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Development optimum speed diagram of moving actuating device of precision ас electric drive with elastic shafting

Yu.P. Dobrobaba, I.B. Kuzmina

In this article optimum speed diagram of moving actuating device of precision АС electric drive with elastic shafting is described. Parameters, conditions of existence and dependence of the duration of the cycle from the angle of rotation of actuating device are defined.

Keywords: optimum speed of diagrams, electric drive actuator, small movement.

Analytical dependences of position automatic control system output coordinate for optimum speed diagrams for medium movements of actuating device of electric drive

Yu.P. Dobrobaba, A.L. Khortsev

In this article were identified analytical dependences of position automatic control system output coordinate for optimum speed diagrams for medium movements of actuating device of electric drive and his moving error value.

Keywords: optimum speed diagrams, medium movement, moving error.

Analysis of influence of mass of the counterbalance on power parameters of electric drives of alternating current at small movements their executive bodies

Yu.P. Dobrobaba, T.S. Zhivodrov, S.G. Mironyuk

In article power parameters of hoisting-and-transport electric drives with the asynchronous engine and the frequency converter are analyzed. The electric drive carries out demanded movement with the set acceleration (at movement up the electric drive lifts freight, and at movement down freight is absent). Extreme values of mass of a counterbalance at which the electric drive provides the set movement with the minimum electricity consumption from a network for a cycle are defined.

Keywords: electric drive of alternating current, small movements, mass of counterbalance, power parameters.

Analysis of current protection work in overload conditions of current transformers

B.A. Korobeynikov, D.I. Sidorov, A.M. Oppakhodzhaev, K.I. Karavaeva, E.A. Gromova

Current protection relay are the main for protection of electric networks of all levels of tension. For realization of current protection various information signs which are formed proceeding from objectives of ensuring reliable operation of current relays in transitional modes and at information distortions are used. Results of the analysis of work of current protection of terminals SEPAM 1000+ and REF 615 in the conditions of a strong overload of transformers of current for the purpose of identification of information sign of terminals operation are presented. It is established that in emergency operation when currents reach great values and sate measuring transformers of current, the accuracy of terminals operation considerably falls. The best results are yielded by algorithm of determination of size of primary current direct measurement of amplitude of an entrance signal. At saturation of the measuring transformer of current over 40% the error of such method significantly increases.

Keywords: relay protection, overload of current transformers, non-sinusoidal current.

Study of the modes of converter with a rotating magnetic field for relay protection of power networks

B.A. Korobeynikov, K.Yu. Romanenko

The article considers the theory of converter with a rotating magnetic field. The method of determination of parameters of the converter. Studies of the converter with a rotating magnetic field in the Matlab environment.

Keywords: rotating magnetic field, parametric identification, converter with a rotating magnetic field, relay protection.

Improving transport service production activities of agro-industries

T.V. Konovalova, S.L. Nadiryan, O.I. Meleshchenko

This article deals with the problems of construction of transport – logistic system of the enterprise of agro-industrial complex. On the basis of the conducted research the main logistics principles and conditions that allow a modern enterprise to maintain a stable position in the market. Agricultural and transport complexes are closely related as organizationally and economically as part of a regional logistic system. Production processes in the agricultural enterprises are characterized by isolation of economic processes, although integrated into the regional economy, often as a backbone at the meso-level. The current economic study mainly aims at studying logistics systems at the macro- and meso-levels. However, the development of the regional economy is impossible without the effective functioning of specific agro-industrial enterprises. One of the significant factors affecting the company’s production activities of agro-industrial complex, is transport. Transport and logistics system of any enterprise, including agricultural not be considered in isolation from the General economic processes (external factors)that define the vectors of input and output. These not only affect the stability of the system, but also largely determine the model of internal logistics operations.

Keywords: transport industry, agriculture, transport and logistics system, macro-level, meso-level, micro-level, material flows, optimality criteria.

The use of network architecture of information systems in the car

A.A. Izyumsky, S.L. Nadiryan, I.S. Senin

Peculiarities of the development of the information system of a modern car are considered. Requirements to the information systems of modern vehicles and their capacity to grow following the appearance of a new complex applications – for example, security systems and systems of processing of multimedia information. The existing network of control of the vehicle, such as LIN, CAN and FlexRay, cannot cover the increasing demands on bandwidth and scalability needed for different systems, driver assistance. New networking technologies should learn as much as possible from domestic and other non-automobile areas, but taking into account the specific requirements of avtopiloti. The use of Ethernet in a vehicle means a paradigm shift in developing the next generation of automotive computer networks: linking different network domains, transporting various types of data (control signals, streaming and others) and the implementation of stricter requirements for reliability in harsh conditions for the extended temperature range and electromagnetic compatibility. The communications network will be hierarchically organized with domain controllers that are connected via the Ethernet backbone. Subnet below domain controllers can also be based Ethernet switches between levels. This structure provides a scalable solution, because each port on the switch in the General case can be implemented as a 10-Mbps, 100-Mbps and 1 Gbps without any changes in the higher levels of the Protocol. The novelty of the approach lies in how the message is sent across domain boundaries to the destination. In modern networks and interconnection interfaces implementation of this function is the IP routing using switches and routers, as suggested for backbone networks. The advantage is the complete independence of the IP routing from the realization that allows you to create a single solution for the road network. Also, the idea of IP makes it easy to connect the vehicle to the Internet.

Keywords: vehicles, bandwidth, security, multimedia information, the network architecture, information systems, network resources, routing.

Mathematical modeling of cooking groats corn and rectification mash

E.N. Konstantinov, T.G. Korotkova, S.Yu. Ksandopulo, S.V. Cherepov, O.A. Krivova

The results of survey of the process of cooking and distillation Ltd. “Standard Alcohol” (Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Nartkala). The simulation of a two-step cooking of corn grits. In the considered model of temperature change in time, and detachment of swollen starch granules with a surface layer material tenderize. Solution of the system of differential equations satisfied by the grid method for the implicit scheme. Dependence of the diffusion coefficient on temperature is given by the Arrhenius equation. Defined parameter identification model – the diffusion activation energy of bound moisture, which amounted to 22,412 kJ/mol. Given the results of chromatographic analysis of the mash, distillate fusel oil and sivushnoy water. Described flowsheet preparation of corn grits, and saccharification of cooking. A comparison of exploded corn brew developed at Distilleries Ltd. “Standard Alcohol” (Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Nartkala) and “CH Sunrise” (Republic of Adygea, Maikop) at high temperature and low temperature cooking, respectively. Modeled in HYSYS environment integirovat six column distillation setup consisting of columns: mash, ethereal, distillation, aldehyde- ethereal, fusel and final purification column operating mode distillation. For the finished product – fusel oil – set decanter. Discussed features of this scheme from the famous. The block diagram of the process in an environment distillation HYSYS. Estimates of the quality of rectified alcohol consistent with production. Developed brand alcohol “Lux” with the content of 2-propanol was less than 1 mg/dm3. Shows photographs of corn grits, mash and fusel oil.

Keywords: modeling, two-step from flash, nonstationary diffusion, grid method, distillation, technological scheme, corn mash, the diffusion coefficient, activation energy, rectified alcohol.

Temperature dependences of process of crushing of spices

E.P. Koshevoy, V.S. Kosachev, N.V. Kosova, Z.A. Meretukov

In given article results of researches of temperature dependences of process of crushing of spices are presented. It is shown, that the core by decrease in losses of essence at crushing is decrease in reference temperature of a crushed material that is possible at the expense of cryogenic processing.

Keywords: spices, crushing, temperature dependences.

Digital control system of the temperature mode by production of organic compost

D.L. Piotrovsky, T.G. Knyazkina

In article questions of the functioning of the digital system temperature control in the production of organic fertilizers. Gives the values of the optimal digital controller settings obtained by the advanced amplitude and phase characteristics. The graphs of transition functions enclosed automatic control system channel load – the controlled variable at the minimum and maximum load for digital automatic control system. The dynamics of the of the digital system is satisfactory, the system works well and the duration transients by revolting influences compared to previously known processes decreased by an order, three times as to reduce the dynamic throw. System almost invariant with respect to disturbances. Conclusions that the change in load insignificantly changes the dynamics of heat generator system of stabilization temperature of the hot air, making it virtually invariant with respect to disturbances, and the use of digital regulator significantly improves the dynamics of automatic control system except increase astatism control system.

Keywords: digital system, controller settings, controller settings, system stability, transition function.

Magnetic filter installation with controlling porosity by external magnetic field

I.A. Shorstkiy, K.Yu. Savenkov

Magnetic filter baffle surfaces modeling with controlled porosity in range from 0,259 to 0,476. Filter nucleus description and its influence on porosity. Explore behavior of microscopic objects (spherical balls size 25–50 microns) in magnetic field, and developing method of laying spherical elements in dense structure. Also were conducted laboratory studies of physical properties and parameters of magnet. As a result of work prepare comparative table of the experimental and theoretical data of laboratory filter.

Keywords: filtration, controlling porosity, ferromagnetic, magnetic field, dense structure.

Influence of piling on the swing structures existing buildings

Yu.P. Vasilev, V.V. Denisenko, E.Yu. Pelipenko

There were conducted tool measurements of old construction inhabited three-floor house’s fluctuation parameters by hammering a trial pile depth to 77 m down. The purpose of researches – an estimation of parametres of fluctuations of various designs of the building influencing both on conditions of normal operation of a building, and on hygienic conditions of human life. It is established, that: at admissible concussions on building norms of walls of a building with rather flexible design of interfloor overlapping there can be an effect «pereschelkivanie diaphragms» which leads to sharp increase in amplitude of fluctuations of a floor; at забивке piles in the conditions of city building it is necessary to estimate without fail both parametres of fluctuations of walls, and interfloor overlapping on sanitary norms; it is necessary to make additions to standard documents about measurement of parametres of fluctuations of interfloor overlapping in buildings of old construction.

Keywords: constraction's fluctuations, seismoreceivers, speed of fluctuations, acceleration of fluctuations, maximum permissible value, sanitary control, admissible distance, normative documents.

Contact resistance mechanics of clay under the uniaxial compression

P.A. Liashenko, V.V. Denisenko

The element contact model of clay is suggested. It includes the contact clay particle which are binding all soil microstructure elements and defines the elastic and plastic-viscous deformations of soil body. By for example of the uniaxial compression under the constant rate of deformation provides the slide surface into the sample of clay soil so the probability of numerical estimation of the contact resistance appears clearly. The analysis of «deformation–pressure rate» diagram gives us the instrument of determination of microstructure characteristics which explain all known forms of soil resistance to the external load. The authors give the simple and accessible laboratory method of the sample reaction measuring and the algorithm of the data processing. The paper contains the example of its using.

Keywords: soil, contact resistant model, contact particle, elastic deformation, plastic-viscous deformation, soil microstructure characteristics.

Typology of regional development

A.I. Mashtakov, M.В. Shchepakin

In the article is a new typology of regional development because of the motivational component. The relationship of different development paradigms established in the context of innovation and investment development of grass-roots business links and sectors of economy on the basis of the theory of integrated motivation developing in the direction of a motivation in the backbone chain of the regional economy.

Keywords: types of regional development, economic activities, the stratification of evolutionary development, the development paradigm, integrated motivation, regional economy.

Features of the chemical composition of walnut leaves

I.B. Krasina, M.V. Skvirya, A.S. Kozhina

The research conducted unconventional plant materials – walnut leaves, which is recommended for use in the food industry. This article provides information about the chemical composition of walnut leaves, growing in the Krasnodar region. Experimental data on the composition of certain bioactive substances, as well as individual compounds of this type of plant raw material. The dynamics of the accumulation of iodine in the leaves of walnut growing in conditionally clean zone during their growing season. Set high iodine content in plants at the beginning of the growing season and decrease – in the middle and at the end. The optimal timing of collecting walnut leaves with a maximum content of iodine in them. It is shown that the chemical composition of walnut leaves does not undergo significant changes depending on the climatic conditions of growth. Established a high content of vitamins in the leaves of a walnut. Evaluation of amino acid composition of proteins walnut leaves showed that they contain all 10 essential amino acids and 8 essential amino acids. It was established that walnut leaves have a high content of polyphenols compared with Laminaria that determines their biological activity, that walnut leaves have a high content of micro- and macro and favorably on the composition of these elements from the kelp. The iodine content in the leaves of the walnut higher than kelp. The data obtained allow to conclude that a high nutritional and physiological value of walnut leaves.

Keywords: walnut leaves, vegetation, vitamins, amino acids, iodine.

Mixed fodder with inclusion of microelements is guarantee increased their contents in meat raw materials

Yu.F. Mishanin

The influence of microelement premix, containing microelements, to metabolism and meat productivity of animals has been studied in comparative aspect on sheep of precos breed. It has been determined, that premix, applied in fodder, taking into consideration the content of essential microelements in ration, shows positive influence to morphological and biochemical parameters of blood, nonspecific resistance of organism, quality parameters of meat, increase of live weight, economical effectiveness of feeding and increase of microelements content in meat.

Keywords: sheep, microelements, metabolism, meat productivity.

On the need for unification of the disciplinary measures of self-regulatory organizations cadastral engineers used against its members

A.V. Osennyaya, A.M. Seredin, E.D. Osennyaya, V.L. Hortsev

Unlike justified self-regulatory organizations cadastral engineers from other forms of non-profit organizations – the establishment of specialized bodies responsible for supervising compliance with the requirements of these standards and regulations, as well as the bodies having authority to impose disciplinary action in case of violations. Considered a list of disciplinary action by the Federal Law of 1 December 2007. N 315-FZ “On the self-regulatory organizations”, the decision on the application of which is entitled to take a specialized body of the self-regulatory organization. Analyzed internal documents of self-regulatory organizations cadastral engineers, bringing revealed differences in the penalties disciplinary self-regulatory organizations to their members, and in most cases, lack of fixed bases of these measures. The prospects for the introduction of compulsory membership of cadastral engineers in the self-regulatory organizations, and the consequences of unfair SROs perform control functions in these conditions. Proved the need to harmonize the requirements for disciplinary procedures applicable self-regulatory organizations cadastral engineers. Should deal with this issue a national association of self-regulatory organizations cadastral engineers – NP “National Chamber of Cadastral Engineers”. However, the association developed disciplinary standards and regulations should not be imposed SRO, but primarily to get federal, that is mandatory for all self-regulatory organizations in the field of cadastral activities. Then it will not further burdening the participating organizations, and the actual ordering process.

Keywords: cadastral activities, self-regulatory organization, self-regulation, misconduct, disciplinary action.

On the question of the organization of data storage in a mobile application

V.A. Atroshchenko, M.V. Rudenko, R.A. Dyachenko, R.Kh. Bagdasaryan

This article provides a brief overview of data storage for mobile devices based on technology Core Data. The scheme of the organization of the storage object to the database, and the following principles: protection of managed objects, facilities management and context data sample in Core Data, Resident Coordinator of storage managed objects and managed object model. In the output examples expedient and inappropriate use of this technology for the organization of data storage for mobile devices.

Keywords: data storage, mobile applications, databases.

Neural network classification and discriminant analysis of a regulatory and adaptive possibilities of the human body level

S.V. Usatikov, T.V. Shkirya

In order to improve the existing incremental principle of determining the cardio-respiratory synchronism (CRS) phenomenon range, statistical discriminative analysis and neural network analysis of regulatory and adaptive status of the human body (RAS) quantitative specification system data have been conducted. The main objective is to obtain projected RAS level on the basis of its least-consuming measurements and by fixing the parameters, with preliminary identification of these parameters. Calculations have been performed using Statistica pack v. 10 (StatSoft Inc., USA). The following factors-arguments have been examined: the Minimum limit of CRS, Duration of evolution synchronization at the minimum border, Initial heart rate, Initial respiratory rate, Duration of recovery at minimum border, as well as the Kerdo index. As the basis of the forecast the following categories have been taken into account: age, height, weight, sex and phase of the menstrual cycle (for women), the values of diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Linear and quadratic regression models, linear discriminant analysis and neural network techniques (NN) – multilayer perceptron and network of radial basis function type have been analyzed. Neural network regression and classification have shown the best accuracy. NN-classification of PAS level can be made on these grounds with a probability greater than 70%; with a probability more than 90% error is less than one level.

Keywords: system of cardiorespiratory synchronism parameters, statistical forecasting, discriminant statistical analysis, neural network statistical analysis.
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