried out. It is also shown that the interaction of 5H-furanone with benzylamine leads to the disclosure of the lactone cycle with the formation of 3-amino-4-hydroxybutanamides.

Keywords: furanone, pyrroline, amines, 2 - butanoled, amination.
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