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Relationship analysis between physicochemical and biochemical indicators of the grapes used for winemaking

S.N. Cherviak

The paper demonstrate analysis results by physicochemical and biochemical indicators. 94 lots of grape varieties have been analyzed. We established dependencies among the indices of carbohydrate-acid complex of the grapes: pH from mass concentration of titrated acids (r = -0.86), phenolic substanced in the must from technological reserve in the berries (r = 0.83), monophenol-monooxygenase activity from pH (r = 0.73) and sugar mass concentration (r = -0.71). The regularities obtained allow us to control the oxidation-reduction processes and to select the optimal regimes and parameters for grapes processing.

Keywords: gluco-acidometric index; industrial ripeness index; pH; phenolic substanced; monophenol-monooxygenase.

On the standard for the selection of monoliths of landing grounds from the dudoks inserted side gruntonose GBM-1

V.V. Denisenko, P.A. Lyashenko

Existing grousers have drawbacks that reduce their effectiveness, especially when selecting subsidence grounds. A lateral primer of GBM-1 and a standard for the selection of monoliths of subsidence ground from pipes have been developed. The lateral priming of GBM-1 ensures the preservation of the natural addition of subsidence in the selected monoliths from a depth of up to 20 m (the coefficient of correlation in the density of the skeleton of soils with monoliths selected by the reference method was 0.954), excludes the worker’s descent into the pipe, the use of wall supports and forced ventilation of the pipes ; reduces the tunneling work in each pipe by 1 m; increases by 4-6 times the productivity of sampling monoliths of soils from the pipes as compared to the selection manually. The standard can be used to study the properties of subsidence and non-shrinkage soils for buildings and structures with an increased level of responsibility.

Keywords: soil massif, subsidence ground, soil monolith, safety of natural soil composition, pressed soil.

Improvement of the method of estimation of the carrier performance of pile in the foundation of the facility

V.V. Denisenko, P.A. Lyashenko

The shortcomings of the standard method for estimating the bearing capacity of piles by the method of stepwise increasing load are noted, in which the pressing load on the natural or standard pile is applied in steps with each time delay until the conditional stabilization of the pile settles, which does not correspond to the loading of piles in the foundation during the construction of structures, increases almost constantly. A description is given of the technique developed by the authors for estimating the load-carrying capacity of piles in the foundation of a structure by testing a standard pile using the ever-increasing load method. The technique approximates the conditions of testing the reference pile to the conditions of the natural pile in the foundation of the structure, increases the reliability and accuracy of determining the bearing capacity of the natural pile in the foundation of the structure, reduces labor costs in testing, and thus creates a certain practical and economic effect.

Keywords: field pile, reference pile, pressing load, soils, stabilization of pile settling, foundation of the structure.

Analysis of possibility of application of polistirolbeton in filler panels

V.A. Kirichenko, I.S. Lebedev

The use of panels in construction, which began in the last century, continues to actively develop in Russia and abroad. Especially actively panels are applied in large-panel housing construction and in construction from volume blocks. On the basis of Portland cement binder panels of light type are mainly made of expanded clay concrete. At precast plants and plants of volumetric housing construction at the initial stage of the construction industry, the panels were made of a merged structure.

Keywords: penopolistirolbeton (PPSB), concrete block.

Application frp-rebar in the construction of the krasnodar region

V.A. Kirichenko, I.S. Lebedev

The use of basalt material in the form of fibers or basalt rebar is actively used in the last decade. In the field of structural materials science has received a development direction by the use of effective composite materials. The basis of these materials are polymeric, ceramic, carbon, fiberglass, basalt and other materials employed in the body of the concrete as the matrix.

Keywords: basalt rebar, basalt fiber rebar stekloplastikovyh.

Objectives of the study the influence of external reinforcement prochnosti wall reinforced concrete beams

E.М. Greshkina , V. P. Pochinok

Strengthening of thin-walled reinforced concrete structures it is recommended to perform by installing additional shear reinforcement – vertical or overhead clamps prestressed hose clamps. The experiments carried out at the Kuban state University, showed that the formula for the calculation of reinforced concrete structures to the action of shear forces, given the rules, gives significantly overstated the estimated results. This is due to the large number of design and load factors to be considered when developing the calculation methods. Today is not the method of calculation of increment of bearing capacity of reinforced steel rebar structures. It is necessary to develop calculation methodologies for strengthening thin wall reinforced concrete beams built on physical models of reinforced concrete.

Keywords: strengthening, reinforced concrete bending elements, thin walled structures, reinforced steel, composite materials, bearing capacity.

Definition of the subsidence, filtration coefficient and the shear resistance of a macroporous soil with the help of field laboratory by I. M. Litvinov pLL-9

M.A. Pastukhov, A.S. Sukmanyuk

In order to accelerate the characterization of soils for construction of objects of different complexity for many years used the equipment included in the laboratory I. M. Litvinov. The samples produced directly on the building site, immediately fall to the test, which significantly reduces the time of research and reduces their cost.
The article describes the procedure for determining the amount of relative subsidence of macroporous clay soils. Describes the order of selection of the monoliths and their testing in the compression device. The formulas for determining the relative subsidence. To assess the impact of groundwater on underground construction is necessary to determine the filtration coefficient of the soil. Devices field laboratory successfully cope with it.
For the determination of soil stability, an important indicator is the amount of shear resistance. Given the test procedure on the basis of which calculate the main parameters of shear, angle of internal friction and cohesion.
Appliances and equipment included in the lab are constantly evolving, so the relevance of their functions, it has not lost and has been successfully used in investigations of the construction of modern facilities.

Keywords: lab equipment, samples of soils, shear testing, monoliths, water saturation, compression, friction angle, cohesion.

Optimal speed dynamics of displacement of the executive body of the dc power electric with elastic valve with the limitations of maximum and minimum current values and the fourth-four speed dimension

YU.P. Dobobaba, GA. Koshkin, A.V. Cherkasov

The article presents the optimal speed diagram for the average displacements of the executive body of a DC electric drive with an elastic shafting with the limitations of the maximum and minimum current values and the fourth derivative of the velocity. For the speed-optimal diagram of the displacement of the actuator of a DC electric drive with an elastic shafting with the limitations of the maximum and minimum current values and the fourth derivative, the parameters are defined. The region of existence of the optimal speed diagram for the displacement of the executive body of a DC electric drive with an elastic shafting with the limitations of the maximum and minimum values of the current and the fourth derivative of the velocity is found. A numerical experiment is performed, based on the results of which the dependences of the duration of the cycle of the actuator’s actuator from the given displacement (the angle of rotation) for different values of the fourth derivative of the velocity are constructed.

Keywords: elastic shafting, speed-optimal displacement of the actuator of the electric drive, limitation on the maximum current value, limitation on the minimum value of the current..

The synthesis of the astatic second order system of automatic control of the position of the actuator dc electric drive with a standard regulatory

YU.P. Dobrobaba, N.YA. Prokhorenko, G.A. Koshkin

Currently, the enterprises of the Russian Federation uses the automatic control system (ATS) the position of the actuator DC electric drive with standard controllers (includes: proportional integral current regulator, proportional integral speed regulator, filter loop speed and proportional position controller) that provides the astaticism of the first order. In this paper the synthesis of astatic of the second order SAR the position of the actuator DC electric drive with a standard controller. In this case, instead of the proportional position controller is introduced: proportional integral control of the position and the filter position loop. The proposed SAR position allows you to work without static error linearly increasing modulus of the actuator.

Keywords: electric motor drives; direct current; astatic; SAR.

Modeling of the electric starter of the car

D.A. Gorokhov

Creation of educational-laboratory base with limited funding that does not require significant costs, is an urgent task. This problem is currently being addressed through the use of different simulators. A special attraction are the free software tools that you can just get from the developer’s site. The article considers the problem of investigation of the Electromechanical characteristics of the electric starter using the program “Living physics”. This program is a Russian version of the training program for physics Interactive Rus and for residents of Russia is free. The simulation results have been obtained, allowing to conclude that the developed model of the electric starter allows you to explore its Electromechanical characteristics.

Keywords: starter, Electromechanical characteristics, electromagnetic power, shaft speed of the starter, motor generator set, generator, rectifier, voltage regulator, voltage model the threshold.

Simulation of car battery starter

D.A. Gorokhov

Creation of educational-laboratory base to study the car electrical system seems to be very urgent. This is achieved through the use of laboratory stands and installations of individual elements of the electrical equipment of the vehicle. In this case, the laboratory equipment has a high enough price. An alternative way to solve this problem is to use the virtual laboratory stands that use different systems of computer modeling. A special attraction are free software, that you can just get from the developer’s site. Describes a problem where a study of the characteristics of the starter battery with a live Physics “. This program is the Russian version of Interactive physics training program Rhysics Russian residents and is free. During the modelling results have been obtained to make a conclusion that the developed model battery Starter allows you to explore its characteristics.

Keywords: starter battery, starter battery characteristics, current-voltage characteristic, capacity range characteristics, power, vydeljaemaemaja with battery discharge characteristics of discharge of the battery.

Analysis of hazardous and harmful production factors in the workshop of metalworking industrial enterprises

V. V. Engovatova, N.S. Davydov

The analysis of dangerous and harmful factors in the production of various metal structures in the metal shop in an industrial plant. Installed potentially harmful and dangerous production factors for various production processes. Proposed measures to avoid or reduce the harmful effects of dangerous and harmful production factors on workers employed in the manufacture of steel structures. Presents the analysis of peculiarities of functioning of technological equipment in different manufacturing processes offer a number of measures for prevention and control of occupational diseases at the company’s impact on employees negative factors. Also examines the impact of hazardous and harmful physical industrial factors on the workers engaged in the manufacture of steel structures. Proposed measures to protect personnel from harmful and dangerous production factors.

Keywords: harmful and dangerous production factors, measures to ensure safe working conditions, working conditions.

Prospects of formation of the stable parameters of electricity responsible for industrial enterprises, as the basis of safety production

V.V. Engovatova, V.V. Shemyakin, A.I., Gaidamaka

Presents an analysis of the promising groups of stable parameters of electricity, problems that arise when implementing these options. Shows a block diagram of uninterrupted power supply systems, including the source of the external network back-up power, the emergency source, voltage stabilizer, rectifiers, inverters. With these devices, and is assured and quality electricity supply of responsible consumers. Shows a diagram of voltage stabilizer and frequency in direct frequency Converter (NHR) used to stabilize the frequency and voltage specified consumers. The use of a part of the control system of NHR-phase-three-phase transformer with a rotating magnetic field and the reactor with the control winding, can significantly increase the effectiveness of his work in asymmetric modes. Given basic information with which to select the most suitable stabilizer of the energy parameters.

Keywords: uninterrupted power, uninterrupted power supply, stable energy parameters.

The assessment of the modern sanitary-ecological state of the territory of krasnoarmeisky district of Krasnodar region

B.А. Khakhuk, F.I. Smolina, А.М. Аkhmetov

In the article the characteristic of municipal formation Krasnoarmeysky district. Considered in detail the ecological status of surface and groundwater, soils, flora and fauna. Identifies factors that negatively affect the environment, including: physical soil degradation (water erosion, soil fertility, waterlogging, salinity), lack of water protection zones, protective strips, coastal erosion, negative impact of production enterprises, lack of organization of sanitary-protective zones, and negative impact of the transport infrastructure. Sanitary-ecological assessment of the territory has allowed us to make conclusions about its satisfactory condition. It is proposed a complex of environmental companies, such as: drainage, consolidation of slopes and anti-erosion measures. The necessary measures to enhance funds for sanitary cleaning of the territory and the disposal of waste, and also to increase the area of green plantings in territories of settlements.

Keywords: sanitary-ecological condition assessment, environmental enterprises, soil egradation, Krasnoarmeysky district.

Prospects for the use of bentonite in the production of animal feed and premixes

E.V. Solovyova, Zh.P. Solovyova

The article discusses issues related to the future use of the bentonite in the production of animal feed and premixes. Given the indicators of quality of bentonite, affect the optimization of some physical and mechanical properties of mixed fodders and premixes. Input bentonite improve some biochemical parameters of blood of animals.

Keywords: bentonite, feed, premixes, biologically active substances, mineral Supplement.

Study of application of combined solar collectors in the branch of oao kubanenergo “sochi electric networks”

E.G. Armaganyan, V.V. Dvornyy, V.V. Kovalev, B.S. Litash, V.A. Lebedev, S.A. Podgornyy, A.I. Reshetnyak, D.A. Bebko

Purpose – the use of non-conventional energy sources particularly in combination th the solar collectors (generation of electric and thermal energy in a single device) a branch of JSC Kubanenergo “Sochi electric networks”

Keywords: combined solar collector unit, insolation, energy efficiency.

Features of the formation and setting of cadastral records of specially protected areas

A.V.Osennyaya, I.S. Gribkova, D.A. Gorenko, Y.A. Savinova

In this article, the authors consider the features of the formation and staging of specially protected natural territories for state cadastral registration. The state cadastre of specially protected natural areas is conducted to assess the state of the nature reserve fund, to determine the prospects for the development of the network of these territories, to increase the effectiveness of state control over compliance with the relevant regime, and to take into account these territories when planning the socio-economic development of the regions. The lands of specially protected natural areas include lands of state nature reserves, including biosphere reserves, state nature reserves, national parks, nature monuments, nature parks, botanical gardens, dendrological parks, territories of traditional nature management of indigenous small peoples of the North, Siberia and Dal- Of the East of the Russian Federation, as well as lands of medical and sanitary localities and resorts.

Keywords: cadastral registration, cadastre, land plots, formation, post-registration, specially protected areas.

The transition to a unified tax on real estate

A.V. Osennyaya, D.A. Gura, Y.A. Savinova, V.O. Serebryakova

This article examines the issues of transition to a unified tax on real estate. One of the main directions of the development of the tax policy in the Russian Federation is the introduction of a single real estate tax on the territory of the country, which will replace the tax levied on individuals’ property and land tax currently levied on citizens. The basis for calculating future tax is the cadastral value of real estate objects, currently estimated by appraisers based on market information using mass valuation methods. The introduction of a single tax on real estate is closely connected with the formation of the idea of real estate as a single object. The tax system of the Russian Federation comes in a state of permanent reform, one of the important areas of which is the taxation of real estate of individuals. The development of the draft property tax was executed by the Government of the Russian Federation for 10 years. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation published the main elements of the planned tax. The authors of the reform planned to approximate the taxation of real estate in Russia to the main models implemented in most economically developed countries. A namely – to unite the land with the buildings, structures on it, into a single object for taxation purposes.

Keywords: real estate, single tax, cadastre assessment, land tax, cadastre value.

Domestic culture – indicator of social differentiation in china xix – the beginning of the xx century: notices of travelers

Yu.G. Blagoder

The article presents fragments of archival documents and written testimonies of Russian and European scientists, diplomats, travelers (E. Varteg, J. Mcgowan, V.P. Vasiliev, G.E. Grumm-Grzhimailo, P.Ya. Piasecki, I.Ya. Korostovets, N.N. Balcashin), who visited China in the XIX – early XX century. The main attention is paid to unique descriptions of Chinese life that help to present the structure of Chinese society, to reveal the differences in the culture of the poor and rich sections of society. Russian and Chinese cultures are compared.

Keywords: the Russian Empire, the Chinese Empire, Chinese culture, Russian travelers, Russian foreign policy; Russian-Chinese relations.

Abortion as a social phenomenon

O.B. Zikova, N.V. Khlabystova

The article considers the problem of abortion as a social phenomenon, which has a long history and remains relevant today for many countries. The history of abortiona as in Russia and in the world. The article considers the reasons for forcing women to resort to the procedure abortionist. Among the main causes of abortion in the world of authors, there are: unwanted pregnancy, teenage pregnancy, low education level of women, the social situation in the country, medical records. The authors also consider measures to prevent abortions: “week of silence”; “crisis centers”; establishment or improvement of family planning services; improve education and the teaching of sex education; dissemination of contraceptives. The authors come to the conclusion that to reduce the number of abortions in the country only in the case of adoption of a particular set of measures.

Keywords: abortion, history of abortion, causes of abortion, prevention of abortion.

Multidimensional mathematical model of optimal control labour market

S.V. Kislyakov

It is proposed to use the apparatus of mathematical optimal control theory in the development and implementation of state regulation of the labor market for a diversified economy. A multi-dimensional mathematical model, which is based on the quadratic functional integral type. It allows for the minimization of the smallest imbalance in the labor market a diversified economy by the end of the specified time period, provided the minimum total imbalance for the entire period.

Keywords: optimal control, the labor market, the capacity of the labor market, diversified economy.

Medical technologies as a crisis permission tool. Why clauses of the mediator to pr-specialist

A.A. Smirnova

The article is devoted to the mediator’s toolkit in the work of a PR specialist. In order to correctly prepare the company’s media face when answering uncomfortable questions and resolving conflict situations, it is necessary to use some technologies from the media space. An important question that needs to be answered in the course of this work is that the toolkit of a PR specialist is obliged to borrow mediator technologies or they are initially similar and a mediator – a profession resulting from the specialty PR. The basis for the analysis of modern processes and trends in the field of Public Relations can serve as the empirical material given in this paper. With further development of the topic, it is possible to focus on a historical retrospective of concepts, to reveal their genesis.

Keywords: mediator, mediation, PR, PR-specialist tools, media technologies, public relations, Public-Relations.

Means of expressiveness in advertising texts brand «Сoldrex»

A.V. Kankina, A.S. Bochkareva

In the article considers the problem of the use of of means of expressiveness such as metaphor, hyperbole, paraphrases and comparisons in advertising texts. As an example, for research of the experience of their application has been taken by «Coldrex». The research includes a description of trails, as well as the role they play and what is used in advertising. Of particular interest is the author’s opinion is kind of activity of the organization, which has an impact on the choice of of means of expressiveness in advertising texts. This company produces medicines, so advertising has specific features. Typically, in each text of this company is present figurative metaphor that represents the enemy – “disease” which fights “Coldrex”. It is concluded that advertising image created with the help of expressive means, dynamic, mobile. It is therefore important to choose the right means of expression for the ad text, so that it became attractive for audience interested and stimulated her to purchase the advertised product.

Keywords: metaphor, hyperbole, comparison, paraphrase, advertising text, company "Coldrex".

Promotion of measures for the protection of national cultural heritage, methods and techniques of pr in the context of globalization


The article raises the problem of influence of globalization on national cultural component of modern society. Defined the main objects of the impact of globalization as a process of world economic, political and cultural integration and unification. The purpose of the study is to show the role and importance of promotion of measures for the protection of national cultural heritage, methods and techniques of PR in new historical, cultural and political conditions. It is concluded that a careful application of PR tools, able to preserve and multiply national cultural heritage, to arm the younger generation is promising, with positive ideas on building relationships between cultures in the context of globalization on the principles of consensus and pluralism.

Keywords: national cultural heritage, methods and techniques of PR, globalization, integration, culture, higher education, youth policy, community organizations, education.

Advertising and piar in integrated communication

V.O. Orlova, A.S. Bochkareva

This article examines advertising and PR as types of communication in the modern world. Their impact on the individual components of society and on the whole society is considered. Positive and negative aspects of advertising and PR are given, examples of the influence of social advertising on people are given. Presented some information about McDonald’s. It is noted that the public attitude towards itself and the environment is one of the most important topics in the modern world. It is the time that must be able to differentiate information competently, and most importantly independently.

Keywords: advertising, public relations, social advertising, restaurant chain, ecology, health.

PR-tools to enhance the image of fc “Krasnodar” and increase attendance of home games

G.M. Bezbedov

The article is based on the goal – to show the importance of working with the image as one of the main ways to promote the football club. The representation of a sports organization in this field plays a special role at the present stage of the development of information channels. Refusal from active use of PR in the formation of a football club brand, or insufficient positioning in the information space reduces the effectiveness of interaction with the target audience. This is especially noticeable in “communication” with the younger generation, which actively uses social networks as one of the main channels of communication and positioning. Promotion of the football club through various PR-actions is an important task, which is reflected in this article. A competent combination of work with social networks and the media, the conduct of events and the creation of favorable conditions allows solving many issues related to the positioning of the club’s brand, the strengthening of its image. Active study of these issues allows us to better understand the possibilities of using modern methods of promoting the football club, which allows us to keep closer contact with the target audience, ready for dialogue and close interaction, which allows us to obtain both reputational and commercial benefits. Thus, the material presented is an opportunity to explore existing opportunities and new trends in the use of PR in the sports field, in football in particular.

Keywords: football, football club, PR, social networks, media, image, target audience, communication channels, information field.

Socialist propaganda and agitation in Russia in the period of revolutions and the formation of the soviet power

D.D. Yushchuk, A.S. Bochkareva

The article deals with socialist propaganda and agitation during the revolutions of 1917 and the first years of the establishment of Soviet power in Russia. Particular attention is paid to the propaganda of the Social-Democratic Party of Bolsheviks. It is emphasized that initially propaganda was used by the representatives of the socialist parties as a means of struggle for power, but during the Civil War propaganda becomes a means of manipulating the public consciousness in the struggle between opposing military and political forces. The agitation and propaganda activities of the Bolsheviks were quite diverse, including, among other things, visual agitation, oral propaganda, and propaganda with the help of media.

Keywords: political propaganda, agitation, "image of the enemy", political culture, political consciousness, ideology.

Viral marketing is one of the types of communication

E.A. Timofeeva, A.S. Bochkareva

The article talks about what viral marketing is one of the effective advertising communications to date. There are many types of promoting products and services through viral ideas. Focuses on the fact that this sector is constantly evolving and there is something new and unusual something that did not exist previously. It is concluded that viral advertising is very effective and free communication channel.

Keywords: viral marketing, viral idea, viral Internet marketing, advertising, promotion, video.

Application of pr-technologies in promotion of artists on the modern art market

M.A. Lavrenteva, V.N. Petreeva

The article presents a study on the use of a standard PR-technologies in contemporary art and their adaptation to the realities of the Russian art business. The purpose of the study is to show that practical use of the PR Toolkit promotes artists on the contemporary art market, making it more diverse. In the paper it notes that the yield on the contemporary art market is a challenge for many young artists, which is associated with competition in the field of fine art, with difficulties in creation of the unique image of the artist, with illiterate use of methods and techniques of PR. It is concluded that the contemporary art market public relations take the character of widespread use and promote artists on the contemporary art market.

Keywords: art market, artist, gallery, dealer, PR-technology, Internet, exhibition, project.

The methods and techniques use modern media to promote healthy lifestyles

M.A. Lavrenteva

The article presents a study on the use of modern media methods and techniques that contribute to the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The purpose of this study was to examine publications related to the subject of health and to perform the process of designing a healthy lifestyle through the prism of modern media. The study explores the concept of “healthy lifestyle”, describes the features of traditional media and “new media associated with the growth in popularity and availability, as well as the development of the Internet. Revealed the methods and techniques use modern media to promote healthy lifestyles. It is concluded that a healthy lifestyle becomes the ideological trend of recent years and the modern mass media plays a leading role in advancing a healthy and responsible attitude to life.

Keywords: modern mass media, healthy lifestyle, Internet, bloggers, methods and techniques, media technology, new media, social media, youth.

Advertising and information promotion of craudfanding projects

M.M. Movsisyan

The article defines crowbanding and notes that its main advantage over other means of seeking funds is the breadth of the audience’s coverage of potential sponsors. The principles of project promotion on the Internet are considered. The main stages of the crowd campaign are analyzed. In conclusion, the assumption is made that crowdfunding can become a driver of the Russian economy.

Keywords: kraudfanding, start-up campaigns, crowd-technology, Internet, Internet service, Internet technologies, media plan, social networks.
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