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Problems of professional adaptation of graduates of bachelorritis directions «Technospheric safety»

A.V. Aleksandrova, S.V. Avetisova, I.A. Ilin

In the article problems of professional adaptation of graduates-bachelors of the direction «Technospheric security» as specialists in labor protection are considered. To systematize and visualize the results of the discussion of problems, a causal analysis was used with the construction of a diagram – a “fish skeleton”. The main factors that determine the successful start of the work of a young specialist and depend on the student himself are presented, from the higher educational institution where he studies, from the potential employer and from the state structures of the education sphere. The measures for solving the identified problems are suggested. The most significant factors that determine the successful professional adaptation of the graduate are the need to bring professional standards closer to the corresponding federal state educational standards, a greater correlation of university curricula with the requirements of professional standards, raising prestige and popularizing the content of occupational activities in the field of labor protection, and raising the level of safety culture.

Keywords: professional orientation, education, formation, causal analysis, bachelor's degree, factor, specialist for occupational safety.

Model of the process of developing sections on environmental protection in design documentation of energy objects

A.V. Alexandrova, A.A. Levchuk, D.N. Shabanova, E.N. Glazin

An analysis of the requirements for documentation subject to state expertise and containing materials for assessing the environmental impact of economic and other activities was carried out. A list of issues considered in the process of project appraisal is drawn up, the main stages of this process are established. A model of the process of preparing a section of design documentation for environmental protection in the construction of energy facilities has been developed, which makes it possible to improve the activities of the project organization. This model allows to manage the process of developing project documentation through the definition of the sequence of actions, the links between the stages of the process. The developed model makes it possible to predict the quality of development of the section “List of measures for environmental protection” as a result of the analysis of interaction between departments of the organization.

Keywords: state expertise, model, environmental impact assessment, energy facilities.

The model of education of chemical elements and substances in the bowels

E.P. Zaporozhets, N.A. Shostak

The elucidation of the way in which substances that are intensively extracted by mankind from the depths and widely used by them in their activities are formed is an extremely important task. Its solution allows us to determine whether such substances belong to renewable or non-renewable material and energy sources. To solve this problem, a model for the formation of substances in the bowels of the planet has been developed. In the model, the process of genesis in the depths of the planet of all the chemical elements represented in the Periodic System of D.I. Mendeleev University. The model reflects the processes of synthesis and dissociation of chemical elements, accompanied by the release or absorption of energy, under the influence of which local expansion or contraction of magma occurs, and excess energy is discharged into space. Synthesis proceeds according to the principle from a simple chemical element to a complex one. It is mathematically expressed through the relative time of their formation over hydrogen, which indirectly indicates the prevalence in nature. The main provisions of the developed model are confirmed by the results of experimental studies of similar processes and the results of geological and geophysical studies on the marine and oceanic shelves, as well as on the Kola superdeep well. This allowed us to state that the developed model has a fairly high degree of reliability.

Keywords: chemical element, dissociation, earth crust, electron, gas, geomagnetic field, mantle, neutrino, neutron, nucleus of the Earth, periodic system, planet, proton, subsoil, substances, synthesis, water.

Improvement of relay protection of low power generators in island electrical supply systems

B.A. Korobeinikov, G.A. Zakharov, D.I. Sidorov, N.V. Toporkov

Generators are the most important and responsible equipment of electric power plants and power supply system. For this reason, particularly stringent requirements are imposed on the relay protection of generators. In this paper, we present a block diagram and a mathematical model of relay protection of a generator up to 1 MW on the basis of a converter with a rotating magnetic field.

Keywords: converter with rotating magnetic field, synchronous generator, relay protection.

Uncertainty of measurements as a criterion of accreditation of a calibration laboratory and training of an engineer-metrology

L.M. Maluka, I.T. Zaika, S.V. Bragin

The article deals with topical issues related to the introduction of the concept of measurement uncertainty in the activities of accredited metrology laboratories. The analysis of normative and methodological documents regulating the evaluation of the quality of measurement results, establishment of their metrological traceability, mutual recognition of measurement results, calibrations, tests is given. The difficulties and problems associated with the application of the GUM Handbook in Russia are indicated, incl. in relation to the conceptual apparatus, the correspondence of terms and definitions of the concept of uncertainty with the classical theory of measurements. The requirements of the labor market to the profession of the metrologist are considered.

Keywords: metrology, measurement uncertainty, error, calibration, testing, accreditation of laboratories.

To development of the software of the method of not loaded electric motor

A.V. Nesterov, S.V. Nesterov

In work the computing aspect of a method of not loaded electric motor (EM) is investigated. It is shown that the standard procedure of division of losses of EM results in rough results which error at the same time it is even not possible to estimate as computing process is absent. Approximation and extrapolation of experimental data are carried out manually graphically. The received characteristics estimate approximately. For increase in accuracy of result it is offered to process empirical data analytically. On an example the efficiency of the classical regression analysis is shown. Linear approximation of the characteristic of idling of EM is carried out by method of the smallest squares. On the basis of regression model linear extrapolation is carried analytically out. For objective assessment of accuracy the bilateral confidential interval of the predicted value of losses of EM is constructed. All computing process is automated on the basis of a package of the Statistics Toolbox expansion of system of computer mathematics MATLAB. Results of calculations are given.

Keywords: test of electrical machines, method of not loaded engine, the Dettmara method, the linear regression analysis, approximation and extrapolation, confidential interval.

Innovative technologies in teaching engineering disciplines at the university

A.P. Borzunov

Currently, large-scale changes in the economy and in the production direction of development of modern education. The labor market places a significantly higher than previously, the requirements for the qualification of graduates, especially technical. To meet these requirements of the modern education system is constantly being improved, in the educational process introduced modern pedagogical strategies and innovative teaching methods. Special attention is paid to the development of mental abilities of learners, and the ability to adapt in a difficult situation, to find approaches to the solution of complex problems.

Keywords: change, education, engineering disciplines, innovative educational technologies, critical thinking, graphic discipline.

On the question of the implementation of social ideas and programs by non-profit organizations in the Russian Federation

A.S. Bochkareva, M.A. Lavrenteva

In article the basic issues of social ideas and programmes of non-profit organizations in terms of the formation and development of a market economy in Russia. Of particular interest is the fact that in conditions of transition to market relations, issues of skillful and competent organization of social ideas and programmes acquired exclusive relevance. The article states that the activities of non-profit organizations is very special, specific nature, which depends on many factors, but primarily on the nature and level of services in this sphere. Stresses that due to the successfully built scheme of functioning and development of the nonprofit organization will be able to discover additional sources of a variety of benefits-from loyalty on the part of States to trust service consumers. Concludes that the implementation of social ideas and programmes of non-profit organizations has its specificity, due to which the individual technology use, which has been used successfully in both the Russian Federation and beyond abroad. In General, it is assumed that the application described in article social ideas and programmes is one of the most productive trends in development nonprofit organization to date, but, nevertheless, given the dynamism of the present time, requires constant renewal and replenishment.

Keywords: non-profit, social software, social fundraising, the disabled, the socially oriented activities.

Norilsk: formation and development (based on the memoirs of political prisoner Zavozina N. A.)

A.S. Bochkareva, YU.V. Khotina

The article considers the past of the city of Norilsk, describes the history of the far North in the early twentieth century, describes the life of prisoners in the camps of the time. It is emphasized that currently one of the most relevant methods and directions in the study of historical events is oral history. It is concluded that on the basis of the memories of one person, a witness of that era, social unity and continuity of generations is ensured, which can be given only by oral history, based on the collective memory of the people.

Keywords: oral history, subjectivity, local history, Norilsk, collective memory.

Letters from the front of the participant the Great Patriotic WAR G.A. Shulgi

I.I. Gajewskaya, M.A. Lavrent'eva, V.V. Naydenova

The Great Patriotic War remains the most terrible and, at the same time, heroic page of the history of our people. To this topic, historians continue to be treated both at the state level and at the regional level. In recent decades, historical research within the “social history” of the war has been relevant, which is studied primarily on the basis of “ego-documents”: diaries, letters from the front, personal archives. In the article for the first time three letters from the front of the participant of the Great Patriotic War are published. Shulga to his wife Claudia Mikhailovna, who was also in the Red Army during this period. The submitted letters reflect the state of mind of young people, who were not at their own volition in separation. These letters are filled with love and affection for the loved ones, taking care of them. Two letters out of three reflect the belief in the inevitable victory over fascism. Letter No. 3 shows that in the war people continued to worry quite everyday problems, for example, the fate of their abandoned property (cut linen, skirt).

Personal documents serve as an excellent addition to the study of historical events and allow them to be covered in a different perspective hidden behind the facade of the official assessment. Letters in our time, as documentary sources, are also a kind of rarity. Epistolary genre in the age of accessibility of cellular communication is a phenomenon disappearing and, as a testimony of a passing epoch, may be of interest to the younger generation.

Keywords: Great Patriotic War, letter from front, veteran, Krasnodar.

Peculiarities of perception of environmental risks in Krasnodar

M.A. Postoev, N.L. Sergienko

In the article features of ecological conditions in Krasnodar are considered. Data of statistics and results of the analysis on sources of pollution of atmospheric air in the regional capital are presented. The necessity of solving environmental problems is substantiated not only through the introduction of technological innovations and regulatory and legal regulation in the field of nature management, but also in the ecologization of society, the formation of life guides and values for environmental regulation.

Keywords: ecological situation, ecological risks, risk society, ecology of the city.

Multivationality as historical quality of Russia (to the question of the question)

M.A. Pronina

The article discusses the issue of multi-ethnicity as the historical as Russia. The author States the scale of the multinational nature of the Russian state, reveals the features and consequences of the interaction of different Nations, denotes the socio-cultural background and the so-called advantages of possible national unity. The author pays special attention to the Russian language as one of the key unifying principles in the Russian state, noting the deep need for socio-cultural search unifying principles (in addition to the Russian language) today. The work also touches upon the Imperial qualities of Russia as a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional country, emphasizes their foreign policy importance, notes the constructive nature of the policy and diplomacy of the Russian state in relation to other peoples (the liberation of the Balkan Slavs from Ottoman rule and, in particular, Bulgaria). The author evaluates multinational as the greatest benefit of Russia, a huge historical heritage, considering it as a guarantee of political stability and improvement of the country. The work was carried out under the scientific guidance of the candidate of historical Sciences V. V. Bondareva.

Keywords: Russian Federation, multi-ethnic, multi-confessional, ethnic groups, peoples, statehood, interethnic unity.

Totalitarian regimes and their socio-political entity (to the question)

M.A. Pronina

The article considers the phenomenon of totalitarianism from the point of view of its social and political essence; States the presence of different (polar) opinions in the assessments of this regime; denotes the General direction of the problem of understanding of totalitarianism in science (domestic and foreign) and literature (for Example, the works of V. Bykov “RAID” and “Pipe”). The author pays attention to both General features of totalitarian regimes and their specific historical manifestations. In article raises the question about the relevance of historical discussions on the topic of totalitarianism, addresses the issue of comparison of communism with fascism, the regimes of Stalin and Hitler, due to the possibility to compare the practices in totalitarian Germany and the Soviet Union, marked similarities and fundamental differences. The work was carried out under the scientific guidance of the candidate of historical Sciences V. V. Bondareva.

Keywords: totalitarianism, centralized power, centralized planning, system of universal control, repressive apparatus, propaganda, ideology.

«I do not know the world, but i know much»: the discussions on the power of stereotypes in the modern society

M.A. Pronina

In the work written in the genre of the essay, the issues of self-determination of the individual are considered from the point of view of its interaction with the surrounding space, with the social environment whose functioning is largely determined by stereotypes. The problem of prerequisites to perception of stereotypes is touched upon, the influence of stereotypes on the inner world of a person, his psychology is considered. The problem of self-determination, choice of a person is covered from the positions of modern times, imbued not only with democracy, but also characterized by arbitrariness, permissiveness, misunderstanding, public coldness, complicating the path of spiritual search for a person. The work was carried out under the scientific guidance of the candidate of historical Sciences V. V. Bondareva.

Keywords: personality, society, social relations, inner self, stereotype, stereotyped behavior, self-determination, spiritual search, life path.

The selfie as a way of self-presentation of youth in social networks

YU.V. Pupkova, O.O. Kushu, YA.V. Krasnaya

There is the phenomenon as selfie at this article as a way of non-verbal communication and self-presentation in a modern informational society. The purpose of this article is to identify the characteristic of the self-presentation of young people in social networks using digital photography. As the result of the research was reveales that the students of Kuban State Technical University position themselves in the virtual network with using the selfie, the distinctive features of perception of self-portraits and self-portraits of other people at the Internet, behavioral responses to indicators of social approval in the network communities. It is shown that respondents with a higher self-esteem of their own appearance, attach greater importance to how exactly they will be perceived by other people their auto-photos in social networks.

Keywords: self-presentation, non-verbal communication, selfie, social networks, autophoto, selfie.

Youth as a target audience of sanatorium organizations in social networks

YU.V. Pupkova

The article considers SMM as a way of marketing communications of Russian health resorts with target audiences. The purpose of the work was to identify opportunities for promoting a spa and spa product in social media for youth audiences. During the questionnaire survey of students of Kuban State Technical University, the characteristic features of online communication of youth in the social network VKontakte: the subjects of communities of interest to respondents, the frequency of reposting the content of other Internet users and virtual communities were studied. The attitude of respondents towards the prospect of rest in Russian sanatoriums was also studied. It is shown that there are gender differences when young people use the buttons “like” and “repost” in social media. In general, modern youth have a fairly high motivation for rest in Russian health resorts. Therefore, the promotion of a spa product among youth audiences should be included in the strategic plan for marketing online communications of Russian health resorts.

Keywords: sanatorium-resort services, marketing communications, social networks, social media marketing, positioning, target audiences, youth.

Peculiarities of verbal and visual self-representation of personality in virtual communities (on the example of the community of «Acquaintance in Krasnodar» of social network VKontakte)

E.S. Cherdakova, YU.V. Pupkova

The article examines the characteristic features of the self-presentation and social identity of an individual in the Internet space. The study of self-presentation was conducted on the basis of the information provided by users of the virtual community “Dating in Krasnodar” social network VKontakte. The results of the sociological survey were obtained using the method of content analysis of hypertext of user records on the wall of the studied community. The study found that there are gender and age differences in verbal and visual self-presentation of the individual in virtual communities.

Keywords: Internet, social networks, self-presentation, users, verbal self-presentation, visual self-presentation, virtual communities.

Biological activity of N-substituted pyrrolinones and compounds derived from them

S.D. Burlaka, G.F. Muzychenko

The study of N-substituted pyrrolinones for growth-regulating and anti-stress activity by model methods of laboratory screening was carried out. The optimal growth of the activating concentration of drugs was determined. The influence of pyrrolinone derivatives on sowing qualities of winter wheat seeds of Kuban and Pobeda-50 Niva varieties, growth processes and dry mass accumulation in seedlings, potential productivity and resistance of seedlings to water stress was studied.

Keywords: pyrrolinone, growth activity, seedlings, water-stress.

Synthesis of 1-(4-nitrophenyl) – 4-N-alkylpyrrolidones-2

S.D. Burlaka, G.F. Muzychenko

The conditions for the addition of aliphatic and aromatic amines to 1-(4-nitrophenyl)-5H-pyrroline-2-ONU without opening the heterocycle to form 4-alkylamino-1-(4-nitrophenyl)pyrrolidones-2. The structure is proved by IR spectroscopy. The possibility of obtaining 4-Alkylamino-1-(4-nitrophenyl)pyrrolidones-2 by alkaline hydrolysis of N-arylamides 3-N-arylamino-4-amino(4-nitrophenyl)butane acid with subsequent dehydration of intermediate 3-N-benzylamino-4-amino(4-nitrophenyl)butane acid is shown

Keywords: N-alkylpyrrolidones, heterocycles, aromatic and aliphatic amines.

Analysis of changes in the content of succinic acid during the ripening of the grapes

S.D. Burlaka, A.A. Alekseeva, G.F. Muzychenko

The analysis of factors affecting the quality of grapes and products. The concentration of succinic acid in grape varieties Aligote and Moldova. The mass concentration of succinic acid in juices and wines is given. The main ways of synthesis of succinic acid and its transformation in the process of wine maturation are considered.

Keywords: grapes, wine, wine material, organic acids, succinic acid.

Organization of labour protection at the winery when the wine solitarii

ZH.P. Solovieva, S.D. Burlaka, E.S. Dolzhikov, А.А. Alekseeva

The analysis of factors affecting the quality of wine and wine material. The main measures to ensure the safety of workers when working with sulfur dioxide at the winery are proposed. Investigated security requirements before and during the work in sulfitarea wine.

Keywords: wine, quality, labor protection, safety, sulfitation, sulfur dioxide.
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