The article should be structured in the following way: 1) UDC (Universal Decimal classification); 2) title; 3) initials and surnames of authors (if authors are from different institutions, and after each name with a Superscript numeral corresponding to the Superscript number before the name of the institution should indicate how it works); 4) full names of institutions, their postal address, email address 1-2 of the authors; 5) the text of the abstract volume of 100-150 words, Times New Roman font pt 12; 6) key words/phrases (no more than 9); 7) the text of the article; 8) references (no more than 15) indicating all authors and full output of the publication; 9) references in English transcription (REFERENCES) 10) block in English: annotation text and keywords.

Deadline for submission of materials — up to 25 numbers. If the issue is fully completed before the 25th, the Editorial Board reserves the right to publish the article in the next issue.

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