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Obespecheniye kachestva rabochey poverkhnosti gil’z kristallizatorov MNLZ

N.B. Abramova

The article compares the quality of the working surface of the sleeve of the mold, obtained after turning, and after pulling the mandrel. A study of the microgeometry of the surface of copper shells of the mold after turning and broaching was performed based on international standard DIN4776 using the Abbot curve. Was carried out nonparametric estimation of the profile, which gave the opportunity to establish not only its high-rise and periodic characteristics but also the form of the microrelief, which significantly affects the performance properties of the surface. It is established that the surface of the liner after pulling has a plateau-like relief, resulting in high wear resistance.

Keywords: continuous casting machine of billets, liners, molds, quality, surface layer, surface.

Factors affecting the performance of beet pulp pressing

V.O. Gorodetsky, R.S. Reshetova, S.O. Semenikhin, N.I. Kotlyarevskaya

The interrelation of sugar beet factory departments is not always fully described in the scientific and technical literature. Sugar beet processing indicators controlled at one stage don’t always fully reflect the further course of the technological process in subsequent stages. The article describes the technological parameters controlled at the stage of obtaining the diffusion juice, namely shape of the beet chips, Silin number, modulus of elasticity, pH of the extractant of diffusion process and their subsequent influence on pressing of beet pulp.

Keywords: beet cossettes, pulp, shape of beet cossettes, Silin number, modulus of elasticity, structural and mechanical properties, pressing, energy efficiency.

Factors predetermining technological quality of sugar beet and efficiency of its processing

V.O. Gorodetsky, R.S. Reshetova, S.O. Semenikhin, N.M. Daisheva, I.N. Lyciy, N.I. Kotlyarevskaya, M.M. Usmanov

According to the Union of Sugar Producers “Rossahar”, the selling price per kilogram of sugar in Russia in March 2018 was about 32 rubles, while on the London exchange at the average exchange rate – about 24 rubles. The high cost of domestic product practically completely deprives its competitiveness at the world level. In addition with technical condition of the equipment and the qualification of the personnel, the quality of the sugar beet entering the processing has an important role in the production efficiency. It is impossible to have high production figures at low technological quality of sugar beet. The article compares the main factors influencing the yield of sugar beet, according to the opinion of Russian and German scientists, gives the characteristics of root crops with low technological quality and describes their influence on the technological process.

Keywords: sugar beet, technological quality, yield, sugar content, molasses, herbicides, growth stimulants, sugar loss.

Geodetic network for monitoring the earth’s surface

I.S. Gribkova, A.S. Sukmanyuk

Satellite GLONASS/GPS technologies have shown new ways in many applications, due to its accuracy, global availability and economic efficiency. Among the different types of monitoring of the earth’s surface using satellite navigation systems (SNS) GPS and GLONASS isolated, monitoring of the international terrestrial reference framework, including monitoring of tectonic plates, the Earth orientation parameters of the satellite motion, regional geodynamic network of local geodynamic monitoring of the earth’s surface, water level, surface snow, volcanoes, etc. the article discusses the types of monitoring. The peculiarities of the regional and local monitoring networks. Some examples of work arrays of continuously operating stations. The method of conducting the mixed geodetic measurements or multimode. Examples of regional and local geodynamic networks. Extensive use of GPS measurements is displayed in monitoring seismic events.

Keywords: satellite technology, geodynamic network of the navigation system, local monitoring, cyclic monitoring the baseline GPS receiver, latitude, longitude, and geodetic height.

Features of formation of technical plan of a building

K.S. Gromova, V.V. Bondarenko, N.G. Ovchinnikova

In the preparation of documents for registration of the property, in particular buildings, in the Unified state register of real estate, the technical plan of the building, which is required to provide to the authority the registration statement on the state cadastral account of the corresponding building. Technical plan of a building contains information about the qualitative condition of the property. In the article the features of formation of technical plan of a building that are associated with the introduction of the Federal law dated 13.07.2015 No. 218-FZ “On state registration of real estate”.

Keywords: building, real estate, technical plan, state cadastral registration, cadastral engineer, state registration.

On the standard for the selection of monoliths of weak primes from drilling wells by immediate grant-soils GMT-100 and GMTT-100

V.V. Denisenko, P.A. Lyashenko

For the selection of monoliths of weak soils, many designs of indented soil were created. However, most of the known primers for the selection of monoliths of weak soils do not ensure the preservation of the natural addition of soils in the selected monoliths, they have various design and technological disadvantages. The authors developed indented soil-bearing GMT-100 and GMTT-100 and a standard for the selection of monoliths of weak soils from boreholes with their help. In the standard, the design of the pressed primers GMT-100 and HMTT-100 and the technology of selection of monoliths of weak soils with their help are given. The efficiency of GMT-100 and GMTT-100 ground-bearers is confirmed by the results of their use at production facilities of the SevKavTISIZ enterprise for engineering and construction surveys for the selection of monoliths of weak soils in combination with static sounding at the same sites.

Keywords: soil massif, weak soils, borehole, soil monolith, safety of natural soil formation, pressed priming.

Increase of energy efficiency of the greenhouse complex

E.V. Kocharyan, E.D. Skiba, A.I. Manrikyan

A significant increase in efficiency of the boiler during the heating season (mainly due to the reduction of losses of heat with leaving gases) can be achieved through the development of the algorithm of the best performance of the combined operation of individual boilers. In this paper we propose to use specific computational algorithm, implemented in the environment of Mathcad for optimal load of a boiler. This algorithm can be incorporated into the controller that controls the operation of a boiler with any power . This will allow to save a considerable amount of fuel without additional capital investments.

Keywords: boilers, increase boiler efficiency, the algorithm for choosing the optimal load, saving fuel.

Evaluation of economic effectiveness of application of feed concentrate containing a complex of biologically active substances, at feedinglaying hens

R.W. Kazaryan, M.V. Lukyanenko, A.S. Borodikhin, A.A. Fabritskaya, A.N. Matviyenko

The estimation of economic efficiency from application of a fodder concentrate at introduction in the basic ration in accordance with the methods used in domestic and European practice was carried out. It was found that the European coefficient of efficiency, the efficiency index according to T. Tushekov and A. Korovushkin, and the efficiency index for the production of eggs for laying hens in the experimental group is higher than in the control group; – the most fully market situation in assessing the economic efficiency of the use of feed concentrate in egg poultry breeding reflects the methodology of the egg production efficiency index, according to which the profitability of egg production of the experimental group is 43.98% (without taking into account the costs of the repair flock with the duration of the experiment from the moment of the beginning of laying 2 days ), which is 68.18% higher than in the control one.

Keywords: economic efficiency, feed conversion, egg category, egg weight, productivity.

Methods of ground testing with a constant load speed and constant speed of deformation

E.V. Kravchenko, V.V. Denisenko, I.V. Budagov, P.A. Lyashenko

The standard method of compressive soil compression, which consists in applying a load on the ground with steps with each holding to stabilize the deformation of the soil, is simple in implementation, but does not correspond to the loading regime of the foundation soil during construction, in which the load increases in time almost continuously. The method of constant loading speed (PSS method) allows to analyze in more detail the compressibility of soils, using the rate of deformation of soils and the cyclic nature of its changes. The method of constant deformation rate makes it possible to analyze the cyclicity of the change in the ground force reaction to the load. The greatest correspondence to the regimes of loading the foundation soils during construction is provided by the SPE method.

Keywords: stepwise increasing load, constantly increasing load, constant strain rate, soil sample, sample sediment.

Analysis of the effectiveness of the modified genetic duelist algorithm

V.A. Chastikova, A.I. Mitugov

In this article, a study of the effectiveness of one of the heuristic optimization algorithms – a new a modified genetic duelist algorithm – was conducted. For this purpose, a software package with the ability to control various initial parameters of algorithms has been developed, it’s aimed at performing a comparative analysis of the method under consideration with the classical duelist algorithm, the duelist algorithm, the particle swarm method, and the classical genetic algorithm. A comparative analysis of their productivity was carried out in the context of searching for global optima of 7 multi-extremal functions having landscapes of varying complexity. As criteria of efficiency, the speed and accuracy of searching for the global optimum of objective functions were taken. The proposed modified genetic method of duels has shown the greatest efficiency in most of the objective functions: it copes well with the optimization of both unimodal and multiextremal tasks and can be applied to solve problems of optimization, design, classification, and etc.

Keywords: heuristic algorithm, global optimization, modified genetic duelist algorithm, duelist algorithm, flower pollination algorithm, particle swarm algorithm, genetic algorithm.

Energy efficient third type diagram for movement of executive body of precision dc electric drive

YU.P. Dobrobaba, G.A. Koshkin, V.P. Sinyuk

In this article submitted energy efficient third type diagram for movement of executive body of precision dc electric drive, which consist of 14 stage. Algorithms for determining the parameters of the diagrams are given for different cases: if the maximum values of the first, second and third derivatives of the angular velocity are equal to the admissible values; if the maximum values of the first, second and third derivatives of the angular velocity are equal to the the admissible values and the durations of the first and fifth stages are equal; if the maximum values of the first, second and third derivatives of the angular velocity are equal to the admissible values, and the duration of the fourth and eleventh stages is zero; if the maximum values of the angular velocity and its derivatives are equal to the admissible values; if the maximum values of the first, second and third derivatives of the angular velocity are equal to the admissible values, the durations of the first and fifth stages are equal and the duration of the fourth and eleventh stages is zero; if the maximum values of the angular velocity and its derivatives are equal to the admissible values and the duration of the first and fifth stages are equal; if the maximum values of the angular velocity and its derivatives are equal to the admissible values and the duration of the fourth and eleventh stages is zero. The analytical dependences of electric power, consumed by anchor circuit, on specified movement of electric drive’s executive body and it parameters are gotten.

Keywords: precision electric drive, movement of executive body of electric drive, energy efficient diagram, electric power.

Modeling and automation of arbitrage trading problem

M.P. Malykhina, V.A. Tokarev

In this paper the problem of searching of arbitrage situations on electronic trading platforms is discussed. Solution of such problem is one of main the strategies of high frequency trading. Formalization and strict description of problem is important part on software product development. There are not enough formal math models for detecting such sort of situations in literature. In research we describe important parts of business domain, give example of state exchange market by which such kind of strategies are working, design simple math model of arbitrage trading in terms of graph theory. Significant parameters of system state are presented in a form of math formulas. The algorithm of arbitrage searching problem is implemented by Python programming language.

Keywords: Math modeling, electronic trading, arbitrage.

Closing to the optimal speed diagram for small changes in the angular speed of the executive organ of the precision dc power electric

YU.P. Dobrobaba, G.A. Koshkin, V.A. Оvsienko

The article presents a diagram for short-time optimal speed diagram for small changes in the angular velocity of the executive body of a precision DC electric drive, consisting of three stages. A mathematical support has been obtained that makes it possible to determine the parameters of a three-stage diagram close to the fastest optimal one for small changes in the angular velocity of the executive body of a precision electric drive of direct current.

Keywords: three-stage close to the optimal speed diagram, small changes in angular velocity, actuator of the electric drive, precision electric drive of direct current.

Phase equilibrium in binary mixtures water – 1-butanol and ethanol – 1-butanol

T.G. Korotkova, A.A. Glytyan

A comparison of the phase equilibrium in the systems of vapor – liquid and liquid – liquid of the literature experimental data with the calculated models obtained by the group composition of UNIQUAC and NRTL for heteroazeotropic mixture “water – 1-butanol” and non – azeotropic mixture “ethanol-1-butanol” at atmospheric pressure. Both models accurately predict the equilibrium in the vapor – liquid system. The relative error of calculation of the azeotrope point is about 5%. The parameters of the NRTL model are predicted by the properties of pure components. Good quantitative and qualitative agreement between experimental and calculated data is obtained. The compositions of the equilibrium phases with delamination of the “water – 1-butanol” mixture are described with a large error when using the NRTL method.

Keywords: water – 1-butanol, ethanol – 1-butanol, phase equilibrium, distillation, delamination.

Phase equilibrium of the mixture of water – 1-butanol – ethanol

T.G. Korotkova, A.A. Glytyan

The calculated data of the equilibrium compositions of the “water – 1-butanol – ethanol” splitting mixture are calculated using the NRTL method at various temperatures at atmospheric pressure. As the energy parameters of the binary interaction, the built-in parameters of the Hysys package, designed for modeling complex chemical-technological systems, as well as parameters predicted by the parameters of intergroup interaction of the UNIFAC model, are adopted. Calculations are made in the language of Borland Pascal. The calculated data are compared with the literature experimental data obtained on the basis of modern methods of analysis of equilibrium compositions. The best description at low temperatures gives the predicted parameters, but the heterogeneous region under the binodal curve is overestimated. According to the experimental data, at a concentration of ethanol in the mixture above 12% mole, the “water – 1-butanol – ethanol” mixture is homogeneous.

Keywords: water - 1-butanol - ethanol, phase equilibrium, delamination.

The formation of an innovative approach in modern higher school: theoretical aspect

M.A. Lavrent'eva, I.I. Gaevskaya

The article deals with the problems of modern higher education connected with the need to apply an innovative approach to the system of higher education. The main attention is paid to the analysis of those characteristics that modern high school shows in the context of globalization, integration and informatization. It is noted that knowledge is the main engine of the country’s economic growth, and a new era of globalization that began at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries challenged the traditional education system. This marked the beginning of theoretical studies of the problem of introducing innovative practices in the national higher school. The conclusion is made that knowledge and innovations, in the process of their practical application, are increasingly a source of profit, and the use of an innovative approach in the educational process contributes to the formation of research qualities and skills, and, ultimately, a person that meets the needs of the information society.

Keywords: higher school, higher education, innovative approach, innovative technologies, quality of education, state educational policy, integration, teaching methods.

Sоcial-economic situation of the peasants in the post-war period, 1946-1953 (on the materials of the Non-Black earth region of Russia)

E.E. Nikolaev

The author of the presented material reveals the main causes of the agrarian crisis in the country in the post-war period and shows that the main reason for the slow pace of its development was the agrarian policy of the Soviet government, manifested in pumping funds from the village, imposing administrative bureaucratic forms of leadership in the agrarian sector, farms of peasants, as well as in maintaining an unsatisfactory system of organizing production and wages.

Keywords: agrarian sector, homestead farm, state farms and collective farms, administrative apparatus, procurement prices, workdays, agricultural tax.

International relationships covering in Russian President speeches (on the example of great press conference with Vladimir Putin and direct line with Vladimir Putin)

S.K. Pchegatluk, A.I. Lysenko

The article is devoted to interest of Russian population in international politics problems. This interest generates pervasive coverage of international policy issues in various media. There are also forms of dialogue between population and authorities: a direct line with President and a big press conference. Here people can ask questions and inquire about official position of authorities on subjects of interest to citizens. In survey process content analysis of the Great Press Conference with Vladimir Putin and the Direct Line with Vladimir Putin transcripts as indicators of people’s interest were conducted. The most interesting for people themes, including international relationships were found out. As a result the conclusions of relevance of foreign policy for people are drawn. So the topic should be covered both in media and in dialogue form of population and authority.

Keywords: Russia’s foreign policy, great press conference with Putin, direct line with Putin, the President of Russian Federation.

Features of development of cadastrovo-estimation works in Ancient Egypt

A.S. Pshelintseva

The purpose of the article is to investigate by the narrative method the skills of compiling and maintaining the first known land cadastral systems for the most rational management of the modern cadastre. An example is taken of Ancient Egypt. The land sciences of Egyptian priests – geodesy, geometry, irrigation farming, etc., have been so named, adopted, ordered and supplemented by the ancient Greeks and subsequently by the Romans. The first land lists were recorded in the time of the first pharaohs in the fourth millennium BC. Subsequently, the classification of soil types was carried out depending on yield (kait, tany, neheb, etc.) and subsequently had a more detailed justified structure. A distinctive feature of the land system of Ancient Egypt was the high yield as the main feature of the type of management “Asian way of production”, described by Karl Marx.

Keywords: land cadastre, Ancient Egypt, geodesy, geometry, soil quality, soil composition, Asian mode of production, irrigation system.

The legal status and applicability of the institute “sanctions” in labor law

K.S. Kuzko, V.D. Zazhigina, I.A. Khronova

The paper deals with the problem of perception and application of such measures as “sanctions” in Labor law. The authors conclude about the independence of the existence and applicability of sanctions in the system of labor law. The signs encouraging sanctions, defined. The article presents the results of empirical analysis of the obtained sociological data by conducting a survey of employees of the Kuban state Technological University and the state Archive of Krasnodar Region. The main purpose of the survey was to study the importance of the work of employees of these organizations – sanctions, as well as their applicability in practice. In the questionnaire, attention is paid to the perception and applicability of different types of labor sanctions in their work. A separate block of questions, allowing to evaluate the existing sanctions in the labor market. When writing the article, the purpose was formulated, empirical methods and General scientific methods were used.

Keywords: sanction, norms of law, labor law, promotion, labor relations.

Formation of image of student trade union organizations in social networks

D.A. Shipulin, YU.V. Pupkova

In the article features of formation of image of student youth communities in social media are considered. The necessity of image management and formation of communication channels with target audiences in social networks for modern educational organizations is grounded. A comparative analysis of the content and communicative parameters of two virtual communities in the social network VKontakte: the primary trade union organization of students of the Kuban State Technological University and the primary trade union organization of students of the Kuban State University. The study revealed significant differences in these communities in terms of the number, activity of subscribers and ways to promote information, outlined areas for improving online communications of the universities in question with their target audiences.

Keywords: image, social networks, student trade union organizations.

Study of impact of enterprises for storage of oil and petroleum products on the atmosphere

S.D. Burlaka, N.D. Kozina

The analysis of the sources of pollution of atmospheric air and emitted pollutants from storage depots to meet modern requirements and the established standards of emissions. It is shown that the tank farm meets the basic requirements of environmental safety and can be operated for a long time. On the basis of calculations it is established that the change in the amount of emitted substances on the sources is insignificant and corresponds to the emission standards of pollutants into the atmospheric air, so the oil depot does not require the installation of additional dust and gas cleaning equipment.

Keywords: reservoir, emissions, tank farm, fuel oil, oil, volatile hydrocarbons.

Analysis of quantum chemical calculations of molecular parameters 1 – (4-sulfonylphenyl)pyrroline-2-on

S.D. Burlaka, G.F. Muzychenko

A study of the molecule 1-(4-sulfonylphenyl)pyrroline-2-she was carried out to study the reactivity by methods AM1 and MINDO3. The qualitative characteristics of the molecule are considered and the lengths of the bonds of the magnitude of charges and angles are determined. The comparative characteristic of the methods is studied and the good convergence of the obtained results is shown. New reaction centers promising for further chemical research have been identified.

Keywords: dipole moments, torsion angles, coupling length, charge, methods AM1, MINDO 3, substituents.

Analysis of the influence of acidity on wine quality and stability

S.D. Burlaka, G.F. Muzychenko, A.A. Alekseeva

The analysis of the influence of wine on the human body. The main components affecting the quality of wine are studied. It is shown that the acidity of wines affects their stability, and phenolic acids contained in the composition of wine, protect from external factors and form the flavors and aromas of wine, while maintaining its quality and color. Found that the active acidity of wines is usually in the range of 2.8 to 3.6 and titratable acidity in the range of 3.0-8.0 g/dm3 in terms of tartaric acid. Possible variants of regulation of acidity of wines and a mower are offered.

Keywords: wine, organic acids, acidity, wort, oxidation, taste.
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